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The Universal Lessons of Love and Life from Bestseller Novel “The Ferryman”

  If life is a lonely river, who will be the ferryman of your soul? For this question, perhaps everyone has been looking for the answer throughout their lives.
  The novel “The Ferryman” tells us the answer to the mystery with a touching story.
  The protagonist of the story, Dylan, lived a lonely and depressed life before she was 15 years old. In a train accident, she became the only victim. After her death, she accidentally meets the ferryman Tristan. The two crossed the wasteland together, gradually fell in love, and finally ferry each other back to the world.
  As soon as this book came out, it won the first place on the New York Times bestseller list, with copyrights sold in 33 countries, shocking millions of readers and making them cry.
  After reading this book, you will understand: a strong heart is the medicine that can save everything.
It is better to blame fate than to change yourself

  Dylan has lived with his mother since his parents divorced. But her mother was busy with work and never tried to understand her, and her teachers and classmates often laughed at her. For a long time, Dylan always complained about everything fate had brought to her. Until she was 15 years old, she decided to find her father in Aberdeen. As a result, the train derailed and she became the only victim.
  At first, Dylan thought he was the only survivor. While searching for the main force, she meets the ferryman Tristan. Tristan said to her: “You are not the only survivor of the accident, you are the only one who did not escape.” As soon as the words fell, Dylan froze in place and did not speak for a long time. In just 15 years, she experienced countless ups and downs. She thought that as long as she found her father, everything would slowly get better, but she didn’t expect that God would not let her go.
  Tristan thought Dylan would lose control and cry loudly, but unexpectedly, after learning the truth, Dylan breathed a sigh of relief. Since you have never owned it, why are you afraid of losing it? Although she will never see her mother and friends again, and she will never be able to see her father again, luckily she is still here and she is still her.
  Life is a process of constant loss. We will suffer from the loss of love and friendship; we will feel melancholy because of the loss of grades and jobs. But what else to do but accept it? We cannot stay where we are and be surrounded by sad emotions. After all, time waits for no one. Instead of delaying your journey because of complaining about fate, it is better to accept everything early and work hard to change yourself.
It is better to keep inner peace than to fear pain

  Tristan tells Dylan that everyone has to go through their own wasteland to get to heaven.
  Dylan had expected the moor to be a flat meadow with flowers blooming. But after walking for a few days, she complained endlessly because the road was full of thorns and demons were rampant. But Tristan said it was all Dylan’s fault.
  It turns out that this wasteland is a projection of her soul. When she climbed out of the tunnel, she thought she was still halfway to Aberdeen, and imagined that she was somewhere on the plateau, mountainous and desolate. She doesn’t like to exercise, so when she walks, she feels like it’s uphill. When she was in a bad mood, the moor would become cloudy and windy. Even the way Tristan looks now is because this is the way Dylan would like and trust in his heart.
  Things change with the heart, and the environment is created by the heart. The world you see is actually a reflection of the soul’s experiences and emotions in the real world. The way to resolve difficulties is to overcome fear and maintain inner peace.
  Isn’t our world the same wasteland? The various difficulties that appear before us are the constant troubles in our real lives, and they are just reflections of our inner fears.
  The world is like a mirror, shining on everyone’s heart. When you face the world with a kind and brave heart, the world will also give you beautiful feedback.
It is better to rely on others than to believe in yourself

  In the process of traveling through the wasteland, many demons will appear. Once captured by the demons, they will stay in the dark world forever. Tristan’s mission is to escort Dylan safely to the other side of the wasteland. So every time he encountered a demon attack, Tristan stood in front of Dylan to protect her, even sacrificing himself to protect her. When Dylan gives out, he encourages her to keep pushing forward. No matter where she goes, Tristan will be with her.
  Dylan thought Tristan would always protect her, so she relied on him unscrupulously. But when she crossed the other side of the wasteland, she turned around and found that there was no one behind her. Tristan is the ferryman. He has his mission. He can’t follow, so he can only apologize on the other side. But Dylan couldn’t see or hear, and the joy immediately disappeared, leaving only unforgettable pain.
  She has always been accustomed to relying on Tristan and hiding behind him in everything, but Tristan can only be with her for a while, but not forever. Now, she can only rely on herself. After leaving Tristan, she returned to the wasteland alone, fighting against the devil alone and living in a wooden house alone.
  Life is a long road, and there will be people with you, but no one will always be with you. The only person who can accompany you through the critical period is yourself. Instead of always relying on others, it is better to grow up early. Instead of waiting for others to protect you, become your own warrior. It is always better to believe in yourself than to rely on others.
Ferrying others is also ferrying oneself

  After sending Dylan off, Tristan began to ferry another person. He has been thinking about Dylan in his heart, but he knows that they will never meet again in this life. Little did she know that Dylan was currently asking about the people Tristan had crossed over, and she missed Tristan even more.
  Finally, she found Eliza, the oldest soul, and asked him how to return to the wasteland. When she learned that almost all the souls who returned to the wasteland would be wiped out in ashes, she didn’t flinch at all and still nodded firmly. Never or now. She did not hesitate to cross the dividing line and return to the wasteland.
  Once, her escape was to escape the darkness, but now it is to chase the light. Demons coveted her soul and surrounded her every step of the way. But she didn’t look at him, she only wanted to find Tristan.
  In the past, she would be afraid even if she followed Tristan, but now, she can stand alone. Because there is love in my heart, I have nothing to fear.
  Fortunately, God paid off, and Dylan met Tristan in a cabin. Under Dylan’s persuasion, the two decided to return to the world together and move towards the unknown future. And their bravery also won them a happy ending.
  At the end of the story, the two returned to the human world, and Dylan said with trembling lips: “So you are here.”
  ”I am here.” Tristan replied with a smile.
  He ferried her, and she ferried him. When you save others, you also save yourself.
  The author Claire said that the wasteland in the book is her own wasteland, and the only way to redeem herself is to cross the wasteland. Maybe we will have gains and losses in this process, but we will all be relieved in the end. After all, this is how life is.

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