The Inspiring True Story of Black Wolf 24 – From Cowardly Outcast to Legendary Leader

   In May 2023, American wildlife photographer Brendan McLevin tracked a black-tailed plateau wolf for 10 years. After going out to patrol his territory, he never came back and collapsed and died in the wild.
   Ten years ago, Brayden chose to track and photograph this black wolf because he felt that his son, William McLevin, was too weak and did not have the courage to fight for it. Just then, he accidentally discovered a special black wolf, which was scared away from its prey and could only eat carrion with the crows. He thought that in the animal world where the weak preyed on the strong, this lonely and cowardly black wolf would not live long, and he wanted to use it as a negative example to teach his son. But when he and his son tracked the black wolf, they were surprised to find that the black wolf had its own unique set of survival rules.
  Stunted in development, the most cowardly wolf.
   Raven is a type of crow. It likes to fly with hunting wolves and pick up leftovers. But when Brendan McLevin and his companions were photographing wild animals in North America, they discovered an extraordinary black wolf. It operated in reverse, running after ravens and picking up carrion.
   Braden is an outstanding wildlife photographer in the United States, born in February 1980. In 2013, Braden and two photographer friends went to shoot near a geothermal crater in North America, and they photographed a wolf pack. There is a black wolf pup in the wolf pack, which is a black-tailed plateau wolf. Braden named it “Black Wolf 24”. The leader of the wolf pack is the grandfather of Black Wolf 24. He is extremely brave and dares to single out behemoths such as brown bears and North American bulls in order to capture prey.
   Black Wolf 24 did not inherit the bravery gene from his grandfather. He seemed to be a little stunted in development. Although his brothers and sisters were fully developed, he was still relatively thin and was often bullied by his brothers.
   In any case, Black Wolf 24 has reached the stage of learning to hunt. When the prey appeared, Grandpa rushed over first. Other adult wolves came to surround him, and the wolves ran over soon after, helping and learning at the same time. Black Wolf 24 was the slowest of all the wolf pups. He didn’t come until the hunt was over and everyone was eating their prey.
   After seeing it, the photographers all shook their heads and said: “I hope Black Wolf 24 can grow up as soon as possible, otherwise, its future will be very difficult.”
   Nature is full of uncertainties, and before Black Wolf 24 can grow up, disaster is said Just come. It was a windy and snowy day, and a pack of southern wolves suddenly broke in. There were so many of them and they were so ferocious that even the bravest grandfather was frightened and ran away. Black Wolf 24’s wolf pack dispersed. The mother took it and her brothers and sisters over the ridge and fled for their lives collectively.
   Although they survived by chance, their mother’s fighting ability was far inferior to that of their grandfather, and the cubs often went hungry.
   In this case, Black Wolf 24 was forced to go out hunting. It took a fancy to an elk and chased after it. After chasing for a long time, the elk seemed to feel that Black Wolf 24 was not strong enough. It suddenly turned around, opened its teeth and claws at Black Wolf 24, and chased Black Wolf 24 backwards. Black Wolf 24 was so frightened that he ran away frantically… It
   was rare for a hunter to be chased by his prey. Braden and his companions couldn’t laugh or cry after taking these pictures.
   What surprised them even more was that a group of ravens followed the hunting black wolf 24 in an attempt to pick up scraps of meat. After seeing how useless it was, they all flew away. They made a sharp, harsh metallic sound, as if they were mocking Black Wolf 24.
   Black Wolf 24 looked nonchalant, but on the contrary, he shamelessly followed the raven all the way and competed with the raven for carrion. After eating the food, it jumped up and down happily and rolled on the ground, willing to be the cowardly wolf. The photographers held their stomachs and laughed: “This has subverted my understanding of wolves. It’s so embarrassing and useless!” After calming down, Braden said: “In the animal world where the jungle is strong and the strong eat the weak, black wolf 24 is inevitable. You won’t live long.” They had already anticipated the ending of Black Wolf 24, so they decided not to follow the filming.
   Braden gave himself three days off to spend time with his family. Over the years, he has been traveling here and there and has no time to take care of his family. When he came back this time, he found that his 8-year-old son William McLevin had a weak personality and did not dare to fight for anything. This disappointed Braden, who tried to persuade and educate his son, but to no avail.
   At this time, he thought of Black Wolf 24 and decided to continue tracking and filming with his son. He wanted to use Black Wolf 24 as a negative teaching material to educate his son so that he could intuitively understand that if he did not work hard quickly to become brave and strong, he would soon be ousted by the Society.
   When Braden photographed Black Wolf 24 again, he had lost a lot of weight and looked like he was about to die.
   But at this moment, Black Wolf 24’s mother reached estrus, issued a mating call, and received a powerful response. Black Wolf 24’s stepfather has arrived. He is young, strong, and responsible, giving Black Wolf 24 food security.
   “Look, isn’t it alive and well?” William said to his father Brendan with a smile after learning the brief introduction. Braden disagreed: “It is too cowardly and never dares to hunt alone. But sooner or later it will leave the wolf pack. At that time, it will come to the end of its life.” In the blink of an eye,
   Black Wolf 24 grew to two years old. , reaching the age when they must leave the wolf pack, find a mate, and establish a new wolf pack. This kind of life is full of challenges. Black Wolf 24 does not dare to deal with large prey and can only hunt small animals to satisfy hunger.
   It runs along the north, making mating calls as it goes. After a long time, it came to a wide valley. Not far away was a huge wolf pack, with a total of 17 wolves. It was the largest wolf pack in this area – the Druid Peak Wolf Pack. When a strange lone wolf breaks into the wolf pack’s territory, there is only one outcome – being bitten to death.
  Tempting the female wolf, Black Wolf 24, the “Sea King” among the adult wolves
   , has arrived at the edge of the Druid Peak wolf pack’s territory and may be attacked and killed by the wolves at any time.
   It looked very scared, and William was also nervous for it. His palms were sweating, and he whispered: “Let’s go, run!” Unexpectedly,
   Black Wolf 24 did not leave, because it found that there were many beautiful females in the wolf pack. Wolf. It was obviously attracted to them, and it froze in place, staring at the female wolf from a distance.
   Although Black Wolf 24 is not strong in combat power, he looks handsome. He is trying to make slight noises to seduce the female wolf. Finally, a young female wolf discovered the intruder Black Wolf 24. It did not notify other members of the wolf pack and walked towards Black Wolf 24 alone, obviously being tempted by Black Wolf 24. The little female wolf took the initiative and enthusiastically mated with Black Wolf 24.
   The origin of the little female wolf is not simple. She is the daughter of the wolf king of the Druid Peak wolf pack. Brayden named the Wolf King “Wolf King 21”. Wolf King 21 was extremely angry after discovering the movement between him and his daughter. Its size is larger than that of Black Wolf 24, and Black Wolf 24 is definitely no match for it.
   In such critical moments, there are generally only two options, fight or flee. According to Black Wolf 24’s personality, both Braden and William thought it would immediately choose to escape. Unexpectedly, Black Wolf 24 actually ran towards Wolf King 21, looking ready to fight to the death. Brayden and his son were both stunned. Brayden said in a deep voice: “It will definitely die!”
   But something unexpected happened again. Black Wolf 24 created a third way. He could not escape without fighting. Arrive in front of Wolf King 21, immediately lie down, and then surrender.

   Wolf King 21 had probably never seen such a shameless wolf. He couldn’t help being stunned, but he quickly recovered his senses. He could not show mercy to the intruder and beat Black Wolf 24 indiscriminately. Seeing that surrender was useless, Black Wolf 24 fled in terror with his tail between his legs. Until this moment, Braden still believed that Black Wolf 24 would definitely die.
   Unexpectedly, Black Wolf 24 escaped onto the human road as quickly as possible. There have been many accidents where wolves were hit and killed by cars on this stretch of road, and ordinary wolves are afraid to approach it. Wolf King 21 was afraid of human cars, so he turned around and ran away after chasing him here. William couldn’t help but applaud Black Wolf 24: “It’s very clever, isn’t it?” Braden nodded: “Black Wolf 24 is indeed a little clever.” Black Wolf 24 tasted the sweetness, and from then on, it
   used the highway as its base. .
   Usually, it is near the road, sending out mating signals to the Druid Peak wolves. With its unique charm, it can always attract the female wolf. Once unfortunately discovered by Wolf King 21, it immediately fled back to the road. This is not typical male wolf behavior. Usually, male wolves have to go to war to defeat the wolf king and occupy the territory, or they can continue to wander after being defeated, and will not do such disgraceful behavior as Black Wolf 24.
   Black Wolf 24 enjoys this kind of life very much. In addition to hunting and resting, he spends his time dating various female wolves. Among them, there is a brown female wolf who particularly likes Black Wolf 24 and often stays with it. Under normal circumstances, such two wolves will pair up as a couple and then establish a new wolf pack.
   However, Black Wolf 24 does not follow the wolf clan’s rules of monogamy and is unwilling to leave here. It just wants to stay here, constantly tempting different she-wolves.
   This weird and special lifestyle lasted for a full year. All the young female wolves in the Druid Peak wolf pack have dated Black Wolf 24, and he has become the “Sea King” among wolves and the love saint among wolves.
   Soon, Black Wolf 24’s wolf pups were born, and they all lived with their mothers in the Druid Peak wolf pack. Occasionally, when Wolf King 21 is out hunting or patrolling, Black Wolf 24 takes the opportunity to sneak into the pack to visit its children.
   The children are fed and protected by the Druid Peak wolves and are safe and healthy. Black Wolf 24 maintains this unique balance and makes life very comfortable.
   “Dad, didn’t you say that Black Wolf 24 will die soon? I think it is doing well.” William couldn’t help but ask Braden. Braden was silent for a long time. Black Wolf 24’s behavior was beyond expectations. He was very curious about what it would encounter next. William, who has grown up a bit, said confidently: “Next, he will become the new wolf king of the Druid Peak wolf pack.” He analyzed to his father that the wolf king 21 and his wife are older, and the female wolves in the wolf pack are all older. I like Black Wolf 24. The cubs in the wolf pack are also Black Wolf 24’s children. After the death of the old Wolf King 21 and his wife, the Druid Peak wolf pack and territory will naturally belong to Black Wolf 24.
   What William said was very reasonable, and Braden felt that every word made sense, but he couldn’t believe that a wolf that had been reduced to being scared away by prey, foraging for food with crows, and having no fighting power, actually had the opportunity to establish a dynasty by seducing many female wolves. From the “Sea King” among wolves to the Wolf King.
   As expected, not long after, Wolf King 21’s wife fell ill and died. A few months later, Wolf King 21 walked onto the ridge and never came back. It went missing, probably killed by another beast. Black Wolf 24 inexplicably became the wolf king of the Druid Peak wolf pack.
   William liked this smart black wolf very much and thought it had a bright future. Braden held a different opinion: “Nature is beautiful, but also cruel. Even after it became the wolf king, it still did not work hard to improve its combat effectiveness. Since ancient times, a weak king will die, and the same is true in the animal world. If other male wolves invade , it and its children will be in danger.”
   This time, Braden guessed correctly.
   The other black wolf came menacingly and seemed confident of taking down the Druid Peak wolf pack. In the face of intruders, the Wolf King always puts his life on the line. When the two black wolves faced off, Braden named the intruder “Black Wolf 480”. He firmly believed that Black Wolf 24 was defeated by Black Wolf 480.
   But the expected fighting scene did not happen. Black Wolf 24 made an unimaginable decision. It did not fight or resist, and directly gave up the position of Wolf King to Black Wolf 480. The old and new wolf kings reached an agreement. Black Wolf 24 is responsible for reproducing offspring with the female wolf, and Black Wolf 480 is responsible for commanding and protecting the wolves.
   Black Wolf 480 has strong combat power. Under its leadership, the Druid Peak wolves have regained their glory.
   When William saw this, he clapped his hands and praised it. Braden also began to admire Black Wolf 24’s wisdom.
  Change your past mistakes and regain your homeland. However,
   animals living in nature cannot spend their lives carefree. Nature tests them in all aspects.
   The Druid Peak Valley ushered in a severe cold winter, which coincided with the spread of disease. Most of Black Wolf 24’s wolf pups died. The house leaked and it rained all night. The Druid Peak Valley was a fertile territory, and many wolves wanted to get it. A group of fierce northern wolves happened to find it.
   There are only two adult male wolves in the Druid Peak wolf pack, Black Wolf 24 and Black Wolf 480, and Black Wolf 24’s combat power is too weak, not even comparable to ordinary male wolves. Therefore, it was impossible for them to defeat the northern wolves, so they simply gave up their territory and fled desperately.
   The northern wolves looked like they were sure of victory, but they never seemed to think it was that simple. After gaining the territory, they were stunned for a moment, and then cheered in victory.
   Black Wolf 24’s wolf family suffered heavy casualties. Only Black Wolf 24, Black Wolf 480 and two female wolves are still alive. They gathered together, fled in confusion, and came to a new land to make their home.
   This is the heaviest blow Black Wolf 24 has ever experienced. He lost his home, all his wolf pups and many companions. It finally changed its ways, grew up, and became responsible. First, with its strong reproductive ability, the female wolf gave birth to 8 cubs. Then she learned to hunt hard, and fed and taught the cubs carefully.
   Two years later, the cubs all grew up. Black Wolf 24 made a major decision. He actively took the lead and led Black Wolf 480, the mother wolves and the wolves straight to the Druid Peak Valley to counterattack the northern wolves and regain their homeland. When attacking the northern wolves, Black Wolf 24 developed a rigorous and effective strategy. They approached quietly and first killed a few unsuspecting wolves that were feasting on their prey. Then, go deep into the territory and defeat them one by one. Finally, head straight to the base camp. They work together to help each other, move quickly and with overwhelming force, catching the northern wolves off guard, avenging their past humiliation and regaining their territory.
   Black Wolf 24’s bravery and strategy amazed Braden and William again and again.
   After going through many twists and turns, Black Wolf 24 entered middle age, became more and more brave and good at fighting, and became the most powerful hunter of the Druid Peak wolf pack. But one thing remains the same, and that is that he is always “Sea King” and is keen to socialize with different female wolves.
   The children of Black Wolf 24 are slowly maturing. One day, while Black Wolf 24 was walking in his territory, he discovered a strange young male wolf teasing his daughter. The daughter bounded towards the young male wolf, seemingly enchanted. This scene seems familiar, almost exactly the same as when Black Wolf 24 seduced Wolf King 21’s daughter!
   “History repeated itself.” William laughed. Brayden also laughed: “What a turn of events!”
   What’s interesting is that when the young male wolf saw Black Wolf 24 running over angrily, he turned around and ran towards the road just like Black Wolf 24 did back then. But it miscalculated one thing. Black Wolf 24 was not afraid of roads, and then chased after it. The young male wolf had no choice but to escape completely.
   After Black Wolf 24 worked hard, he became ambitious and ambitious. When he was 8 years old, he led the pack of wolves to fight and occupy territory. At the age of 10, it is already an old wolf and still insists on exclusive mating rights.
   Some time ago, Braden photographed the birth of another litter of wolf pups from Black Wolf 24. After the wolf pups were born, Black Wolf 24 happily went out to patrol the territory. But this time, it never returned to its territory. It collapsed and died in the wild, which was considered the end of its life.
   Black Wolf 24 was originally a weak and underappreciated wolf. As a result, he lived an extremely wonderful life and lived longer than all the wolves in the area. He also had more offspring than other male wolves. It passed away peacefully, and its descendants continue to write the story of the black-tailed plateau wolf for it.
   Brendan McLevin has been following and filming Black Wolf 24 for nearly 10 years, and his son William McLevin has also grown from 8 to 18 years old. He witnessed the transformation and growth of Black Wolf 24 with his own eyes, and began to understand the meaning of life and what growth is. A child’s life cannot be clearly planned, and each child’s growth rate is different. They must experience, venture, and make mistakes alone in order to truly grow. They have their own philosophy of survival.
  In the past 10 years, William McLevin has had a great experience related to Black Wolf 24. He is happy, peaceful, and content, but his personality has not changed dramatically. Brendan McLevin no longer forced his son, and said to him: “Just use your comfortable pace to walk every step of your life!” The relationship between father and son is more harmonious than before.

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