The Benefits of Studying Philosophy: Why Philosophical Thinking Enriches Our Lives

  Philosophy is the highest summary of science. Philosophy is the spiritual cornerstone of all culture and science, especially the humanities and social sciences, and the essence of human civilization and wisdom. The German philosopher Hegel said: “The significance of philosophy is to guide people to ‘respect themselves and regard themselves as worthy of the most noble things’.” Philosophy makes people smart and smart, and philosophy makes people noble and great.
  There is indescribable joy and fun in the world of philosophy, and even the ethereal phantoms of metaphysics are so refreshing. Of course, this kind of joy and fun can only be deeply felt by going deep into the ocean world of philosophy.
  Descartes once said: “Knowledge is like a big tree, philosophy is the roots, and science is the branches.” Only philosophy can give human beings great wisdom. The most proud thing for a country and nation is to have its own great philosophers. If you want to understand a country and a nation, you must understand their philosophy; if you want to understand a person’s thoughts, you must first understand his philosophical thoughts.
  Philosophy is also a mysterious and profound knowledge. It is abstract, difficult to understand, and difficult to understand. Only by maintaining awe of obscure and profound philosophy can we understand, master, and apply philosophy. Philosophy is the perception of life, the exploration of thoughts, the pursuit of truth, the questioning of human nature, the pursuit of freedom, and the doubt of everything. Einstein said with emotion when talking about the importance of philosophy: “If philosophy is understood as the pursuit of knowledge in its most general and extensive form, then philosophy can obviously be considered the mother of all scientific research. “It can be seen that the status and importance of philosophy.
  There is a big difference between people with or without philosophical thinking. Ordinary people and people with philosophical feelings have very different understandings of the value and meaning of life, so they also have different pursuits of value. Thales is recognized as the “ancestor of science and philosophy”. When answering the meaning of human value, he said: “Others live to eat, I eat to live.” Surviving to eat is a simple way to survive; And eating to survive is an ideal pursuit, not just simply eating to survive.
  If we study philosophy well and apply philosophy well, we can fundamentally understand ourselves and “become human beings as human beings.” Philosophy has great charm. It can be said that almost all subjects have certain philosophical ideas to support and guide them.
  Studying philosophy can cultivate the ability to read and think. Philosophy is the science of thinking. Asking questions and thinking about them are the most important things in philosophy.
  Studying philosophy can enhance your thinking of reflection and torture. Philosophy is “speculative philosophy”, and philosophy is a reflective thinking activity. Philosophy has two qualities, namely, belief and doubt. Many of our thoughts start from doubts, doubts about common sense, doubts about certain things we already believe, and doubts about unknown things, thus providing the most lasting motivation for thinking.
  Dissent against things is also a reflection of a person’s thinking. Philosophy can teach us how to reflect on and doubt things on the road of life. Life without reflection is meaningless. The more thoroughly we doubt things, the closer our ultimate thinking will be to the truth. Therefore, don’t be afraid of others doubting your doubts, and don’t doubt your own doubts. Be bold in doubting and doubting everything.
  Studying philosophy can magnify the situation of climbing high and looking far. When the philosophical connotation is enriched, the mind will be broad; when the mind is broad, the pattern will be enlarged. Those who have studied philosophy and those who have not studied philosophy lead different lives.
  Studying philosophy can enhance your ability to think philosophically. The foundation of philosophical thinking is to look at things objectively, rationally and comprehensively, and to find the fundamental causes and essence of things. The answer to the ultimate question of philosophy is an important aspect of measuring philosophical thinking ability. On the ultimate issues of philosophy, we must always look at things from a dialectical materialist perspective and constantly improve our ability to understand the world and transform it.
  Study philosophy and be able to pursue truth and value. The pursuit of truth is an eternal dream of the sages. To love philosophy is to pursue truth and freedom. The pursuit of value is the expression of value orientation, and value is the final place for philosophy.
  Without life, philosophy is empty; without philosophy, life is blind. A person who has not been influenced by philosophy has always been limited in his cognition by various prejudices. Philosophy can help reveal the true self, shape values, and interpret the world. Since the beginning of human civilization, countless sages have come one after another to continuously explore the development laws of the world and find the meaning of life and the value of existence. They are worthy of admiration by future generations.
  The nobility of a person lies in the soul, and if a person has a soul, he must have a philosophical mind. We value philosophy, study philosophy, and apply philosophy. The essence of this is to allow us to shape a nobler self on the road to a noble life. Let us spread our arms of wisdom and love, revere and embrace the philosophy of joy together.

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