Side Projects for Beginners: How to Monetize Your Skills and Hobbies

  If you are also interested in income other than salary, you might as well try a side project. It sounds like side hustle is very difficult and requires a lot of preparation and strong ability to start, but this is not the case. If you push forward what you are already doing, you can quickly develop it into a side project.
  If you want to know which side projects are suitable for you, you can start with the following types.
  Able to skillfully use Excel, Photoshop and other software. →Type A
  : Likes to organize thoughts through words. →Type B:
  I like drawing and cute things. →Type C:
  I like to take pictures everywhere. →Type D
  : Likes to delve into a specific field. → Type E and
  Type A: Monetize by selling online courses
  Recently, various online courses have become very popular, and this is also the future development trend. From simple interest to work-related professional knowledge, there is nothing that cannot be learned. Even if you don’t have extensive knowledge, as long as you are proficient in using commonly used office software, you can monetize it through online courses. The Korea Institute of Educational Research and Information revealed that there are already 540,000 users of skills sales websites in South Korea, and the market size should not be underestimated.
  Although each online course platform has some differences in its plans, 30% to 50% of the revenue is usually allocated to lecturers. For example, I offer courses on time management methods on an online platform. Although the preparation and filming process requires a lot of effort, unlike offline courses, online courses can continue to generate income after production is completed. I will earn about 5,000 yuan a month from this, and there are many popular lecturers who earn more than me.
  Type B: Operating a for-profit blog
  There are many ways to create revenue through blogs, the most representative of which are generating revenue through product sponsorship advertising and creating CPC (click-through) advertising revenue through traffic.
  As the name suggests, product sponsored advertising is to collect advertising fees by helping manufacturers promote products or services. When we read online reports or blog articles, we often see banner ads mixed in. Every time a blog visitor clicks on such an ad, the blogger will receive a sum of money. If he can continue to publish high-quality content, the number of visitors will also increase, which will lead to more advertising revenue.
  Perhaps the income from writing soft advertising articles and CPC advertising may seem small at first, but more people earn more than 535,000 yuan through these methods every year than imagined.
  Type C: Production and sales of hand-painted peripherals and emoticon bags
  . With the popularity of handbooks, stationery products such as stickers and tapes have also become very popular recently. People who usually like to scribble should not underestimate their hand-drawn drawings and texts. They can be used in the production of various peripherals – not only stationery, but also cosmetic bags, mobile phone cases, wireless earphone cases, etc. are all products in related fields. .
  Feeling burdened by your inventory management and delivery operations? It doesn’t matter, you can also use the patterns you draw to make emoticons that can be downloaded and used on chat software. The bigger the market, the bigger the profits will be. For example, on the Korean national chat tool KakaoTalk, as of 2019, there are more than a thousand emoticons with cumulative sales exceeding 100 million won. Therefore, you might as well try to use pictures and texts full of personal style, and try to use emoticons to gain a pot of gold!
  Type D: Selling Stock Photos
  If you love taking photos, why not try selling the photos you take? A large number of pictures are used in the editing and production of various product designs, magazines, articles, etc. However, not all platforms can independently shoot or produce their own images, so photo gallery websites have been derived. For example, the representative Shutterstock is an American stock photo website dedicated to providing high-quality licensed stock photos, vectors, illustrations, videos and music content. People can upload their own photos to this platform. Users can find the pictures they need and pay to download them. The platform will also provide the photographer with a share.
  In this day and age, you don’t necessarily have to use professional equipment such as a SLR camera to take good photos, the image quality of a smartphone is enough. Although this method will not bring huge benefits soon, it will allow us to more consciously explore the beautiful scenery we encounter in daily life, and will also continue to add motivation to our photography hobby.
  Type E: Open a short video channel targeting
  fans. If you are a crazy fan obsessed with a certain field, be sure to find your fans and try to create content that resonates with this group. It is more effective to share something you already like and are good at with others and get benefits from it than to do something you have never tried at all. Not only is it easier to convert what you have already done into topical content, but you will also be happy when you share what you like with others – and happiness makes it easier to persevere.
  You can try to be like the famous Internet anchor “Fried Rice Cake Queen” who is famous for evaluating fried rice cakes. Take photos of your hobbies and upload them to a video website to become a hobby anchor.
  In the early days, it is enough to use the camera on your smartphone as a shooting device. High-quality production can also be completed through simple and intuitive free video editing applications.

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