Life Lessons on Appreciating Each Moment and Finding Hope Through Hard Times

  Some time ago, I received a call from a friend. He has always been an optimistic and sunny person, but when he called me that day, he asked me in a choked voice if I had any money left. His mother had a heart attack and was admitted to the intensive care unit. He urgently needed some money to help her. Operation. After I transferred the money to him, I stood by the window holding my phone and couldn’t help but think of the words “life is impermanent”.
  We are all pursuing a better life. We want to grow up faster than our parents grow old. We want to mature and become stronger quickly and be able to protect the people we love. But many times it backfires. Fortunately, the operation went well. Yesterday, he called me and said that he had transferred the money to me and asked me to check it. His tone was full of happiness. I asked him how his mother was doing, and he said it was nothing serious and he could go home to recuperate today. He was particularly fortunate that he had completed a big project some time ago, and the bonus solved an urgent need.
  Life will inevitably experience some sudden bitterness, but there will always be a lot of just the right sweetness. When the trough is over, there will be new happiness. Just like my friend who had not saved much money, he said to me at the end of the chat: “But I am also very content. Think about it when I first worked alone, there was not much left after paying the rent. Now I have some savings in my hand. , I can reward myself often, and buy some clothes for my parents. Although it can’t be perfect all at once, life is gradually getting better. I will continue to work hard and keep working hard!” Look, every trace of kindness and every
  minute All your efforts will not be in vain. Everyone who knows the world but is not worldly, and sees the truth of life but still loves life will eventually be treated with kindness. In this huge world, every ordinary person like you and me experiences joys, sorrows, and sorrows in his or her own life. In our day-to-day lives, we don’t admit defeat. We are all persevering and living with hope and love.

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