Unraveling the Mystery of the Ancient Polish Castle Murders – Was it Really a Vampire?

   The ancient castle in a Polish town is the place where rumors of “vampires” took place in European history.
   A British gaming software company is hosting a free holiday to reward customers. Unexpectedly, a ghostly shadow from the vampire clan actually started killing among this group of people. The beauty and blood made the authorities feel excited and panicked. Who is the vampire? Why did he kill people? This indistinguishable situation within a situation is thought-provoking.
  In the early
   winter of 2021, Santo, a small ancient town on the outskirts of Krakow, a famous tourist city in Poland, welcomed 12 special tourists. Ten of them were the top players in a computer game competition held by a British game software company, and the other two were the company’s chief software designer Tony Justin and project development director Burdy Sean .
   27-year-old Tony is plain-looking and taciturn, but he is a highly skilled software designer. He has joined the company since graduating from college and has successfully developed many popular game products. Although the 25-year-old Burdy is young, he is good at communication, versatile and can open up scenes very well.
   The small town of Santo is located on the Vistula River across Poland. At the beginning of 2021, a game software company rented an old factory building nearby that had been abandoned for many years and transformed it into a “real-life experience” place matching one of its upcoming “Vampire Hunting” game software. Now an online game competition has been used to select a number of winners to participate in free vacations here, which is nothing more than a way to increase the visibility of the company and products.
   The renovated “real-life experience” site is a building that imitates a medieval castle. It stands alone on a relatively empty river plain. There is only a narrow stone bridge connected to the outside road. A man named Trip is arranged in the castle. A “maid” takes care of the guests.
   The theory of so-called “vampires” has been around for a long time in Eastern Europe. They have different personalities and habits from humans, but they hide their demonic nature in human form. Only when they suck human blood will they show their terrifying appearance and nature with elongated teeth and ferocious faces.
   According to the design of the “Vampire Hunting” game software, there are both “vampires” who hide their true nature and “blood hunters” who hunt “vampires” in the castle. Everyone does not know their respective identities. However, Tony, as the technical engineer of the entire event, is the only “outsider” who can show his true colors.
   In order to effectively control, the game software company transformed the castle cellar into Tony’s dedicated studio and installed various computer-controlled equipment.
   The “Vampire Hunting” game experience started upon check-in. The first two days were uneventful, but each invited guest played their role very carefully, trying to find clues from the peaceful life.
   According to regulations, Tony briefly reported the situation to the company boss via email every day; and the boss issued instructions from time to time to inform the steps and details of the game.
  On the third day, Tony received instructions from his boss that the “vampire” should be sent out mysteriously that night to reveal clues in the castle to cause tension and mutual suspicion among the guests.
   This was originally just a preset rendering of atmospheric details. However, when Tony started the computer control program, an unexpected power outage occurred. Not only did it fail to achieve the effect, but the castle fell into darkness, causing some picky guests to complain.
   Early the next morning, Burdy called Tony to his room and scolded him for slipping up at a critical moment. Tony defended: “I have tested the line twice before, and I also checked all the lines afterwards. There is really no problem with the line itself, but there is something very strange.” As he spoke, Tony brought Burdy into the studio and called
   out The surveillance video installed at both ends of the small stone bridge the night before showed the young and beautiful maid Trip walking out of the castle in a gorgeous manner, crossing the small stone bridge towards the highway. About half an hour later, she turned back the same way.
   Tony pointed to the time displayed on the monitor and told the confused Burdy: “This happened before the castle lost power. Regardless of why she wandered outside near midnight, the weirdest thing was that when she returned, she was on the ground. No shadow.”
   Burdy stared at the scene of Tepuri going to and from the small stone bridge twice. Sure enough, the street lights reflected her slim figure moving on the ground of the stone bridge when she went there, but when she returned, there was no shadow on the ground.
   Burdy asked puzzledly: “What’s wrong with the lack of shadow?”
   “Haven’t you heard of the legend of ‘vampires’?” Tony said slowly: “When their body tissues are severely ischemic, even if they transform into human forms, they will appear in the light. There will be no accompanying shadows. This is one of the ways to distinguish people from ‘vampires’.”
   “Don’t be ridiculous,” Burdy, who had been a little nervous before, laughed dumbly after hearing this, “You made a mistake with the ‘vampire’ software. Are you possessed? Tepre is a receptionist directly arranged by the company.”
   “I didn’t think much about it before,” Tony said thoughtfully, “But yesterday, when I was walking on the rooftop of the castle, I found some freshly coagulated blood and feathers. , but the chef told me that no one is killing poultry and birds these days.”
   As he said, Tony took out a folded printing paper from his pocket and handed it to Burdi. It was a piece of news published by the British “Daily Mail” in July 2019, saying that archaeologists discovered a group of tombs around the 16th century in Poland, in which the skulls of the corpses were chopped off and placed among the bones. Between the legs, this method of beheading and burying the corpse is in line with the ancient theory of the so-called “vampire”, because ancient Europeans believed that this way of handling the corpse of a “vampire” would prevent it from resurrecting.
   Seeing Burdy frowning slightly, Tony couldn’t help but remind: “We are now in an area with the most ‘vampire’ legends in history, and many of them sound like they have noses and eyes!” As he spoke, the door of the studio was unknown
   . “Creak” sounded, which made people feel scared.
  Horror Night Bloody Gate
   Night fell again unknowingly. After dinner, Tony came to the studio and lazily sat on the chair, calling up the real-time surveillance video from time to time to look around. One month before the acquisition, Tony proposed to the company to install a hidden surveillance video with almost no blind spots in the public space of the castle, so as to modify and improve the upgraded version of the “Vampire Hunting” game software through real-life game effects. This idea played into the boss’s favour, and extra funds were allocated for him to purchase a high-definition monitor.
   As the night got darker, the guests went back to their rooms to rest one after another. The bedroom doors were closed one after another, leaving the halls, corridors and stairs in the castle seemingly empty.
   Tony stared at all this through the surveillance screen, reached out and tapped the computer keyboard twice, and the screen in front of him immediately switched to the maid Tepree’s bedroom at the end of the corridor on the second floor.
   Although it was a private place in the guest room, Tony secretly installed a miniature camera with simultaneous recording.
   Tepuri looked a little restless on the screen. After a while, she ran to open the floor-to-ceiling window, and a man climbed in through the window. The bedroom light shines on the face of the visitor, who is the personable technical director Burdy.
   At this time, Burdi and Tepuri changed their polite manners when they were not familiar with each other in front of everyone, and acted carelessly. They had no idea that the hot and passionate passion was being transferred to a place at the same time with their images and sounds. in the hard drive.
   It would be unfair to say that Tony was a shameless person who spied on people. In 2019, inspired by the news of the Daily Mail, he not only designed the “Vampire Hunting” game software, but also created a “real-life experience” implementation plan. There are many engineers in the game software industry, but compound technical talents with business acumen and pioneering spirit like him are a “rare breed”. At the right time, the company’s technical director resigned due to illness. Just when everyone recognized that Tony was the unique and best candidate, Cheng Yaojin came out halfway, and Burdi took the position based on his background as the nephew of the largest shareholder.
   If Burdy’s qualifications and talents were outstanding, Tony might also be convinced. But this young boy has not only been in the company for a shorter period of time than him, but he has also designed almost no products.
   It is tolerable, but what is unbearable is that just when the angry Tony was about to resign, he accidentally discovered an unknown secret – Burdi had a secret meeting with the boss’s underground lover, and that underground lover was the maid Tepree. .
   This discovery made Tony secretly plan, and decided to stay in the company and deign to be Burdy’s subordinate, waiting for an opportunity to take revenge. His idea was: the first step was to process the camera images, use the “Shadow Maid” to bring up the topic of “vampires”, and induce Burdy and Tripp to have a secret meeting in violation of regulations; the second step was to secretly photograph the two while they were having a tryst. Indecent videos will be sent anonymously to the boss in the future.
   Completing these two steps could have achieved the goal, but Tony felt that it was not enough to satisfy his hatred, so he temporarily added a link: he used his computer design skills to skillfully set up a hacking Trojan to sneak into the company’s high-level computer system and then steal it. In the name of the boss, an email instruction was sent to Burdy, asking him to wait for the company’s “special envoy” in the attic of the castle at twelve o’clock that night.
   After receiving the order, Burdi did not dare to neglect. After hanging out with Teprei for a while, he packed up his clothes and left in a hurry.
   On the other side, Tony quickly changed into medieval “vampire” clothing, put on a black cloak, put on a pale mask, and tiptoed to the small attic on the top floor of the castle. He believed that the local rumors about “vampires” previously told to Burdy had left a certain shadow in his mind, and the quiet atmosphere of the attic in the dead of night would naturally cause more uneasiness.
   In order to enhance the scary atmosphere, Tony deliberately short-circuited the wires outside the door. Then he pressed against the door and heard a slight noise inside.
   Pushing the door open, I saw the lounge chair in the center of the attic shaking gently and creaking in the darkness. At this time, Tony stepped forward to greet Burdi, while turning on the flashlight and leaning towards the “vampire” mask he was wearing. He thought that the sudden fright would make Burdi crazy and scream, but unexpectedly there was no reaction from the other party. Looking through the moonlight outside the window, he saw Burdi lying on the recliner with his eyes closed.
   Tony was about to take a closer look when he was slightly pulled from behind, so he turned his head – and unexpectedly came face to face with a pale and ferocious “vampire” face. What was especially terrifying was the “vampire” opposite him. The long teeth stretched out coldly on his face.
   “Ah-” The unexpected fear and nervousness made Tony scream, and then he collapsed and fainted to the ground.
  A plan within a plan, outside the bureau
   . After an unknown amount of time, Tony woke up, and when he opened his eyes, he saw the guests surrounding him with strange expressions.
   Suddenly thinking of what he had seen before, Tony said anxiously: “Burdy met a ‘vampire’.”
   At this time, a policeman stood in front of him and asked: “I was just about to ask you to go back to the police station to explain your role as a ‘vampire’ and What is the connection between Burdy’s death?”
   Burdy is dead? Tony was confused, and then he recalled something. He looked around and saw that the rocking chair was empty.
   The police informed that after hearing the screams, several guests of the castle quickly ran to the attic and witnessed Burdi’s tragic death lying on the rocking chair, with blood all over the floor and two blood holes on his neck, while he, the “vampire”, lay on the rocking chair. beside.
   This time Tony completely calmed down. He looked down at the “vampire” costume on his body that was stained with blood, and then looked up at the expressions of the people around him. It was clear that he had already concluded that he was the natural suspect. And he knew very well that as long as the police intervened in the investigation, they would easily discover the little tricks he had played secretly, and they would become strong evidence of deliberately murdering Burdi.
   Tony felt very nervous. He wanted to explain that there was another “vampire” in the attic when the incident happened, but then he thought that no one would believe him even if he told him.
   At this time, a policeman came over and pointed to him the “vampire” mask found at the scene, with a pale and ferocious face and two strangely long teeth. The police told reporters that it was initially concluded that Burdi died after the carotid artery was pierced by the strange steel tooth.
   Soon, Tony, who was unable to explain himself, was taken away from the castle. Two days later, the police announced that he would be extradited to the UK as a major suspect. The remaining guests were arranged by the game company to return home. Trip left the equipment in the castle to organize and then met everyone at the airport.
   At night, after finishing the aftermath, Tripp dragged his suitcase out of the deserted castle, crossed the small stone bridge, and stood on the roadside waiting to book a taxi.
   At this time, in the growing chill of the wilderness, someone slowly walked over. Through the weak streetlight of the small stone bridge, Tripp saw a man in a windbreaker. Most of his face was obscured by a raised collar and a thick scarf.
   This man didn’t seem to care about Trip, and just passed him by. His leather shoes made a rhythmic sound on the stone road.
   Tripp suddenly remembered the “vampire” rumors that Burdy talked about when he had a tryst with him before his death. At that time, he joked about the strange things Tony suspected, but now he died unexpectedly.
   At this moment, the street lights in Xiaoshiqiao went out inexplicably, and the surrounding area suddenly became dark. Tripp subconsciously turned his head to look at the man and saw him stopping at the other end of the bridge, lowering his head and lighting a cigarette.
   The faint flame of the lighter reflected a familiar side of Tripp, Burdy? ! She couldn’t believe her eyes. And the man started to move on. At this time, Trip, who couldn’t hold himself back, chased after him.
   Hearing footsteps behind him, the man stopped. Tripp kept a certain distance more vigilantly and slowly walked around to the front of him. The man pulled down his scarf, and Tripton suddenly saw a bloodless Burdy’s face, with two strangely long teeth protruding from his blood-red mouth.
   Tripp took a few steps back and said in a trembling voice: “No, you can’t be a ‘vampire’. I obviously touched your pulse that night and it didn’t beat.” “Yes,
   Burdy is not a ‘vampire’, but you It’s his murderer.” A voice came from behind. Tripp turned around and saw Tony and the police standing not far away.
   This slim and charming Tripp was just a little model in an ordinary online game. By chance, he met Tony’s boss and became his secret lover – a secret that Tony accidentally discovered. But what he didn’t know was another secret, which was that Tripp was both the boss’s lover and was bribed by another software company at a high price to secretly obtain business intelligence. This secret was accidentally discovered by Burdy, but he was also greedy for profit. And again and again, he blackmailed Trip with both wealth and sex.
   During the “real-life experience”, Tripp accidentally discovered the camera installed by Tony in her bedroom, but she suspected that Burdi was trying to get worse, so she designed to silence him.
   The truth about the so-called “vampire” murder mystery has been revealed. It can be said that the agency was too clever. Some people lost their lives for this, and some people deserved it. Tony’s various bad behaviors were also criticized in the industry, and he finally had to resign and leave – after being driven beyond the moral bottom line by selfish desires, sometimes it will cause more terrible and tragic consequences than being a “vampire”.

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