The Translator King’s Diplomatic Skills: How He Saved the Day at the Canada Liquor Exhibition

Everyone in the factory reveres him as the “Monarch of Transliteration,” and some colleagues fail to recall his true appellation. Wang Bin indeed possesses two proficiencies. He has served as a translator for over a decade, exhibiting adeptness in both translation and interpretation. Never has he erred, for accuracy and celerity distinguish him, rendering him renowned both near and far. Understandably, having graduated from the esteemed English Department of Peking University and obtaining a master’s degree in simultaneous interpretation from Hong Kong, the sobriquet “Monarch of Transliteration” fittingly befits him.

Embarking from Pudong International Airport after a grueling 14-hour transoceanic flight, Director Mao and his entourage safely reached Maple City International Airport at 7 p.m. Upon entering the customs hall, a lengthy queue greeted their sight. After an hour of anticipation, their turn finally arrived.

Leading the way toward the counter was the “Monarch of Transliteration,” closely followed by the other three. Presenting four sets of passports and entry declaration cards, he handed them over. While scrutinizing the passports, the fair-haired lady inquired about their purpose of visiting Canada. Wang Bin responded that they hailed from a renowned winery in Jiangsu, China, encompassing thousands of employees, and were partaking in the China Liquor Exhibition. Carefully examining the declaration card once more, she inquired regarding the total quantity of liquor they had brought. Wang Bin assured her that they had accurately completed the declaration and remained within the prescribed limit. All the liquor was safely stowed in their suitcases. Casting a cursory glance at him, the lady inscribed a crimson number on the declaration card and courteously granted them passage.

Hastening downstairs, they retrieved their luggage from the carousel and approached the exit. The “Monarch of Transliteration” handed over the declaration card. As the staff perused it, their finger gestured toward a designated room, accompanied by a stern instruction: “Kindly proceed to that chamber for inspection.” The “Monarch of Transliteration” momentarily stood stupefied, compelled by circumstances to acquiesce. They exchanged hushed whispers as they walked, with Sales Director Sister Chen and top salesperson Juanzi turning pale with trepidation. Wang Bin consoled them, assuring that it was a random inspection, thus dissipating any apprehensions. Director Mao, composed as ever, remarked, “Today, we shall witness the true prowess of our ‘Monarch of Transliteration.'”

Wang Bin and Director Mao had been childhood friends. Following their graduation, Director Mao recruited Wang Bin to his company, enabling him to return to his hometown. Wang Bin was entrusted with foreign affairs responsibilities, facilitating the company’s foray into international markets, while concurrently tending to the needs of his elderly parents.

They wheeled the luggage cart into another room, where they were received by a middle-aged gentleman named Daniel. Possessing a prominent nose, blue eyes, and of moderate stature, he spoke English with a distinct Cockney accent.

As requested, they unlatched four crates, unveiling several bottles of wine. Daniel perused the brand and confessed to holding a favorable opinion of this particular vintage, albeit surprised by the sheer quantity they had brought. Hastily, the “Monarch of Transliteration” produced the invitation letter, elucidating that their purpose was to participate in the China Liquor Exhibition. Moreover, they harbored concerns that the initial shipment of 200 bottles, sent via sea, might prove insufficient.

Patiently, Daniel inquired, “Are you familiar with the permitted quantity of wine per person?” Wang Bin promptly responded, “Indeed, it is 1.14 liters.” Daniel shrugged and remarked, “Clearly, you have exceeded the stipulated amount. Violation of regulations entails penalties.” A spark of inspiration ignited within Wang Bin, who swiftly interjected, “The cumulative volume of our wine amounts to a mere 4.5 liters, which falls beneath the prescribed threshold of 4.56 liters.” Daniel rubbed his forehead, baffled, and uttered, “How did you arrive at that calculation? You have perplexed me.” In a hushed tone, Juanzi playfully whispered in Chinese to Sister Chen, “Some individuals seem to have imbibed mathematical teachings from their physical education instructors.” Unexpectedly, Daniel switched to Chinese and concurred, “Indeed, my high school physical education teacher also taught us mathematics.” Director Mao sighed and remarked, “Truly remarkable! Your fluency in Chinese is astounding.” Humbly, Daniel responded, “I can only manage a few phrases.”

A wave of laughter ensued, finally dissolving the solemn ambiance.

Resuming conversation in English, Daniel declared, “Allow me to recalculate. Multiplying 1.14 by 4 yields 4.56 liters, surpassing the quantity you have brought.” Wang Bin beseeched, “Please, we implore you to show flexibility, as theexhibition is of utmost importance to us. Our intention is to showcase the finest Chinese liquor and establish business connections with Canadian distributors.” Daniel paused, mulling over the situation. After a moment, he smiled and said, “Alright, I will make an exception this time. However, please remember to adhere to the regulations in the future. Enjoy your stay in Canada and good luck with your exhibition.”

Relieved and grateful, the group thanked Daniel profusely for his understanding. They carefully repacked the crates and proceeded to exit the inspection room. As they walked out, Director Mao patted Wang Bin on the back and said, “Once again, you have demonstrated your exceptional skills, not only in language but also in problem-solving. Your quick thinking and persuasive abilities saved us from a potentially difficult situation.”

Wang Bin modestly smiled and replied, “It was a team effort, and I’m glad we were able to resolve the issue smoothly. Our success relies on effective communication and cooperation.”

With their luggage intact and spirits lifted, they left the airport, ready to embark on their journey to Maple City and make their mark at the China Liquor Exhibition. The “Monarch of Transliteration” had once again proven his mettle, ensuring a positive start to their Canadian venture.

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