The Shocking True Story of Gypsy – How a “Sick” Daughter Murdered her Controlling Mother to Gain Freedom

   May 17, 2023, is the day when Gypsy, the protagonist of the famous “matricide case” in the United States, is released from prison. The Gypsy Matricide Case has been adapted into the American drama “Evil Deeds”, which tells the story of a 48-year-old single mother who works hard to take care of her daughter who suffers from brain damage, leukemia, asthma and other serious diseases for many years. But in the end, the mother was tortured and killed by her daughter and her boyfriend in extremely cruel ways. What is even more shocking is that the results of the police investigation showed that the daughter who was seriously ill and dying was actually a healthy person, but the mother who took good care of her had actually been “creating” diseases for her and using various unimaginable means to treat her. She was tortured to the point of death…
   “The Evil Deed” was rated as “The Best Horror Drama of the Year” by netizens. As the prototype of the play, the story of Gypsy and her mother Claudinia is more terrifying than in the TV series… The
  single mother is trapped in a strange circle.
   In the autumn of 2015, in a court in Missouri, the United States, a young couple was being tried. After hearing the result of the trial, the boy broke down and cried bitterly, but the girl had an intriguing smile on her face, as if it had nothing to do with her. Everyone knew that her hands were stained with the blood of her biological mother, but no one in the courtroom criticized the girl’s cold-bloodedness. On the contrary, the spectators were whispering: “She should not be sentenced, she is so pitiful!” What kind of hatred caused the girl to kill her mother and stand so calmly on the trial bench?
   On June 7, 1991, a lovely baby girl was born in Missouri, USA. Her mother Claudinia named her Gypsy. Looking at the fat little angel in her arms, my mother’s heart melted. But the joy of becoming a mother for the first time did not last long. Claudinia was surrounded by misery. She stroked her daughter’s face and murmured to herself: “What can I do to support you?” With heavy tears Rolling down, Claudinia unconsciously dialed the familiar number again. When she heard the “beep” busy tone, she completely lost control, leaving Gypsy aside and howling.
   It turned out that Claudinia was a single mother who had only been working for two years and had no confidence that she could raise her daughter independently. And her parents had already turned against her because she didn’t listen to the advice and insisted on dating a “scumbag”, so it was impossible for her to help her. After giving birth to Gypsy, Claudinia was still immersed in the pain of her boyfriend running away, and often ignored her daughter’s crying. And when she briefly recovered from the pain, she would hold her daughter and burst into tears…
   Six months ago, 24-year-old Claudinia worked as a nurse in a local private hospital and met Lu, who was 7 years younger than her. Virtue. That day, Luther came to get sutures and bandages due to an injured finger. After the treatment, he was about to leave when he suddenly found an extra piece of bread in his pocket. He looked up to explore, and he happened to meet Claudinia’s eyes: “Hey, I haven’t eaten yet. Right? Share my dinner with you.”
   It turned out that Claudinia saw this big boy coming to see a doctor alone, and she couldn’t help but burst out with care. That’s how the two met. In the eyes of 17-year-old Luther, Claudinia is an angel in white and her salvation on his wandering road. Young hearts are the easiest to spark, and the two soon fell in love.
   After Claudinia’s parents learned about it, they firmly opposed it – in their view, Luther was still a child, had neither education nor a job, and was completely unreliable. But Claudinia, who was passionately in love, didn’t listen to her parents’ advice at all. Six months later, she unexpectedly became pregnant with Luther’s child. In order to escape her angry parents, Claudinia moved out of her home and prepared to join Luther. But Luther himself was still underage and was completely unprepared to be a father. In panic, he decided to flee. Luther’s sudden disappearance hurt Claudinia. Because abortion was strictly prohibited in the area, Claudinia, a medical worker, had no choice but to give birth to the child.
   After ten months of pregnancy, Claudinia gave birth to Gypsy. Gypsy is like a little angel. With her company, Claudinia feels pain and happiness. She gradually got used to the days of raising her baby alone. Because the head nurse resigned, she was promoted to the position of head nurse. Everything seemed to be moving in a good direction.
   On September 10, 1991, Gypsy, who was only three months old, suddenly suffered from coughing and vomiting. Claudinia immediately took Gypsy to the hospital for emergency treatment. She was so worried that she described to the doctor: “My daughter has difficulty breathing, often vomits, and keeps crying. She must be seriously ill!” The doctor immediately treated Gypsy. After a comprehensive inspection, the strange thing is that all Gypsy’s indicators are normal.
   It should have been a happy thing to be declared by the doctor that everything was normal, but unexpectedly, Claudinia became emotional and retorted loudly: “How is that possible? She is really sick, please take a look again!”
   The doctor showed Claudinia all the test results and told her that the child was indeed healthy. But Claudinia still didn’t believe it and decided to change the hospital for examination.
   In the next two months, Claudinia kept struggling and took her daughter to one hospital after another. But every doctor told her: “There is nothing wrong with the child.” Claudinia still didn’t believe it, insisting every time: “This is impossible! There must be something wrong with my daughter’s respiratory system!” There were more arguments. , Claudinia simply stopped going to the hospital – she thought all doctors were quacks. In order to help her daughter get better as soon as possible, she ran to the pharmacy herself, bought medicine for her child based on the nursing knowledge she had learned, and then fed it to her daughter several times a day.
   Every time Gypsy was given medicine, Claudinia had tears in her eyes and murmured to herself: “My poor child, you are so sick. No matter how hard it is, your mother will cure you!” Giving medicine to a baby requires patience. Gypsy often expressed resistance, and whenever this happened, Claudinia would get emotional and even spank her daughter’s little hands or butt hard. But when she calmed down, she felt regretful and regretful about her behavior.
  ”Seriously ill” girl in captivity
   In order to give her daughter the best treatment, Claudinia visited pharmacies all over Missouri for several years. Seeing that Claudinia often bought medicines in large and small packages at home, the neighbors were very curious and couldn’t help but ask: “Who is sick? He needs to take so much medicine!” At this time, Claudia became It was a good time for Nia to vent her emotions. She would always cry and say: “My daughter is sick. She is very sick, but the hospital can’t find the cause!” Looking at the collapsed Claudinia, Neighbors expressed deep sympathy. Over time, people nearby knew that Claudinia was a single mother living a difficult life alone with a sick child.
   In this way, under the careful care of her mother Claudinia, the “frail” Gypsy finally survived tenaciously and gradually grew from a babbling baby to a young girl. However, over the years, Gypsy has been like a medicine jar. Long-term medication has caused serious side effects. Not only has her skin become sallow, her eye sockets are sunken, her height is obviously inconsistent with her age, and she has also lost a lot of teeth. She is obviously in her prime, but she looks more like a little old woman. Gypsy envied those girls who could run in the sun and show their youth freely, but she hated her own ugly image. She often looked in the mirror, lost control of her emotions, cried loudly and cursed herself: “Listen, you are an ugly monster! You don’t deserve anyone to love you!” At this time, Claudinia would comfort her daughter: “Don’t be afraid, No matter how seriously ill you are, mom can take good care of you.”
   For more than ten years, Gypsy had not attended school for several years due to “illness”. She also believed that she was frail and sick, and that she might not be able to survive without her mother’s care. From her mother’s mouth, Gypsy learned that she was not only mentally retarded, had chromosomal defects, suffered from epilepsy and various cancers, but also had problems with her eyes, ears, nose, teeth and digestive system. There is no doubt that treating these diseases costs a lot of money, and some require surgical intervention. When she was 15 years old, Claudinia told her daughter that her leg muscles were starting to atrophy. For this reason, Claudinia bought a wheelchair, and from that day on, Gypsy never walked on the ground again. Neighbors often see such a touching scene: Claudinia, a loving mother, works tirelessly to push a heavy wheelchair, with a frail Gypsy sitting in the wheelchair. Every time she met an acquaintance, Claudinia would always hold the person in her arms, wiping away tears while tirelessly telling her daughter’s illness and her own hardships.
   After hearing Claudinia’s cry, people felt sympathetic and couldn’t help but squat down and greet poor Gypsy: “Hey, are you okay?” Most of the time, Gypsy always pursed her lips and reluctantly Smile – she doesn’t want to open her mouth because she doesn’t have any good teeth in her mouth. Sometimes, Gypsy wanted to say a few words, but her mother always held her hand tightly to stop her from speaking, and then pushed her away quickly. Gypsy asked strangely: “Why don’t you let me speak?” Claudinia told her daughter with a serious face: “You don’t understand your condition, I’m afraid you said the wrong thing!” Over time, Gypsy lost track of her daughter
   . Interest in people talking. She only needs to take medicine regularly according to her mother’s arrangements, go to the hospital for examinations, and have surgery when her condition is serious. In this way, by the time Gypsy was 17, she had had more than a dozen surgeries.
   One day when Gypsy was 19 years old, her mother took her to the hospital again. This time, she needed to install a feeding tube in her stomach, and her mother told her: “There is something wrong with your swallowing system again.” Since being installed with a feeding tube in her stomach, Gypsy no longer needs the chewing function because her mother will Delicious and nutritious meals are specially broken into pieces, made into liquid food, and then poured directly into the stomach through the tube. As a result, Gypsy didn’t use her mouth to eat at all, and her teeth deteriorated even more.
   “This mother and daughter are so pitiful!” This is what almost everyone who sees Claudinia and her daughter will sigh in unison. Everyone believed that Gypsy suffered from various serious illnesses, which caused her to become paralyzed at a young age. Fortunately, she had a good mother who never left her no matter how hard it was. Later, media reporters also heard the news and reported a lot of stories about the mother and daughter. They praised Claudinia: “She is really the best mother in the world.” Every time she was interviewed, Claudinia
   would hold her daughter in her arms. Her hands burst into tears: “My daughter suffers from a variety of diseases and needs long-term medication and occasional surgeries. I alone cannot afford these expenses.” Claudinia cried sadly, Gypsy But her face was expressionless – there were too many scenes like this, and she had already become numb. Only when asked “Where is your father”, Claudinia will signal Gypsy to answer: “He abandoned us before I was born!” Gypsy’s answer, Claudius Nia is very satisfied. Under the aura of a strong mother, she has an additional layer of sadness of being abandoned.
   With more publicity, the mother and daughter naturally received selfless help from the local government and kind-hearted people from all walks of life. Many caring organizations also extended a helping hand to them. With the help of the local government, the mother and daughter also moved into a small villa with complete facilities. Because caring organizations and caring people continued to donate money to the mother and daughter, Claudinia found that she could live without worrying about food and clothing even if she didn’t go out to work. She couldn’t help but feel that “after all the hardships, happiness comes.”
   In 2011, 20-year-old Gypsy was elected as the “Brave Teenage of the Year” by a Missouri foundation because of her bravery in fighting the disease. Claudinia’s reputation as a “good mother” spread far and wide, and she was often invited to speak at major foundations. In her speech, she encouraged people not to give up at any time, no matter what difficulties they encountered. The deeds of mother and daughter have become popular across the United States, bringing a lot of positive energy to people.
   Claudinia, who has gained both fame and fortune, has tasted the benefits. She found that her daughter can not only help her shape the image of a “good mother”, but also become a cash cow for her. For this reason, she controlled Gypsy more and more strictly, not allowing her daughter to have her own thoughts, dressing her in childish clothes, not allowing her to contact anyone in private, and not allowing her to speak in front of others. Once, a reporter asked Gypsy: “Mom has taken good care of you so well, have you ever lost your patience?” Upon hearing this question, Gypsy’s eyes suddenly showed fear. Just as she was about to answer, the man standing behind her The mother pinched the skin on her back hard. Gypsy had no choice but to shut up. She knew that if she said one more word, a severe beating would be waiting for her when she got home.
   Despite this, the adult Gypsy gradually developed a sense of resistance. When her mother once again emphasized to her in private “Don’t talk nonsense”, Gypsy suddenly stood up from the wheelchair emotionally. She slapped her legs in surprise, moved forward, and was overjoyed: “Mom, look, I can stand up, and I can still walk!” Gypsy’s actions made Claudinia panic, and she grabbed her daughter tightly. , forced her to sit back in the wheelchair, and then scolded her loudly: “Don’t move, if you take another step you will break your bones, you have brittle bone disease!” Gypsy’s face turned pale. She was extremely afraid of being sent to the operating table again, so she had to sit obediently. down.
  After killing her mother to save herself and uncovering the scam
   , after Claudinia’s story was reported, Luther took the initiative to call her – he originally felt guilty for running away, but when he heard that his daughter was seriously ill, he was concerned about her , offered to pay a monthly alimony of US$1,200 to the mother and daughter. But in front of the media, Claudinia avoided talking about Luther contacting her and continued to pretend to be miserable after being abandoned by her unscrupulous boyfriend, because only in this way could she continue to receive funding.
   Gypsy was very disgusted with her mother’s “misery”: “Dad didn’t care about us, you can’t continue to slander him!” After hearing this, Claudinia grabbed Gypsy’s shoulders and said viciously: “What are you doing? I don’t even understand, shut up!”
   Gypsy was horrified and suddenly realized: not everything her mother did was for me. At the same time, she gradually discovered that her illness did not seem to be that serious. She told her mother many times that she could stand up and walk, but her mother angrily dragged her back to the wheelchair every time. The more Gypsy thought about it, the more she felt something was wrong, and her sense of resistance became stronger and stronger.
   After that, Gypsy tore off her stomach tube, refused to take medicine, and stood up from her wheelchair to walk many times when her mother was not home. Once, Gypsy sneaked into the yard to play on the swing. Listening to the wind whistling in her ears, she felt a freedom she had never experienced before. Unfortunately, this scene was caught by Claudinia who went home early, and Gypsy was beaten again. While beating her, Claudinia yelled: “Why stand up? Aren’t you afraid of breaking bones?” After beating her daughter, Claudinia hugged her and cried bitterly, apologizing and emphasizing repeatedly: “Everything mom does is for your own good!”
Soon, Gypsy turned 22 years old. Years of medical treatment and the damage caused to the body by taking a large number of drugs led many doctors to believe that Gypsy was indeed a child suffering from multiple serious diseases. Even if there are occasional doctors who are suspicious, Gypsy has been “ill” for so many years and the public opinion atmosphere has been formed, so no one is willing to delve into this issue further. Because of Claudinia’s frenzied behavior and the doctor’s inaction, this lie that should have been exposed long ago has existed for more than 20 years.
   However, paper cannot contain the fire after all. As Gypsy awakens, she longs for freedom more and more, hoping to live a normal life. She didn’t dare to tell her mother what she was thinking, so she could only go online frequently when her mother was not at home to relieve her depression.
   In March 2014, Gypsy met Nick, then 23, online. The depressed and helpless Gypsy told Nick what she had experienced over the years. Nick was shocked and felt very sympathetic to Gypsy. The more the two chatted, the more they became attracted to each other. A few months later, they fell into an online relationship.
   As the relationship between the two develops further, Nick encourages Gypsy to resist bravely and fight for a free life. Gypsy also realizes more and more clearly that she has become a tool for her mother to make money. For this reason, she became more and more disgusted with her mother, believing that her first half of her life had been ruined by her mother. She wanted to live a normal life and fall in love with her boyfriend in the sunshine, but she knew that her mother would never agree.
   Once, Gypsy sneaked out of the house while her mother was out and met her boyfriend nearby. But before the two of them could exchange a few words, Claudinia found her and took her home forcibly with a sullen face. What awaited Gypsy was another severe beating, and a vicious warning from her mother: “If you dare to run out of the house again, I will beat you to death!” Afterwards, Claudinia hid the mobile phone and computer at home, and took Gypsy away. Sai locked herself in the house and prohibited her from having any contact with the outside world.
   What her mother did made Gypsy completely despair. She understood that as long as her mother was around, she would never be able to live a normal life like other girls. During that time, she was deliberately very obedient to her mother. Not only did she take her medicine on time, but she also took the initiative to tell her mother: “I am too sick and I need to rest at home.” Claudinia was very satisfied with Gypsy’s performance. So he gradually relaxed his control over his daughter.
   On May 26, 2015, Gypsy finally got the computer while her mother was out buying medicine and reconnected with her boyfriend. She said to her boyfriend straight to the point: “Only when my mother completely disappears from this world can I gain true freedom! I want to kill her, and I need your help!” The young and energetic Nick agreed to his girlfriend’s request without thinking too much. request.
   On the evening of June 14, 2015, when her mother was not paying attention, Gypsy dug out a liquid sedative from her pile of medicines and secretly added it to her mother’s drinking glass. Claudinia finished her chores and drank a glass of water without any precaution. A few minutes later, she fell asleep, and Gypsy opened the door to the house. Nick, who had been waiting outside, rushed into the bedroom and killed Claudinia with a sharp knife. Gypsy watched all this with an expressionless face.
   After examination, Gypsy confirmed that her mother was not breathing. She immediately took away the family’s money, then fled the home that had suffocated her for many years without looking back, and went to a hotel with her boyfriend Nick. After staying in the hotel, Gypsy calmed down from the extreme excitement, but when she recalled the 24 years of being controlled by her mother, she couldn’t help but tremble all over. Enraged, she opened her mother’s Facebook and posted a message: I finally killed this pervert.
   Soon, people discovered this suspicious update on Claudinia’s social software. The confused neighbor immediately rushed to her house to check and found Claudinia lying in a pool of blood. After the neighbor called the police, the police arrived at the scene and listed the missing Gypsy as a key suspect. Based on the IP that released the information, they quickly captured her and Nick. After being arrested, Gypsy did not panic. Instead, she looked relaxed: “It’s great to be in prison. I’m finally free!” The
   seriously ill daughter killed her mother, who had taken care of her without regrets for 24 years. This murder shocked the public. All over America. What shocked people even more was what Gypsy said during the interrogation: “If I was really sick, I would love my mother very much, because she takes care of me with all her heart and is a good mother. But, I am not sick at all. But she tortured me and controlled me for so many years, and I was just a puppet that she manipulated and kept in captivity.”
   After Gypsy was arrested, she volunteered for a comprehensive medical examination to prove that her mother was not innocent. The physical examination results showed that apart from the side effects caused by long-term use of various drugs, Gypsy did not suffer from the mental retardation, chromosomal defects, epilepsy, cancer and other serious diseases claimed by her mother. In this regard, some medical scholars pointed out that Claudinia actually suffered from “Munchausen syndrome by proxy”. People with this mental illness deliberately fabricate or encourage others to gain attention and sympathy from those around them. (usually their children), while at the same time being praised and even profiting from it by creating a glorious image of themselves. People with Munchausen syndrome by proxy are often traumatized and extremely controlling.
   The conclusions of medical experts and Gypsy’s confession revealed the truth that had been hidden for 24 years: it turned out that Gypsy, who was “seriously ill”, was not sick at all, and Claudinia was the one who was really sick, and her The disease almost ruined my daughter’s life. People were shocked and asked for Gypsy’s sentence to be reduced. But the law was ruthless. Gypsy was eventually sentenced to 10 years in prison for second-degree murder, and her boyfriend Nick was sentenced to life imprisonment.
   During her life in prison, Gypsy’s sentence was reduced due to good behavior and she will be released from prison on May 17, 2023. I hope that in the second half of her free life, she can truly complete her self-salvation and become a butterfly.

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