My Son’s 18th Birthday: A Day of Dreams and Disappointments

The spring rain is highly economical, descending delicately, lingering momentarily, pausing, and then resuming.
Luo Xiaoyu stood on the thoroughfare, clutching an umbrella, and beheld her son traversing the drizzle. The son eschewed the use of an umbrella, and his cascading tresses were drenched in the fine mist. Promptly, Luo Xiaoyu hastened over and sheltered her son’s head with the umbrella. The son declined to protect himself, shook his head, and averted his gaze. The son, known as Yang Kunpeng, donned a pair of eyeglasses. He possessed a stature of 1.7 meters, resembling a lithe bamboo pole. His complexion was pallid and tender, accentuated by a faint beard. The son darted swiftly, leapt once more, stamped his feet, and ascended the stairs with a resounding clamor.
Luo Xiaoyu returned home and discovered her son seated on the sofa, perusing his mobile device.
Luo Xiaoyu extended the towel and exclaimed loudly: “How can you venture out without an umbrella? What shall befall you if you catch a chill? Are you defying conventions prematurely? Do you perceive your mother as excessively zealous? Alas, my benevolence remains unrequited.” Luo Xiaoyu possessed a countenance of exquisite charm, and upon concluding her words, she chuckled to herself.
Unmoved by the laughter, the son raised his head and retorted, “Hypocritical. It is merely a trifling rain. What significance does it hold? Should one become drenched, it serves as a wake-up call from lethargy.”
Startled, Luo Xiaoyu continued to chuckle, “Kunpeng spreads its wings, impervious to rain.”
The son fixed a piercing gaze upon Luo Xiaoyu and inquired with wide eyes, “Did the head teacher claim that you requested leave on my behalf? Our class initially intended to take a half-day leave this weekend. Why did you intercede on my behalf? It was superfluous.” As Luo Xiaoyu heard this, anxiety seized her, and she clapped her hands, uttering, ”
Today marks your eighteenth birthday. My Kunpeng has reached the age of eighteen and shall embark upon his collegiate journey in the forthcoming semester. We shall dine at a restaurant today to celebrate Kunpeng’s birthday and wish him a felicitous and robust future. Have I erred?” The son removed his spectacles and vociferated, “Bestow them upon me. Celebrating my birthday?”
Luo Xiaoyu replied, “Do you decline? Your uncle, hailing from the United States, specifically called to extend birthday wishes and express hopes for your admission to prestigious institutions such as Tsinghua University or Peking University. Your aunt ordered a substantial cake, promising a surprise. Your grandfather journeyed from the countryside with free-range chickens and eggs. Your father is currently on an inspection tour and vowed to return this evening…” Luo Xiaoyu beamed with joy and continued to speak.
The son regarded Luo Xiaoyu with a vacant expression.
The son let his mobile device slip from his grasp and promptly picked it up once more.
The son opened the mirror and scrutinized his visage.
The son sighed, “Time flies like an arrow, the sun and moon traverse the heavens like shuttles, and hares dart with swiftness akin to the wind. O, divine forces, grant me a bountiful harvest of both spiritual and material abundance, lest I transgress and bear the weight of sin.” Observing her son’s peculiar demeanor, Luo Xiaoyu grew apprehensive and remarked with a smile:
“Kunpeng, shall you accept the red envelope tonight or not? The decision rests with you.”
The son glared and inquired, “Do we lack financial means? Shall my classmate Xiao Yang make use of the funds?”
Luo Xiaoyu was rendered speechless.
After a brief pause, Luo Xiaoyu chuckled several times, then chuckled a few times more, and finally stated, “It is presently four o’clock in the afternoon. Let us proceed; I shall accompany you to purchase garments. The stars shall twinkle tonight, and esteemed guests shall grace our presence. Thus, my dashing son must exude the modern elegance and charm befitting a high school student.”
The son regarded Luo Xiaoyu with an anxious countenance.
The son took a few steps, only to recline upon the sofa once again.
The son abruptly rose, extracted a wad of money from his pocket, handed it to Luo Xiaoyu, and said, “Mother, my charm has waned, and I am depleted.” The son opened his mouth, closed it again, opened it once more, and heaved a sigh, “Today, I shall treat you to a lavish feast. You mentioned that you were slated to attend trainingI’m sorry, but it seems like the text you provided is a story or a conversation snippet. Is there anything specific you would like to know or discuss? I’m here to help!

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