What Would Happen If The Earth Held Its Breath For 5 Seconds? A Hypothetical Scenario Without Oxygen

   When fighting splashes in the swimming pool, people have repeatedly held their breath for more than 5 seconds. This is just a basic skill of swimmers. But what would happen if the entire planet held its breath at the same time for 5 seconds and was challenged with a lack of oxygen?
   The first second the earth held its breath, the oxygen used its concealment technique to the extreme, and the tall and majestic buildings on weekdays felt the discomfort of weakness in limbs. Before I had time to think, whether it was the weather-beaten and well-informed Burj Khalifa or the most durable and practical residential building full of life, it collapsed in an instant and was smashed into dirt. All this is due to the fact that oxygen is the special binder of concrete, and many materials, such as wood, glass, stone, etc. contain or consist of oxygen compounds. Without oxygen, these compounds will be split into unconnected elements and become flat chemical symbols, losing the wonderful ability of swimming and combination.
   In 2 seconds, due to the complete disappearance of the ozone layer that can resist ultraviolet rays, a large amount of harmful solar radiation reaches the surface, and people will inevitably suffer from a severe sunburn. Without oxygen, intense insolation would make the Earth extraordinarily hot. At this second, the unrestrained bedding of the sun will completely change people’s good impression of light.
   After the earth lost oxygen for 3 seconds, the atmospheric pressure began to change drastically, and dropped by about 21%. So, since the human body simply doesn’t have enough time to adapt to the change, our inner eardrum explodes and we lose our hearing.
   4 seconds after the earth loses oxygen, the internal combustion engine will stop working, and then millions of cars will lose power, all planes will be forced to land early, and any non-electric mode of transportation will be completely paralyzed.
   After the earth loses oxygen for 5 seconds, the crust, which is composed of 48.6% of the total mass of oxygen, will shatter, crack and collapse completely, and hundreds of millions of people will start to “free fall”, trapped under the weight of dust, And fell into the depths of the earth’s core one after another.

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