There’s No Such Thing as “Happily Ever After” in Real Life

The efforts of many people are just for once and for all. Growing up, I believe that everyone has heard “as long as you…” countless times.
   In middle school, the teacher told us that as long as you work hard and get admitted to a good university, you will be fine. After graduation, our parents told us that as long as you work hard and get into the system, you will be fine. Entering the society, public opinion tells us that as long as you work hard and accumulate wealth to buy a house and a car, you will be fine.
   Nobody told us the definition of “good”, is it happiness? Is it a success? Are you living your life the way you want?
   We are like containers on an assembly line, which are skillfully manufactured, opened, filled with the same desires, closed again, and transported to unknown places inexplicably.
   Most of the time we will find that there is no such thing as “one and done” in life. Han Chuang has studied hard for more than ten years. After being admitted to a key university, he still worries about uninteresting courses and hard-to-finish papers. He still has to tirelessly promote himself at job fairs so that he can sell himself at a good price. Diligently admitted to the establishment, you will still be limited by complicated and complicated interpersonal relationships, superficial procedures, and seemingly glamorous wages that you can’t afford a house on your own. After working for many years with little savings, I gritted my teeth and bought a house. I finally had my own home, but I also had to bear the mortgage for 20 to 30 years. I have to work hard for this inch of the eaves for half of my life, and I dare not slack off at all.
   I used to be a person who worked harder and became more anxious. As an ordinary person with a mediocre starting point, I can be admitted to a key university, have a stable job, and a roof that can only be used by me to shelter from wind and rain. It’s a seemingly one-and-done ending. But in fact, I also face many new problems every day: the commute to the new job is too far away, and I don’t get along well with my colleagues; buying a house emptied my savings, and the new home still leaks; I need to accompany me to the doctor; for various reasons, my favorite show has been canceled three times in a row.
   There were some moments when I really wanted to grab someone by the neckline and ask viciously, I tried my best! I have been working hard all the time! Why is there still no “just fine”?
   Countless midnight dreams come back, and I, who was cured by sleep, will be shrouded in anxiety in the next second.
   Later, I gradually stopped being anxious, because I knew that there is no such thing as once and for all in life. There is no such thing as the prince and princess living a happy life from now on. No matter where they go, they must accept the fact that life itself is a bunch of bits and pieces. New troubles keep popping up, and the more you grow, the bigger your troubles seem to get.
   Strangely enough, I was actually relieved to accept this established fact. Work is not as good as imagined, so let’s ride a donkey to find a horse! The ceiling of the new home is leaking, so please call the maintenance personnel to come! Buying a house has emptied your savings, so save more!
   What? A performance that was originally canceled has resumed? Great, you see, flowers will really bloom on the ruins.
   When I was young, I read many fairy tales. At the end of those happy stories, people always lived happily ever after. But when I grew up, I discovered that life has no end, and if there is, there is only the established fact of “death”. Each of us is writing a story with no end in sight. All the characters, time lines, and storylines in this story are fluid. You never know what will happen in the next second. It may be eating delicious food and drinking good wine. , The person you love just happens to love you too, accidentally won the jackpot, or it may be lovelorn frequently, illness strikes, and you have nothing in middle age.
   It doesn’t matter, it’s sad, it’s passed, it’s good, it’s bad, isn’t it all my unique life?
   I love the quote: “The best story I’ve ever heard is not that the prince and princess live happily ever after, but that the princess is dead and the boy who slayed the dragon is still burning.” Yes, I will burn as always .

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