The True Story of How Supermodel Natalie Vodianova Reunited with Her Long-Lost Sister Through DNA Testing

   Recently, an event comparable to the plot of a novel happened in the fashion industry. Natalie Vodianova, who is worth 20 billion yuan, a world-renowned supermodel, and the “princess” of the world’s largest luxury LVMH group, retrieved her body through DNA comparison. He lost his long-lost biological younger sister Jenna. The sisters hugged for a long time at the airport, and then happily traveled to Paris together. People are amazed at the drama of the matter, because it was Natalie who abandoned this sister with tears in her eyes more than 20 years ago…
  sent away her relatives, married a nobleman and soared to the sky
   . In February 1982, Natalie Vodianova was born Novgorod, a small town near Moscow, Russia. Mother Larissa is a kind but unhappy woman. She has given birth to three daughters, Natalie, Okosana and Christina. But they are all half-sisters. The reason is that Larissa has been deceived by different men time and time again. They always enter her world quickly and escape quickly, leaving her and the child behind.
   Larissa raised three daughters by herself, and lived a very difficult life. Their lives were compounded when their second daughter, Okosana, was diagnosed with a congenital brain injury that made life difficult.
   As the eldest daughter, Natalie carries a heavy burden on her body. At the age of 11, she began to sell fruit in the market to make ends meet, walking around with heavy boxes of fruit, which earned her the nickname “Guo Na”. She not only has to help her mother earn money to support the family, but also does housework and takes care of her younger sister. Life is hard and hopeless.
   When Natalie was 15 years old, another big event happened in the family. The mother fell in love again, but the man was still a liar, not only left her with a debt, forced her to take out loan sharks to repay the money, but also made her pregnant with her fourth child. When Larissa was eight months pregnant, her lover left.
   Natalie had to share her mother’s worries. She said calmly: “You give birth to the baby and send it to an adoption agency. We can’t afford it, and we will never let this newborn suffer like us.” Larissa couldn’t think of it A better idea is to follow the elder daughter’s advice. Shortly after she gave birth to her fourth daughter, she was placed in an adoption agency.
   Not long after, the staff of the adoption agency called Larissa: “She is very cute, very beautiful, and she never cries. She is a very good baby. Are you sure you want to keep her here?” The words of the staff hurt Larissa’s heart as a mother, but Natalie grabbed the phone and said firmly: “Please let her stay there, since she is so cute, there must be many parents who want to raise her, She will have a better life, much better than being with us.”
   Natalie was also very sad, but she insisted that this was the best decision she made for her little sister. She will always remember the last time she went to the adoption agency to visit her little sister. Through the railing, she put her hand into the crib, but the little girl immediately grabbed one of her fingers tightly and refused to let go for a long time. . Natalie was so sad that she didn’t dare to visit her little sister anymore, fearing that she couldn’t bear it for a while, so she took her back again.
   A week later, the little girl was adopted. To Natalie’s surprise, after sending off her loved ones, her fate also ushered in a turning point this year. She first met a boy who was a model when she was selling fruit, and the two quickly fell in love. After some time, a model scout from Paris came to Novgorod to pick out potential girls to be models. The boyfriend felt that Natalie had a “model fan” and desperately encouraged her to audition.
   Sure enough, the scout was very satisfied with Natalie’s appearance, figure and temperament, and said to her: “I can take you to Paris as a model, but you must learn English within three months.” Naturally, Natalie would not Let go of such a good opportunity and fly to Paris with scouts without hesitation.
   When he arrived in Paris, Natalie worked very hard. In just two months, he learned English and mastered the basic skills of models. Because of her strong learning ability and outstanding appearance and temperament, Natalie’s modeling career soon developed in full swing. The boyfriend couldn’t adapt to the huge gap with Natalie, and because of the lack of gatherings and separation, he proposed to break up. Natalie thanked her boyfriend for pushing her in the modeling career, gave him a Mercedes-Benz, and claimed to regard him as a good friend forever.
   A year later, Natalie met Justin Portman, a British aristocrat, while attending a high society dinner. He was 13 years older than Natalie, and was deeply attracted by Natalie’s graceful figure and personality, so he deliberately changed places with others, sat next to Natalie, and started chatting with her.
   By the end of the dinner, Justin had fallen completely in love with Natalie and pursued her violently. At the beginning, Natalie had no feelings for Justin, and she was finally moved by Justin’s continuous onslaught. In 2002, Justin rented the harem of Peter the Great in St. Petersburg and gave Natalie a grand fairy-tale dream wedding. It is said that Natalie went from “Cinderella” to “Princess” and lived happily ever after with her “Prince Charming”.
   She was indeed very happy. After marrying a nobleman, her career skyrocketed. Giving birth to three children in a row did not prevent her from shining in the fashion industry and becoming a world-renowned supermodel. Many luxury brands have signed contracts with her, and she has also set foot in many fields such as film and television dramas and hosting. Her life has improved, and she has settled all her family members and started a charity at the same time.
   Everything was perfect, but Natalie always felt a little uneasy in the dead of night.    Regretting the past, Natalie, the
  ”Prince” who got divorced, would often think of one person, and that was the little sister who was sent away by her.
She often regrets the past. If she could have expected such a brilliant career in the near future, she would not have sent her little sister to an adoption agency. She also often blamed herself, why didn’t she send the younger sister away later, as long as she was later, she would be able to raise the younger sister without sending her to an adoption agency. However, there is no regret medicine in the world.
   Whenever Natalie was happier, it was easier to think about her little sister. Where the hell is she? How are you? What if her adoptive parents treat her badly? Natalie often has nightmares. In the dream, the little girl is lonely. She blames Natalie for making decisions on behalf of her mother and cruelly abandons her.
   After waking up from the dream, Natalie is often in tears. Especially when she sees young children, she understands the preciousness of children and realizes how important it is for children to grow up in a healthy and loving environment. She felt that what she did back then was really selfish.
   Natalie couldn’t hold back her thoughts about her little sister, so she decided to inquire about her whereabouts. However, the adoption system has strict confidentiality, and they refused to provide Natalie with any information. Unwilling to give up, Natalie went to ask a private detective for help, but still found nothing.
   Since then, Natalie has suffered from insomnia. When she can’t sleep, she often asks her husband: “I can’t find my little sister, what should I do?” But Justin can’t understand his wife at all. In his opinion, Natalie just enjoys the hard-won good life. Now, there is really no need to be sentimental. The little girl who never lived with her, just pretend she doesn’t exist.
   Natalie didn’t expect her husband to be so cold-blooded and indifferent, so she couldn’t help but argue with him. Justin was very dissatisfied, thinking that Natalie, who came from a poor background, had no right to quarrel with him. Only then did Natalie realize that Justin, the aristocrat, had never treated her as an equal from the very beginning. Since then, the relationship between the couple has gradually faded.

   Justin began to cheat, gamble, hang out in nightclubs, and stay out all night. Natalie did not care about the status of a noble lady, so she resolutely separated from him. In June 2011, Natalie and Justin officially announced their divorce.
   The fairy-tale dream wedding is still vivid, and many people feel sorry for this relationship. But Natalie doesn’t think it’s a pity. She is only 29 years old this year, and her style is still unabated, and she has many suitors. Less than three months after the divorce, she met Antoine Arnault, the son of the founder of the LVMH group. LVMH Group is the world’s largest luxury goods group, and its brands include LV, Dior, Givenchy, Bulgari, Tiffany, etc. Antoine is much richer than Justin. He is 5 years older than Natalie and is known as the “Prince” of LV.
   Antoine’s gestures are full of charm, and he is gentle and patient with Natalie, which can bring her enough sense of security. Regardless of the occasion, Antoine always referred to Natalie as a “partner” and said that he would marry Natalie at the right time. Therefore, Natalie was dubbed the title of LV “Crown Princess” very early on.
   During the sweet love with Antoine, Natalie forgot her worries for a while, and her insomnia healed without medicine. Then, she gave birth to two sons in succession to Antoine. Looking at the two pink and tender children, she couldn’t help thinking of the little sister she had sent away. She thought back over and over again about the decision she made at the beginning. Although intellectually, she thought she was doing it for her younger sister, and in that situation, she made the best choice for her younger sister, but emotionally, she still felt that she was taking it for granted.
   She fell back into pain, and Antoine took everything into his eyes and comforted her gently: “I can understand your self-blame for the big mistake you may have made.” Natalie burst into tears and said: “I feel like she’s always been a part of my life, but this intimacy is painful because I don’t really know her, she’s not there for me, and I’m always wondering if she’s okay. “Antoine continued mildly: “But it won’t help if you make yourself suffer so much.” ”
   Then what should I do?” Natalie asked blankly. Antoine said bluntly: “Do your best to find her!”
  Lost and found, the novel shines into reality
   Natalie didn’t want to find her little sister, but there was nothing she could do.
   At this time, Antoine provided her with a new idea-gene pairing. In 2016, Natalie underwent a DNA test in an attempt to trace relatives online. Since then, she has received “potential relatives” messages from the website every month. But after each check, Natalie was extremely disappointed.
   Full of expectations again and again, and again and again failed wishes, this feeling deepens the torment and pain in Natalie’s heart. Three years later, she was finally exhausted physically and mentally, and decided to stop looking for her little sister.
   But she never expected that just because she stopped looking, she missed the opportunity to meet her younger sister earlier.
   It turned out that Natalie’s younger sister was Jenna, who was adopted by an American couple. Originally, the couple only wanted to adopt a son, but before they left, they saw Jenna and thought she was very cute and charming, so they adopted her together and brought her back to North Carolina, USA. She grew up carefree there, living an idyllic life in America. She has a cheerful and free-spirited personality. After she became sensible, her adoptive parents told her that she was adopted.
   Because her adoptive parents love her very much, she doesn’t feel sad about her life experience, but she is just curious about what her parents in Russia are like. Based on this curiosity, in 2019, Jenna signed up for DNA services online. Soon, she received a notification that the DNA match was successful. She was very excited, after some searching, she found out that her sister turned out to be Natalie, the world’s supermodel and LV princess!
   After learning about Natalie’s bitter experience, Jenna immediately understood why she was put up for adoption, and she felt no hatred in her heart. Not wanting to change her life or disturb Natalie’s, she simply sent a message: “I’m doing fine now, you don’t even have to reply to my message. I just want you to know I’m very happy Well, I hope you are doing well too.”
   However, Jenna’s news came too late, and Natalie had already refused to read the news on the website. The sisters missed it.
   In 2020, in order to make Natalie happy, Antoine formally proposed to her and went to the registry office to officially marry her. She laughed happily, but her heart disease did not get rid of it.
   Since the younger sister Christina entered the fashion circle under the leadership of Natalie, the two sisters have relatively close contacts. Although she herself has no impression of Jenna as a little girl, when she learned that the little girl is Natalie’s heart disease, she also registered for the DNA online service in 2021 with the mentality of giving it a try.
   Suddenly one day, Christina was shocked when she received a notification that her half-sister’s DNA had been successfully matched. She couldn’t believe that Natalie had been looking for her for so many years but hadn’t found her little girl, yet she found it not long after she registered! Therefore, she suspected that she had successfully matched with Natalie.
   Christina immediately called Natalie to confirm each other’s information. They were surprised to find that it was their younger sister Jenna who was successfully matched with Christina. So the two excitedly sent Jenna a lot of emails. But Jenna hasn’t logged on to the website since she confirmed “Supermodel Sister” last time, and she didn’t see the emails sent to her by her two sisters at all.
   Natalie saw that Jenna did not reply and continued to send emails. Until one day, Jenna logged into the website by accident and was shocked to see a large number of emails from Natalie and Christina. She tentatively responded to the email and explained the matter to her adoptive parents. The adoptive parents were very open-minded: “It’s great to have two sisters who love you, and we fully support your relationship.”
   Natalie was so excited that she burst into tears and proposed to call Jenna. Both parties were very nervous, but they chatted very well, talking for 3 hours in a row.
   After the call ended, Natalie still couldn’t calm down for a long time. After a while, she suggested that Jenna come to Paris to meet and reunite with her, and travel along the way. But Jenna said that she had to deal with the work in the United States first, and then go to Paris later.
   In November 2022, Jenna finally boarded a plane to Paris. Natalie and her husband went to the airport to pick her up in person. She was shocked when she saw the younger sister, because the younger sister looked so much like her mother, and she was the most like her mother among the four sisters. “If you lived in Paris, I would recognize you at a glance.” Natalie hugged Jenna for a long time at the airport.
   Natalie arranged Jenna’s itinerary in advance. In the first week, he and Christina accompanied her to visit museums, famous attractions, dine in various top restaurants, and take photos of fashionable sisters.
   At first, the young Jenna was a little cautious, worried that the big star Natalie would look down on her. Unexpectedly, Natalie praised Jenna everywhere: “My little sister is very good. She majored in mechanical engineering in college. I didn’t even go to college.” Jenna’s tense emotions gradually relaxed.
   A week later, Natalie arranged for Jenna to meet her biological mother, Larissa.
   Larissa hugged her grown-up little daughter tightly, weeping silently. Although Larissa does not speak English and Jenna does not understand Russian, the communication between the mother and daughter is completely dependent on Natalie and Christina, but they are still very happy to get along with each other. Seeing everyone getting together happily, the gap in Natalie’s heart was finally filled.
   Soon, Natalie’s recognition of her long-lost sister detonated the Internet. People were amazed at the drama of the incident. Netizens said: “Sisters meet and find each other again. It’s like the plot of the ‘Mary Su’ novel comes into reality!” Some people “wept” and said: “I’m so moved, so envious, I I also want a sister worth 20 billion who has been lost for many years.”
   In an interview with reporters, Natalie Vodianova had a happy smile on her face and said happily: “When Jenna came to us, I could I clearly feel the connection between the blood, and the love between us came naturally.”

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