The Sheep of Aden: A Sci-Fi Romance About Loneliness and Connection

If you want to write a blurb for Sugar Bandit’s short story “The Sheep of Aden”, I think it should be like this: When Wanma Caidan meets the little prince. “The Sheep of Aden” does have a simple, direct, and accurate style of writing, and it is also steeped in the style of “The Little Prince”-style alien (planet) planets and fables, but the new work of this young writer who has won many science fiction awards is ultimately Beyond this simplistic induction: it looks at the human condition from the perspective of others, with the ambition of creation and the scientific theory internalized in the plot, explores the subtleties of interstellar relationships, and writes about loneliness with a restrained romantic style And connection, memory and love.

Yarn drawing. Solid water. Sheep with red curly hair. Human with four hands. Unmanned tree planting aircraft. “Aquamarine” that can be used as a debonding agent and decomposing cleanser, and which according to legend may stop the growth of bushes. Just like Genesis, Sugar Bandit uses a way of “taking everything for granted” (for example, when writing Li Shu: “It’s a pity that he is disabled and only has one pair of hands”), airdropping readers into this alien world that has been set and named. Quality world, a place called “Longguer”. There, animals live underground, and scrap iron often falls from the sky. The blue house built by the people on earth as a toilet has been abandoned and no one uses it; sheep are even more rare animals. This other’s perspective always tempts readers to compare Longguer with the earth we live in. Any difference can be used as a mirror of the human condition, or even a measuring element of the author’s intention. And this kind of comparison even starts from the title: the name “Aden” is reminiscent of Adam and his Garden of Eden; and will the sheep, like an apple, eventually connect her with the outside world?

The interstellar relationship between Aden and Li Shu is naturally romantic, not to mention that the sugar bandits put this relationship in a broad time and space background-their encounter happened fifteen years ago, and their dialogue took place in Between the inhabitants of two distant planets—thus, this becomes the most moving part of the whole short story. “When I was alone in space on an extravehicular mission, I was so quiet. It was so quiet that I could hear the sound of blood flowing in my body.” “Because I was alone?” “Because the world in front of you is too big.” Like exchanging tokens Usually, Li Shu gave Aden the red curly sheep he called “dog” (or maybe a red poodle called “sheep” by Aden), and Aden sent a scale model of the knitting machine for woolen drawing to the Gave it to the plum tree.

When this encounter changed over time, and when the signals sent by the contact station did not respond, this past event became Aden’s memory, reappearing in her dreams, or “I don’t know if it is a dream or a memory.” A lonely existential situation is highlighted by this loss, like this forgotten planet because it is of no great use. The fate of the sheep pushes the story forward: the passage where Aden rushes into the night holding the twitching sheep to seek help from his father is the most graphic part of the whole short story. The wind and sand, the voice of the mother behind him and the “subjective lens” in his mind “, and even color, temperature and touch, together collage a picture with synaesthesia, and Aden’s love for sheep permeates between the lines.

Aden learned how to use the knitting machine, and planned to draw this “best sheep in the universe” on the wool painting, which is naturally a slightly straightforward metaphor for memory. However, this action caused “the moving particles in the microtubules of the wool to entangle with the particles in the distant sky”, and then sent a signal to the “communication machine beyond the scope of human understanding” in Li Shu’s hands. At the end of the novel, when various scientific and quantum mechanics terms began to emerge, Sugar Bandit also cleverly switched the narrative voice to Li Shu’s channel. He began to reflect on the limitations of human wisdom, “Humans can only accept the facts they are willing to accept, and they cannot see any facts and imaginations that cannot be connected with their existing wisdom chain”; The love of sheep is considered in the context of quantum mechanics, “in quantum mechanics, measurement is not a simple display process, but participates in the evolution of the system. In this sense, Aden’s love for a ‘sheep It is just a measurement, participating in the evolution process of two civilizations, changing the deep space communication technology, the future of mankind and the fate of the entire universe.” It is also at this moment that we are not difficult to realize that “Schrödinger’s cat” and “Schrödinger’s cat” The isomorphism between the two phrases “The Sheep of Aden”. In this way, there is a sci-fi background between this cosmic romance and loneliness.

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