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The Secret to Success Lies in Your Off-Work Hours

Einstein once said:

“The difference between people lies in their spare time, spare time produces talents, as well as lazy people, drunkards, card fans, and gamblers.

This not only makes the difference in work performance, but also distinguishes the high and low life realms. ”

To do the math for everyone, there are 168 hours in 7 days a week.

After you work 8 hours a day and sleep 8 hours a day, you have 56 hours left in a week.

Some people use this time to study, exercise, and improve themselves; others use it to eat, drink, and have fun, squandering and disposing of it at will.

One day or two days, there is no difference. After a year or two, the gap between people is widened.

“Banshan Anthology” said that if there is any luck in the world, it must be hidden in your leisure time .

Behind all the good luck is the hard work day and night, and the accumulation of bits and pieces.

Make good use of the time after get off work and develop self-discipline habits, so that you can accumulate good luck for yourself and go to the life you want.


John Rockefeller wrote in “38 Letters to His Son”:

“Habit is like a rope to us, we weave a rope every day, and in the end it will be too thick to break. ”

The rope of habit either pulls us up to the peak or drags us down to the abyss.

In reality, many people feel that it is a pleasure to relax and indulge after get off work.

So when I got home, I had Coke milk tea in my left hand and a tablet computer in my right hand, chatting, watching dramas, playing games, and paralyzed until midnight.

As a result, the days passed day by day, nothing was accomplished, and life still had no improvement.

Writer Li Shanglong once shared a story in the book.

When he first went to New Oriental to work as an English teacher, his income was low and his life was very difficult.

Every day, like most of his colleagues, he takes classes for more than ten hours from morning to night, and then returns to the dormitory exhausted.

The difference is that colleagues go shopping, watch TV, and sleep after get off work.

But he insisted on watching a movie every day, reading a book for an hour, and writing down his thoughts on the computer.

After persisting in this way for two years, he successfully published his own works and successfully transformed into a writer.

He has a colleague, Xiao Fang, who saw Li Shanglong change his destiny step by step, and once expressed that he would learn from him.

However, after getting off work every day, Xiao Fang flops down on the sofa and turns on his phone.

Sometimes it’s just playing games one after another, sometimes it’s just mindlessly watching short videos, watching variety shows, browsing gossip information…

A few hours passed in a flash.

As a result, several years have passed, and Li Shanglong has published several books, but Xiao Fang is still in the original unit with low wages.

I think of a sentence that the writer Lu Xixi said:

A person’s habits hide his destiny. First we form habits, then habits make us.

Our habits after get off work are also shaping our future achievements.

If you choose to use entertainment to relax your nerves for a day, you can only drag your tired body and repeat the same day.

When you spend your free time on meaningless things, your life can only go around in circles.


Mr. Hu Shi said in a speech:

“If you spend your spare time playing mahjong, you may become a gambler; if you spend your spare time studying history, you may become a historian. Your leisure often determines your life. ”

For ordinary people, the fleeting time after get off work is precisely the key to your future success or failure.

I have read the story of the illustrator “Halogen Cat”.

After graduating from university, Lu Mao entered a game production company to do 3D animation training.

Because he has always liked to draw illustrations, even after working, he did not give up this hobby.

During the day, he is an office worker, living a seven-to-five life.

When he got home at night, he picked up his paintbrush and immersed himself in his fantasy world.

After that, he signed up for a painting class and practiced for two hours every day after get off work.

On weekends, he would go to the nearby mountains to sketch with his drawing board on his back, often staying for a whole day.

Later, he tentatively posted his works on social networking sites.

With the proficiency of his techniques, more and more friends like his illustrations on the Internet.

Three years later, a publishing house approached him, signed a contract with him, and published a series of books.

Now he is one of the most well-known illustrators in China, and has produced illustrations for international brands such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

A reporter once interviewed him: “Is it because of talent or interest that you can get to where you are today?”

He replied that it was all the nights in the years before my debut that made me who I am now.

There are tens of thousands of people in the world, but what really differentiates them lies in their habits after get off work.

Taiwanese writer Wu Danru was originally a newspaper editor. For many years, she used her spare time to take training courses such as acting and speech.

These fresh attempts not only brought inspiration to her writing, but also allowed her to become a host across borders.

Novelist Liu Cixin started writing every day after get off work when he was an engineer.

Years later, the creation of “Three-Body Problem” became popular all over the world and won the Hugo Award, the highest honor in the science fiction field.

Kazuo Inamori wrote in “Dry Method”:

“Those amazing great achievements are actually the result of ordinary people’s hard work and continuous accumulation step by step.”

Making good use of the time after get off work is actually investing in yourself.

Turn all those good habits into nourishment, continuously raise your upper limit, and add value and empower you.

Never underestimate small progress, take a small step forward every day, and the string together is a shining life.


I agree with a saying: “What you look like after get off work is what you will look like in the future.”

In fact, the achievements you envy are the accumulation of leisure time, gritting your teeth and persisting outside the sight of others.

If you want to be famous in front of others, you also rely on the hard work behind you.

Instead of wasting time in a daze, it is better to seize the scattered spare time from now on, and use long-term persistence to exchange for good luck in life.

How do you use your off-duty time? Recommend 5 good habits to everyone.

1. The habit of exercising

The writer John Ma said that exercise is the source of health.

The human body is like a bay of water, it will become rancid if it does not move for a long time, only when it flows can it burst into vitality.

After get off work, find opportunities to exercise more, go for a run, play a game of ball, even if it’s just a simple stretch.

Sweat a little more and get moving. Only when you take good care of your body can you catch good luck.

2. The habit of studying

Ali gold medal lecturer Zhao Zhou said that learning ability is the foundation of all abilities.

In this era of rushing rivers, only those who constantly enrich themselves can remain invincible forever.

You might as well take advantage of your spare time to enroll yourself in a few online courses or take a few certificates.

Please believe that all the skills you have learned will be transformed into surprises on the road of life.

3. The habit of reading

The height of a person’s life is often the thickness of the books under his feet.

After get off work, please take time to read more books, which can be professional books, social science classics, or novels and essays.

The more books you read, the wider your knowledge and the higher your cognition.

With the support of books, you can use knowledge to bless your ability and use your ability to reverse your destiny.

4. The habit of reviewing

The book “Lifelong Growth” writes: reflection + pain = progress.

Only through review can people discover their own shortcomings and adjust themselves accordingly.

Before going to bed every day, put down your phone, review the video for 15 minutes, and think about how you spent the day.

Feedback in time, turning experience into experience, can naturally avoid detours, and get full of good luck earlier.

5. The habit of mindfulness

Dong Yuhui said in the live broadcast that everything can be broken without distractions.

In the current era of more and more entertainment methods, our energy is easily consumed in various meaningless things.

Only by staying focused enough can you accomplish anything.

Learn to eliminate interference, maximize the use of spare fragmented time, and use focus to win God’s favor.

Financial author Charles Duhigg says in The Power of Habit:

“Small success is actually the steady application of small advantages. Once a small success is completed, it will promote the emergence of the next small success. ”

When you seize every minute and every second and work hard to move forward, you will find that life is a chain reaction of continuous improvement.

Learn to cherish the few hours after get off work, and develop a good habit of continuous improvement.

Take action from now on, start small, change a little bit, and you will finally reap the favor of destiny.

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