The Secret to a Peaceful and Leisurely Life

People always yearn for and pursue a peaceful and leisurely life, but in the process of obtaining this kind of life, the most taboo thing is to have a taste of it.

Many phenomena in nature all reveal this truth to people.

The voyage 368 of the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) completed drilling in the northern part of the South China Sea on June 11, 2017. During the two-month voyage, more than 1,600 meters of seabed cores were drilled. After the rock core is cut horizontally, a series of fossil remains are presented in front of people. It tells people: Only by diving deep into the depths can we have a leisurely and comfortable life.

After the seabed core is cut horizontally, people can see some very beautiful patterns: such as lines, some are relatively long, and some are 1 cm long; some are simply a dot… These are the ancient creatures remains. These fossil remains are divided into habitat traces, crawling traces, foraging traces, and habitation traces. One type of relic is a vertical straight-tube burrow, which is left by creatures living in shallow coastal waters.

Because the sea is often turbulent and there are many foragers, natural enemies can be seen everywhere. Animals will dig a vertical cave and hide in the sediment below the seawater. Some were hungry, so they crawled out of the cave to look for food; some simply huddled forward in the sediment, so that the food they got was extremely limited. So in the small burrows, there are biological debris, quartz silt, pyrite, and biological feces, which scientists call “fecal pellets”. In the burrow.

If the depositional environment was poor, animals would excrete mucus while excavating the cave to prevent the cave from collapsing. Scientists have given this layer of mucus a name, “coating” or “lining.”

One type of fossil remains shows a furrow on the surface of a horizontal sediment, excavated by animals living in deep water. Since creatures in deep water are rarely attacked by predators, they don’t have to dig a vertical burrow to hide. Without caves, of course, there is no need to “coat” and “line” the caves. You only need to crawl and search in the ditch on the surface of the sediment, and you can enjoy the food feast in the mud and live every day calmly.

There are also long, vertical pipes in the fossil remains, which are the “channels” for animals living in the lower layer of sediment in shallow water to escape. One day, a turbid current came suddenly, and the animals living in the lower layer of the sediment felt that there was a bigger sediment pressing on them, and the danger was imminent, so they would panic and climb up desperately. This creates a vertical upward trail, which scientists call an “escape formation.”

Scientists say that sometimes the sediment suddenly intensifies, and the danger stimulates the infinite energy of the organisms, and they will “swoosh” up from under the sediment. The escape structure can make people imagine a thrilling escape, which is also the price paid by ancient creatures living in shallow water.

Shallow places are busy and dangerous, but deep places are much safer and more leisurely. The most important thing is that people should bear hardships first, and develop a strong physique and ability to survive in the depths of life early. This is not something anyone can do, so being deep and profound has become the best disposition and potential in the world.

This is the revelation of fossil remains to the world.

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