The Rainy Season in Yilan: A Story of Hope and Resilience

My township is surrounded by mountains and facing the sea. The terrain is like a dustpan, and it is easy to catch wind and rain, especially in autumn and winter, when it rains nine out of ten days. In the past few years, the greenhouse effect, climate change, anti-El Nino phenomenon, the northeast monsoon has hit, and a big hole has been broken in the sky. Once the rain falls, day after night, night after day, endless.

On rainy days, I often look out of the window and say, “Bitter~bitter~” that comes from the call of the white-bellied crake in the bushes behind the house. During the heavy rain, they all hid, and occasionally saw someone alone, who seemed to be wandering and in a hurry, probably coming out to find food to fill their stomachs, and took it back to feed their families. When the rain slows down, I usually come out to look for food in threes and fives. I once saw two cats clashing and refusing to give in to each other. You hit me and I hit you. It’s really beautiful.

I started to live in the countryside more than ten years ago. The next year, a typhoon landed, pulled down the new iron gate, and a nest of birds landed on the ground. Unexpectedly, three young sparrows were strangled. It was extremely sad. Worried about another accident, so I cleared it irregularly, then cleared it and built it again, cleared it again, and built it again. The sparrow was ingenious and found out the climate and temperament of the dustpan. For the safety of the family, he abandoned the thick branches and leaves of the mountain olive and the old banyan, and insisted on settling in the iron rolling gate. In recent years, typhoons have turned around, and scattered strands of hay have grown out of the rolling door cover. Presumably, the number of internal households is increasing, and the number of households is also increasing. never mind. talk later.

But the ant nest can’t be easily dismissed.

Outside the house, in hibiscus, wild petunia, and hibiscus, a group of black ants can be seen swarming among the stamens. The large ant nests of Wangong are hidden in the dense leaves, and they do not offend each other and coexist peacefully. However, when the rainy season came, there was a round hole in the tile gap next to the back door of the kitchen, and ants gushed out like a spring, and the long team, neat or scattered, migrated mightily. I have sympathy and pity in my heart, but culling them all is really a last resort.

The torrential rain turned the fallow rice fields into a vast ocean, and the pond behind the house was churning like a giant python. Not a single vegetable seedling, such as mustard greens, red cabbage, and cabbage, was left in the garden. The rain breaks, and the planting is replanted. Within two days, the rain will come, and it will be the same. The hard work of local vegetable farmers is generally poured into the rain, and the vegetables they pick at home are not enough to fit between the teeth, so they have to hatch bean sprouts and eat potatoes, onions and other root foods. However, there are no green vegetables and leaves on the dining table, and the pleasing “color” is almost missing. Within three days, I finally lifted the vegetable basket and picked some expensive southern vegetables from the vegetable stall, such as spinach, green cabbage, and water spinach, which were fat and green. , not a single wormhole could be found.

Sitting in a rainforest maze like me, I can’t find the exit after dozens of days. Those who broke out of the rainforest went straight to Kaohsiung and Tainan. Inevitably, IG Facebook posted a real-time feed “It will stop raining after leaving the snow tunnel”. Then, showing off the sparkling beach photos, not satisfied with this, LINE stepped up to show off: “There is sun here.” “Would you like to come?”

Sometimes I can’t bear to be bored, and I look up to the sky and wonder: When will I go down? If my mother hears about it, she will persuade him that it is better not to go out when it rains, and it is rude to Uncle Tian to speak like this. Then he talked about the Dongshan River cutting straight forward, and it rained heavily, and the house was flooded soon. He also said that on the day someone got married, the rain fell straight down, and the house was flooded. Fearing that the pig would be drowned, the pig had to be driven to the bride’s room. bed. Now, it will not be flooded for one or two months, thanks to Uncle Tiangong and the old county magistrate. Although my mother said so, when the Hokkien weather was broadcast, she still listened to the probability of rain tomorrow, and then frowned and smiled bitterly.

When I was a child, I still have deep memories of flooding at home. At that time, the water flooded into the house, and then rose inch by inch. I chased the chairs, stools, pots and pans with long legs. I just thought it was fun. Know how to be afraid. Regarding “pigs making trouble in the bridal chamber”, it reminds me of the writer Jian Jie. In the book “The Moon Mother Shines on the Bed”, it is mentioned that when the childhood was flooded, the pigs in the pigsty screamed like bayonets, and the chickens flew away. At higher places, even fat ducks will flap their wings to try to protect themselves. Only the helpless piggy, struggling between life and death, bumped against the wooden railing, with its sharp nose standing on the water, the water was like a group of dark ghosts, pouring viciously into its nose, after a miserable cry, the piggy was thick and miserable The sigh gradually became low…

It’s not all about the inconvenience of going out in real life. On rainy days, I just concentrate on reading and writing at home or get lazy and sleep for a long time. In the smell of moss, I can’t tell what kind of mood I’m feeling, I’m slowly hatching in a dull mood, feeling inexplicably melancholy, once I saw a sparrow jumping out of the gray and black rainforest, flapping its wings vigorously, flying lower and lower, with a desolate mood, Even more sinking. If the rain doesn’t stop, I’m afraid I’ll be sick.

Waiting for the rain, sighing, chattering again: I don’t want to worry about it. It is estimated that Yilan has the best sales of dehumidifiers and umbrellas in Taiwan, and Yilan has the highest density of ENT clinics.

Sons, daughters, sisters-in-law, grandchildren, grandchildren, and grandchildren all have nasal allergies. The nasal congestion is nothing more than sneezing. dripping. Knowing that the doctor would treat the symptoms, he had no choice but to seek medical treatment, and the doctor had no choice but to move to the south. The most pitiful thing is Ami, a hairy child, who is also allergic. Every autumn and winter, atopic dermatitis attacks, scratching, licking, and rubbing constantly. Small red rash, it recurred after a period of time after taking injections and taking medicine. The doctor said that atopic dermatitis can only be controlled, but the root cannot be removed. It will happen repeatedly every autumn and winter. In the south, Ami’s allergies will naturally heal without medicine. Yes, so it is not easy to relapse. That day, I suddenly thought of an old colleague. When I was in college, the marriage in Yilan, Tainan was a thread. Every autumn and winter, while blowing my nose, I made a wish that one day I would move back to Tainan. Now I am a grandma and I am still stuck in the dustpan. .

In the past, when I was a teacher, when the freshmen entered the class, a young boy in the class had maladaptation and sobbed and choked for more than ten days. Once, while crying, he said that he wanted to stop crying, but he couldn’t stop for some reason, saying After that, I cried even harder. The rain on the plain is the tears of a little boy, but there is always a time to wipe away the tears and smile. Just like one morning, when the clouds opened to see the sun, the neighbors met each other and said “sunrise” and “sunrise”, and then busy drying clothes and quilts, while my mother and I went to the park to dry our backs and express our mood. That day, a few grandpas came to meet us, chatting and laughing: “Waiting for hundreds of years, I finally saw the sun.” “The south is short of water, so it’s better to go to the south if it rains a little here.” “Yes, God Bo Ruo I don’t know how good it would be if the sun in the south is divided a little bit.”

Good rain and good sunshine not only know the season, but also refer to each other whether there is one or not. What a dream come true grandparents. I can’t help thinking of October and November last year, when Yilan had the highest cumulative rainfall in the country and caused rockslides. When Facebook was opened, it was full of bitter rain. It’s raining.” B said, “It’s been raining for twenty-nine days, without stopping for a second, and the ground has collapsed.” “…” My town is flooded, whoever fights for the rain, Keelung should be called the “Rain Capital” give up.

I came to pick up the books one day, and found that the wood of the bookcase near the large window in the study room was damp. The spines of more than a dozen books were stained with water in different shades. , The book is no longer a book, and I was so cruel that I threw it all into the recycling bin. Well, I also posted an article “Ask why the world is clear, it makes people mold and grow mushrooms.”

The clothes may still be damp and greasy after drying for three or five days. Fortunately, with the help of a dehumidifier, they will be warm when they are received. I can’t help but think of when I was a child, on wet days, during the day, the aisles outside the room, the kitchen table tops and pants, and diapers were hung everywhere. In the evening, my grandmother would burn a pot of charcoal, cover the chicken coop, and take turns drying and baking one by one. The charcoal fire absorbs the moisture in the fiber bit by bit, and slowly injects a stream of warmth. When it is cold, I like to cover my frozen hands on it and warm it with my clothes.

One rain after another, the simple “dehumidifier” that rains out of every household also rains out the special driving culture of the hometown. When the students ride bicycles, they carry their schoolbags, hold the faucet in one hand, and hold an umbrella in the other, feeling at ease. If you say it’s dangerous and ask why you don’t wear a raincoat, you’ll probably get answers like “I’m not a kid, why wear a raincoat” or “I’m used to it”. For motorcycles, a windshield is installed, and there is a small variable speed wiper in front of the central square glass. In addition, every household usually has an 8-shaped clothes drying rack to spread out the clothes. My natal family still uses it to this day, and it was folded by my father when he was young.

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