The Psychology Behind Clutter: Why We Struggle to Let Go of Things

In life, we will always find such a type of people, they are extremely frugal in their lives, and they are always reluctant to throw away some old or damaged things, and they pile up their homes over time. Especially the older generation, who are used to living a frugal life, think that those old things will come in handy again one day.
However, in the face of such a situation, psychologists have given a different view. Psychologists point out that liking to hoard things and being reluctant to throw away anything is actually a manifestation of a morbid mentality . Next, let’s analyze in detail why psychologists say this.

break away
Many people want to clean up old things or waste in their homes in a timely manner in their lives, but after a busy day, they finally find that they are reluctant to throw away everything, so they can only maintain the status quo. In the book “Duansheli” published by the famous Japanese writer Eiko Yamashita, she once explained the above phenomenon in detail. She believes that the main reason for this phenomenon is actually the individual’s psychological problems.
If an individual concentrates all his attention on objects in his life, such a phenomenon will naturally occur, and when the individual can shift his attention to himself, he can correctly understand the true truth in his heart. When needed, such phenomena will naturally disappear.

And we should also clearly realize that in our lives, the focus of our lives should actually be on ourselves, rather than paying too much attention to external things, that is, objects.
I believe that most people in life will be attracted by discounts and promotions in shopping malls. As long as they see such activities, they will always subconsciously go in and buy something, even if such things are not what they currently need. People will also comfort themselves that “these things will come in handy one day sooner or later.”
However, it is unknown when and whether this day will come. Sometimes, even if these items are piled up full of dust, it is not yet time for them to come in handy. In the end, it may be because they are too old, or It is obsolete and has to be discarded.

Psychologists believe that the essence of life is actually the relationship between the individual and the surrounding environment, and getting along with objects is also a part of it. If an individual can learn how to arrange and arrange all items reasonably, it means that this person already has the basic ability to live in harmony with the surrounding environment.
And always like to hoard some old or useless things, unable to break away, which is obviously a manifestation of an unhealthy mental state.
can’t let go of the past
In addition, there is another reason why individuals cannot break away, that is, they cannot say goodbye to their past self and past things.

For many people, old objects represent their own life experience, a kind of memory, and have collection value. However, quantitative changes will lead to qualitative changes, and excessive hoarding of previous things just shows that such people cannot escape from past memories and face a new life.
The memories that this kind of people indulge in will also vary from person to person. Some people will be addicted to their past successes, while others will be addicted to their past sorrows. There is a strong sense of dissatisfaction with their living environment.
However, time waits for no one. When an individual indulges in past memories, time in reality will be wasted. If things go on like this, a person’s progress and development will stagnate.

However, life must go on, and we must always look up and look forward. Therefore, the replacement of old and new items is actually a sign of self-growth and a sign of welcoming a new life.
Only by being able to step out of the vortex of memories and move forward bravely, can life have a new start, otherwise, individuals just use memories to paralyze themselves in life, and can only avoid problems, but cannot solve them. State is also one of the manifestations of mental health.
fear of facing problems
When some people hoard these old things, they will have the mentality that they will come in handy one day in the future, but in fact, only a small part of these old things can really be used in the future.

In addition, when this day really comes, it is difficult for people to find what they need from the pile of sundries in the first place.
Psychologists believe that people keep these things just to help themselves solve problems in the future, so that they can stop thinking about it. However, people usually forget that old things and useless things are problems in themselves. A performance of escapism.
The future is out of reach, and the present is in our hands. What we need to do is to focus on ourselves, on life itself, instead of paying too much attention to external things. Only by daring to break away can we help We are constantly moving forward.

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