The Power of Ants: A Story of Sacrifice and Determination

Whenever I sit at my desk and think hard, I see the tombstone made of small stones by the window, and my thoughts ripple like a drop of ink falling into clear water. One day in late autumn, I was carrying a whole day of schoolwork pressure, and I was walking heavily on the tree-lined path. I accidentally found a group of ants poking out from behind the fallen leaves, and was rushing towards a pile of biscuit crumbs a few meters away.

I have always disliked small insects like ants. Their strange body structures seem to have just evolved from bacteria, like decayed mechanical products, and the six limbs that do not conform to human aesthetic concepts are always moving in an incredible flexible way.

Ants are scrambling towards the cookie crumbs. Unexpectedly, a small puddle about one meter long, five centimeters wide, and no more than two centimeters deep separated them from the biscuit crumbs. The leading ant walked towards both ends, and soon found that the puddle in front of them was the vast ocean in their world, which could not be crossed. Seeing that they were desperate and sighing, I stood aside curiously, wanting to see how they could overcome this “natural moat” in their world.

At this moment, a scene that shocked me appeared.

The leading ant raises its left forelimb, and the ants behind are trained to superimpose it on its back layer by layer. In order of size, the smallest ant is wrapped in the middle, and the ant colony forms a black ball. Then, the ant ball began to slowly enter the water, like a giant ship, but suddenly one point, two points, three points… More and more points fell from the ball, which were the corpses of ants. The vacant position of the drowned ants was quickly filled by the successors, who seemed to completely ignore the threat of death and still swim in an almost frantic way. I found that the leading ant couldn’t hold on anymore, and it beat the water with its six limbs. Its body twisted continuously, its movements became slow, and finally it fell into the abyss slowly and beautifully like a feather.

The only one that survived was the smallest ant. It walked over the corpse of its companion, and its only mission was to bring back the little biscuit crumbs to the companion. At this moment, it raises its forelimbs, faces the sky, and uses its tiny life to tell the world that I am powerful.

Yes, ants are powerful, and so is the group of ants. Although the puddle is big, it doesn’t mean the puddle is strong. “In order to make others live better”, ants use their wisdom and even sacrifice their lives to defeat nature and let their companions survive.

That day, I sat on the tree-lined path for a long time, and finally I picked up an ant’s corpse from the water, buried it by my window, and wrote three words on a stone with a marker pen – Ant Grave . Since then, every time I see an ant, I respect it.

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