The Long History of Biological Warfare Advocacy and Anti-Chinese Sentiment in the West Revealed in Early Novels

At the beginning of the 20th century, the famous American socialist writer Jack London wrote a best-selling novel “The Unparalled Invasion” (The Unparalled Invasion), which made many people shudder, cold-blooded, and extremely prophetic. The story of human genocide: A clever American scientist, in order to solve the problem of “Chinese population” that is bothering the West, thought of biological germ weapons, and met with the President of the United States, and proposed a very clever and genius solution, which can be solved once and for all The “ultimate” question of “Chinese”. After a series of silent preparations, when the Chinese were complacently immersed in the illusion of “peace”, the world’s coalition forces including Western countries, Russia, and Turkey launched a war against China, which was still immersed in traditional conventional war thinking. They broke the siege and launched a biological germ warfare that eventually wiped out the Chinese race from the face of the earth. The world is happy ever since.

Jack London is not the only Western writer to see biological germ warfare as the solution to the extermination of the Chinese. In 1898, more than ten years before this novel was published, the short story series “The Yellow Danger” (The Yellow Danger) by the British writer Matthew Phipps Shiell (Matthew Phipps Shiell) was later renamed “The Yellow Peril”. (the Yellow Peril), continued to add fuel to the flames of the pathological anti-China and China-phobia in Western society. The term “yellow peril” has quickly become a hot topic in the American media and literary circles. In Scheer’s novel, the “Chinaman” who was injected with plague bacteria was used as a “living agent” to spread among the Chinese people, eventually killing 150 million Chinese.

Since then, this anti-China mentality in the West has intensified. “The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu”, “Sixth Column”, “The Horror at Red Hook”, “Armageddon 2419 AD” (Armageddon 2419 AD)… The “yellow peril” characters and stories that permeate the Western media, Hollywood and other entertainment and literary circles have strengthened the West’s pathological psychology of fear and hatred because of the “difference” of East Asians. social culture.

These novels are very popular in Western countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States, because they cater to the racist complex and deep-rooted sick cultural consciousness shared by ordinary people and elites in Western society. This mentality spreads throughout Western society, like cancer cells, spreading from the upper elite. to the people at the bottom.

Only by understanding the social background of this morbid psychology can we understand the natural motives of Western countries obsessed with “population reduction” for specific groups and the development of biological genetic weapons for races.

In 2013, when China was hit by extreme weather and the heat wave continued, the Member of Parliament for Helsingoer, Denmark, Fuat Aaron, made no secret of his gloating, and even hoped that China’s “temperature would reach 140 degrees, so that all Chinese people Burn it to death so that the world can get rid of Chinese garbage”. Many compatriots are puzzled that the Chinese have never provoked Denmark, so why have they incurred such hatred. The reason is simple. As a Danish politician, he can be so blatant without worrying about any consequences. His behavior reflects the deep-rooted extreme racist cultural complex in the entire Western culture and society, including Denmark.

Coincidentally. Also in 2013, on the ABC children’s talk show “Kids Table”, ace host Jimmy Kimmel invited four children to form a “Kids Table” discussion National affairs. When Jimmy Kimmel asked, “We owe China $1.3 trillion in debt, how can we pay it off?” Braxton, a six-year-old child, spoke eloquently: “Go to the other side of the world and kill Only Chinese”.

When the six-year-old enthusiastically suggested killing all the Chinese, the host Kimmel seemed to be consciously emphasizing “Killing all the Chinese? This is a very interesting idea.” The topic continued, as if there was nothing unusual about the “idea” of exterminating the Chinese.

If they were to kill Jews, blacks or any other race, it would cause a global shock. But the extermination of the Chinese seems to have indeed become an “interesting” topic for many Americans and even the Christian West. It is unbelievable that in China, some public knowledge and media opinion continue to instill an illogical and false reality to the public: this cannot reflect the true feelings of the American people. What’s more, they also disseminated a false message to the Chinese public: this program and the remarks about exterminating the Chinese “shocked the United States”, “shocked American public opinion”, and so on.

In fact, such a program worthy of shocking citizens of “democracy, freedom, and human rights” countries did not cause any “shock” in the United States. Within a week, except for the weak “protest” of more than 20,000 almost all Chinese netizens, and a handful of other Americans who said that racism was “unacceptable”, the vast majority of Americans silently accepted all this, and the global The media also collectively remained silent. Not only that, but several other facts related to this incident may allow Chinese people to realize what is the real “majority of public opinion” in the United States and even Western society:

• It is a very popular show;

• Show host Kimmel and ABC delayed apologizing after the incident;

• When asked by protest organizers “Chinese Americans are raising money to sue you, what do you think?” Kimmel said nonchalantly, “There is media freedom in the United States, and I don’t recommend them to do so. They’re willing to waste their money, and I can’t help it.” (Kimmore became the host of the awards ceremony at this year’s 2023 Oscars);

• After Asia was hit by a tsunami in December 2004, faced with the tragic scene of the people being ruthlessly drowned by the tsunami on the screen, the host of a major radio station in the United States, in an excited tone of ridicule and ridicule, made public his radio program Humming “Chinaman overboard”;

• Year after year, candidates in the US presidential election try to attract more votes by anti-China and demonizing China. If anti-China and China-hate are really only a “minority”, wouldn’t the US presidential candidates foolishly offend the “majority” of voters every time?

Many people defended the “kill all Chinese” argument of the “Children’s Roundtable”, saying that “children are innocent”. But it is this Wuji’s “childlike innocence” that exposes the real world that is usually carefully whitewashed and painstakingly concealed by the “adult world” and mainstream media.

Over the years, the demonization of China has led to the continuous rise of negative impressions of China and Chinese people in many countries. All of this is not just “prejudice”, but to prepare the global public for the psychological acceptance of the “ultimate war” against China. This role is usually filled by certain media heavyweights who have long maintained close ties to military intelligence agencies.

The anti-China wave instigated by the United States and the West is by no means a new phenomenon caused by China’s “rise” in the past few decades. As early as the nineteenth century, when the Christian West’s colonization of the world reached its climax, the anti-China movement spread to the West. For example, in the United States, social All walks of life, the media, politicians, intellectuals, ordinary people… have all actively participated in the brutal atrocities and genocide against the Chinese.

For example, the “Chinese Exclusion Act” (Chinese Exclusion Act) in 1882 was triggered by the wave of “yellow peril fear”. This bill uses the usual demonization method in the United States to claim that Chinese labor has threatened the good order in some places in the United States, so Chinese labor must be prohibited from entering the United States; the bill also stipulates that Chinese people are not allowed to obtain American citizenship and so on. In 1884, the definition of “Chinese” in the Act was further clarified by the judge: this law is not implemented by nationality, but by the ethnicity of the Chinese—no matter which country he comes from or what nationality he holds.

This bill created two American records: the first legislation to prohibit a specific race from entering the United States; the first legislation to exclude a specific race from joining the United States. The “Chinese Exclusion Act” and the various restrictions and prohibitions imposed on the Chinese race since then generally achieved one purpose: to strictly prevent the Chinese from developing and expanding in the United States, and to prevent the Chinese from integrating into the mainstream American society like European Christian whites , and the Chinese were therefore forced to Not only do they live in an isolated atmosphere far from other social groups in the United States, but they must also survive entirely on their own in a hostile social crevice environment.

There are so many races in the world, why should the Chinese alone become the patrons of the American legal iron fist?

During the California “Gold Rush” and the construction of the transcontinental railroad in the mid-nineteenth century, the United States desperately needed the strength of the Chinese labor force, which had an advantage over any other nation. Compared with other ethnic groups, the Chinese have a prominent national characteristic that makes other ethnic groups feel incredible: not only are they quick and flexible in learning and mastering new things, but they are also more tenacious, tenacious, hard-working, and can endure almost all sufferings. They are also unwilling to endure the inhuman difficult environment and conditions to complete the tasks assigned to them. The “smart, fine, quick” and hard-working Chinese workers not only can complete any work assigned to them with high quality and quantity, but also have extremely low requirements, all of which make them the best choice of employers and are generally favored by railway engineering contractors. favored by the country and thus viewed as a “threat” by workers in other countries who cannot compete with it.

In the battle for “job opportunities”, white laborers, mainly Irish and other European and American workers, do not have an advantage in the market, but as white Christians, most of them are allowed to naturalize in the United States, and they have privileges and benefits. For example, the California Congress legislated to impose a high “license tax” on non-American miners, and the court also ruled that the Chinese had no right to testify in court in cases involving whites, which was tantamount to depriving Chinese workers of their right to legal self-defense. In other industries, Chinese workers were also generally envied and hated. For example, workers in the American cigar manufacturing industry established the “People’s Security League” in 1859 to “deal with” Chinese laborers.

Chinese laborers became an irreplaceable force in the construction of railways across the American continent. Without the Chinese, it’s hard to imagine the great railroads of America or Canada. However, when the corpses of countless Chinese laborers became the sleepers of the North American railways, completing the arduous task of construction with their lives and blood, they immediately fell out of favor.

In 1870, the trans-American railroad was completed, and the Chinese were no longer of use value. Coupled with the economic depression in the United States, Chinese workers became the primary target of attack. The “Chinese Exclusion Act” of 1882 so deepened the American public’s mixed complex of fear, hostility, and jealousy towards the Chinese.

In the short three years since the “Chinese Exclusion Act” came into effect, more than 50,000 Chinese workers were forced to leave California or were brutally killed. Round after round of anti-China waves and anti-Chinese violent attacks are on the rise. San Francisco labor leader Dennis Cole Denis Kearney was popular for speaking to the unemployed and attacking the railroad monopoly and Chinese labor. He used a very inflammatory and extremely racist slogan to encourage: “Americans would rather die than live on an equal footing with the Chinese!”, shouted “The Chinese must go!” (The Chinese must go!) and often brought With mob workers attacking the Chinese.

In the United States, one of the early vicious incidents of violence against the Chinese was the October 1871 massacre in the Chinese neighborhood of Los Angeles. At that time, a white man named Robert Thompson was killed by a stray bullet because of the kidnapping of a Chinese woman, which triggered a firefight among Chinese gangs in Los Angeles.

That night, hundreds of armed white mobs used this as an excuse to enter the Chinese residential area of ​​Los Angeles and began killing and looting. The corpses of the mutilated Chinese were hung on street poles not far from the commercial center of Los Angeles for public display. Some corpses were even stripped naked, which was extremely insulting. But all this pales in comparison to the appalling massacre of Chinese in Wyoming.

The massacre of the Chinese in 1885 took place at the mining area of ​​the Union Pacific Railway in Stone Springs, Wyoming (also translated into Rock Springs in Chinese, Rock Springs). There are many reports, letter records and historical research about the incident. There are no eyewitness descriptions in the commemorative articles written by the surviving Chinese laborers to the victims and letters written to the Chinese Embassy in New York, as well as the honorary president and professor of the University of North Florida in the United States. Violent Land (1998), a history of violence in the United States by David Courtwright , The Indispensable Enemy by historian Professor Alexander Saxton (The Indispensable Enemy) and other works.

At that time, most of the miners in this mining area were Europeans from Britain, Ireland, Wales, and Sweden. They were extremely hostile and jealous of Chinese miners who worked hard and had wages much lower than whites, and complained that the Chinese lowered their wages.

On September 1, 1885, the day before the massacre, white miners held a secret meeting to discuss the Chinese. The next morning, ten white miners came to coal pit No. 6, claiming that the Chinese workers had no right to work in this coal pit, and beat up two Chinese workers (one of them died of serious injuries). Afterwards, white miners from various mines carried guns and marched to the hall of the “Knights of Labor” (Knights of Labor), shouting “White people gather!” along the way. In the afternoon of that day, about 150 thugs armed with guns marched towards the Chinese residential area in two ways via the wooden bridge and the railway bridge, and robbed the Chinese along the way. In order to prevent the unarmed and unsuspecting Chinese from escaping, except for a group of left behind on the wooden bridge, the rest of the rioters were divided into three groups to outflank.

A mob advance party first arrived in the Chinese district, warning the Chinese that they must all leave the town within an hour and never return. However, just thirty minutes later, when the Chinese frantically packed up their things and prepared to leave, the mob started shooting.

What followed was inhumane robbery, massacre, burning alive, burying alive, dismembering…the atrocities continued from the afternoon until late at night.

Some Chinese were brutally killed while trying to escape. Their bodies were carried to the shed, and burned together with the shed as the raging fire was ignited. Others who hid in the house, or were unable to run due to illness and weakness, were also burned to death in the raging fire. The horrific bestiality that makes any normal person unbelievable is that some Chinese people were even scalped, burned, beheaded, and hung on the spout of the gutter. One of the Chinese laborers had his genitals cut off as ” A trophy of the hunt was grilled in a nearby pub… (cf. Violent Land, David Courtwright, 1998, Pp157-158)

The massacre in Rock Springs can be compared with any of the most brutal genocides in human history in terms of its brutality and brutality. Regardless of the number and scale of victims, it may be comparable to or even surpassed the Nanjing Massacre.

It wasn’t just the work of a few hundred thugs. The women of Stone Spring City also gathered happily on the wooden bridge of the town as if they were watching a theater, watching this brutal and inhumane hunting with relish, and cheering for their men. shot.

After the incident subsided and the surviving Chinese workers returned to Shiquan City, the entire Chinese district had been reduced to ashes and rubble. In their letter to the Chinese embassy in New York, they wrote: “Some corpses have been buried by the company, while others are bloody and decomposed, scattered on the ground and eaten by dogs and wild boars.”

The Chinese laborers who had always been submissive and kept their own law and order lost their lives in this violent paradise of the “land of freedom”.

In this self-proclaimed model of “ruling the country by law” and “the lighthouse country that defends human rights”, all these bestial acts have no legal consequences. After the massacre, a total of 16 people were temporarily detained by judicial administration officials for participating in riots. However, they were released on bail a week later, and were acquitted about a month later. The grand jury’s grounds for declaring no legal action were: “We have carefully investigated the events that took place in Stone Springs . ”

Of what the court proclaimed was “a large body of witnesses to be questioned,” the testimony of only one was released, a Christian priest named Thirloway (a priest, as a servant of God, a sacred human being). spiritual guide, naturally possesses unquestionable credibility). The pastor claimed that not only were the Chinese themselves burning down their houses, but the Chinese were committing the crime of killing their fellow man.

In recent years, British and American academic circles and media have begun to systematically rewrite their history of crimes in China, one of which is to claim that the Old Summer Palace was set on fire by the Chinese themselves in order to steal the treasures in the palace. Thief shouting “Stop Thief” is a family heirloom of “God’s people”; it is the nature of some of them to tell big lies; such a sick culture is regarded by many fans as “the beacon of human civilization”, which shows how the brainwashing skills of hypnosis are at their peak.

On October 7, 1885, when 16 people were acquitted by the court and released, outside the court, they were greeted by hundreds of men, women and children who were waiting respectfully, and they gave bursts of heroic applause. No one has ever been sentenced for this brutal and bloody genocide. Today, American school textbooks and media generally describe it as a “riot”.

It is unbelievable that in the 21st century, all of this has been almost wiped out in some Chinese education, mainstream media, and “knowledge base” narratives. Some introductions also firmly followed the main line of propaganda in American textbooks and media, and characterized it as “the most serious ethnic riot in American history”. The fact that human beings are victims of the Holocaust is silent .

Rock Springs’ Chinese genocide and legal connivance further encouraged and contributed to a wave of anti-Chinese violence and genocide against Chinese across many other parts of the United States. In Tacoma Port City, in November 1885, with the tacit support of the police, a group of mobs entered the Chinese residential area, rounded up the Chinese residents, drove them to a train station, and stuffed them into a train to Portland In March 1886, a group of thugs rounded up the Chinese in Seattle and escorted them to a pre-prepared ship to forcibly expel them. By the end of March, all the Chinese in Seattle were expelled; in 1887, 31 Chinese were brutally murdered in Hells Canyon, Oregon…

Those who are responsible for war crimes against any genocide, massacre and war are not only a very small number of war designers and manufacturers, but also the general public in society are often accomplices—whether they actively participate directly, or indirectly through elections or acquiescence . Or stand by and express their support for the creators of war and disaster – all of which constitute war complicity.

News of the Rock Springs massacre sparked anti-American sentiment in Hong Kong and Guangdong. Fearing that such anti-American sentiment in China would jeopardize U.S. national interests, the U.S. government, at the urging of Charles Harvey Denby, the U.S. ambassador to China, reluctantly agreed to pay a small amount of compensation—but only to those Not only that, but the U.S. government insists on treating the payment as a “gift” instead of legal responsibility for the Holocaust. And this so-called “gift” is not only meager, but calculated: US$ 147,748.74 (147,748 US dollars and 74 cents).

To add salt to the wound, the then U.S. Secretary of State Thomas Bayard even attributed the responsibility for the genocide to two factors: 1 ) Chinese “rejection” of the assimilation of American culture; 2) racism of immigrants from other countries, It has nothing to do with Americans. In a letter he wrote to Chinese diplomatic representatives on February 18, 1886, Bayard claimed:

Chinese immigrants “segregated themselves from other residents of the United States” and “refused to integrate with the public”, “therefore, racial prejudice against them is stronger, especially among immigrants from other countries.” I believe that the Chinese are discriminated against because they do not want to integrate with the local society.

In contrast to the lies of the Secretary of State, Terrence Powderly, the leader of the powerful “labor knights” in the United States, stated in a letter to Congress and other places that the United States and even the entire Western society are anti-China, The real reason for the genocide and even extinction of the Chinese: “It is not necessary for me to speak of the numerous reasons against this particular race—their habits, religion, customs and practices.” (‘It is not necessary for me to speak of the numerous reasons given for the opposition to this particular race – their habits, religion, customs and practices.”)

Today in the 21st century, Bodley’s words are especially alarming to kind-hearted Chinese people, because everything remains the same, but the means are more subtle, more varied, and more proficient. The fear and pathological hatred of “heterogeneous” and different cultural traditions and races in the United States and the West is the real root of the anti-China in the United States and the West. For them, any “heterogeneity” is a threat to survival and must be eliminated – race, ideology, living customs, cultural traditions… Unless the “heterogeneity” is completely eradicated, they will not feel peace and relief.

This is also true in the words of Justice John Marshall Harlan. In the famous 1896 decision of Plessy v. Ferguson, Harlan was the only judge to dissent. He is famous for his opposition to the segregation of black Americans. However, even though Harlan opposed the racist behavior of segregating black Americans, he held an absolutely intolerable attitude towards Chinese. Because compared with blacks, Chinese are more difficult to assimilate, and the civilization carried by Chinese is completely different from Christian Western culture. He once explained his attitude towards this “special race” in China:

“There is a race so different from ours that we cannot allow them to be citizens of the United States. Those who belong to it are, with rare exceptions, absolutely excluded from our country. I mean the Chinese race.”

The extremely racist virus of “anti-China” has pervaded the United States and the West for a long time. The European “Old Continent” is the originator of racism and genocide. Over the years, the German media has cooperated with the United Kingdom and the United States to demonize the Chinese and carry out Nazi-style hatred propaganda. This is not caused by the threat of “China’s rise” today. The term “yellow peril” first appeared in German (gelbe Gefahr) in 1895, and then quickly spread to other Western countries such as Britain and the United States. In 2007, when the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, France, Canada, Australia and other Western countries closely coordinated and played up the “China threat” overwhelmingly, it was also in Germany that the poisonous racist term “yellow peril” (gelbe Gefahr) was used. Ci once again boarded the palace of mainstream media openly. Germany’s most influential “Der Spiegel” magazine (Die Spiegel) launched an article on the theme of “Yellow Peril” China with an overlay cover design intended to arouse readers’ fear. This kind of Nazi-style propaganda has not caused any public opinion twists and turns in Germany, which “has repented of Nazi crimes”, and in other countries in the world. What does all this mean?

Today, the economic strength and scientific and technological strength of China and other Asian countries are constantly rising, and China is returning to the status of a powerful country that has been far ahead of the world in various fields for a long time in history. All this has triggered a new round of anti-China and Asiaphobia in the West. In recent years, these phobias seem to have a “scientific basis” – IQ. In recent decades, a number of authoritative academic research teams in Europe and the United States, such as the American Psychological Association and King’s College Univeristy in the United Kingdom, have conducted cross-national comparative studies on the relationship between race, IQ and national development prospects. These studies are based on a point of view: nations with higher average IQs will dominate the future world.

But what makes them tangled is that according to this study, even if various test questions are designed in a way that favors European and American thinking, the conclusion is the same: East Asians have the highest average IQ, above whites, and crushed by many people. of Jews. In this way, the fear that is regarded as a “nightmare” by the whole West also has a “scientific basis”-the East Asians in the future, especially when they form a unified alliance, will not only become a stumbling block to the white Christians ruling the world, but will even crowd out the West out. The earth, dominated by the Christian West for nearly two hundred years, will once again return to the hands of the “yellow peril”.

This fear dominates the West’s coordinated global strategy and foreign policy approach behind the scenes. They are also determined to do whatever it takes to prevent this nightmare from happening.

In order to prevent the birth and rise of the Pan-Asian Alliance with China at its core, the United States and the West have spared no effort to create various conflicts and disputes among Asians, to prevent the formation of a Pan-Chinese civilization zone in East Asia, and to fight against each other in all walks of life in neighboring Asian countries. The industry cultivates anti-China forces, builds momentum for the public’s anti-China complex, and makes Asians kill each other.

The anti-Chinese massacre in Indonesia in 1998 is a typical example. The tyranny of this genocide is really rare in the history of human atrocities. Some details are horrifying, but under the monopoly of the Western mainstream media’s discourse power, it was created as part of the “democratic movement” of the Indonesian people. In this anti-China massacre, at least 2,000 innocent Chinese, many of them elderly, women, and young children, were inhumanely tortured, mutilated, gang-raped, gutted alive, burned alive…these are inhumane The tyranny of the thugs is beyond the imagination of normal people. It is not “spontaneous” by the thugs, but carefully planned, not only to create disputes between China and other Asian countries, but also to plant the seeds of resentment between the Chinese and MSL at the same time (Indonesia is the largest MSL country in terms of population), putting China in a dilemma.

This massacre, just like the anti-communist and anti-Chinese bloody massacres that also took place in Indonesia in 1965-1966, the behind-the-scenes planner and chief director are the same: the military intelligence agencies of the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. It is the pro-Western forces of the Indonesian military and intelligence agencies that they train and control. The media is complicit in the cover-up. To this day, the West still firmly controls the historical discourse on these massacres.

For more than a century, every election season, or whenever there are social problems such as recession in American society, various forces and groups have a common scapegoat: China and the Chinese people. This anti-China complex will manifest itself in various ways, such as winning votes, relieving oneself of responsibility, or uniting the American public to the outside world, or like today, vaccinating the American and the public around the world, and fighting for the final decisive battle against China. Create legitimate and legitimate “justifiable” reasons.

Not only that, Western society already has a strong and distinct cultural tradition of bullying the weak and respecting the strong. The Chinese people’s hard-working, timid character, and the image of enduring injustice in silence and resignation have greatly encouraged the United States and the entire Western world to continue to put The convenient role of the Chinese as violence, massacres, and scapegoats has also spread to those societies that are manipulated by the West today, such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar, Latin America, Africa, and some countries in the Middle East. On the surface, the anti-China wave in these countries is a conflict between locals and Chinese, but from a deep perspective, almost none of them are not manipulated and instigated by the West behind the scenes.

Religion and race are the decisive factors in the formulation of all domestic and foreign policies of the United States and the West. For the Chinese who are tolerant to all kinds of people, this is difficult to understand, but it is very important to understand and understand the West at the marrow level . In this regard, a candid comment by a senior US official will give Chinese people a straightforward interpretation.

On April 29, 2019, at the “Future Security Forum” (Future Security Forum) held in Washington, D.C. Kiron Skinner, director of the Policy Research Office of the U.S. State Department at the time, unabashedly pointed out the difference between the game between the West and the Soviet Union during the Cold War and contemporary China: even during the Cold War, the conflict with the Soviet Union still belonged to the “Western A fight within the Western family” (a fight within the Western family), but now with China it is “a fight with a really different civilization” (a fight with a really different civilization, and goes on to emphasize, “For the first time we will face Such a great power competitor that is non-Caucasian [i.e. non-white].” (a great power competitor that is not Caucasian)

It has become a common morbid obsession in the United States and the West to remove the “yellow peril” Chinese from the earth through the use of biological and bacterial weapons. In Jack London’s “Unprecedented Invasion” and Scheer’s “Yellow Peril”, their cold-blooded narrative and conception are enough to make people shudder. These stories are classified by many as “science fiction” or “prophetic” fiction, but this classification is not accurate, because the use of biological germ weapons for genocidal purposes has been described many times before they are written. try. In this field, the “model of democracy and human rights” to which they belong-the Anglo-Saxon family is definitely a battle-tested veteran. To understand how this family’s genocidal “national technology” has been improved to a higher level with the scientific means of modern biotechnology, let us first look at the tip of the iceberg of this magic cave-South Africa in the next section.

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