The Importance of Inner Simplicity and Clarity in a World of Distraction

Strangely enough, people are easily influenced by their environment . We need a friendly tension, a warm, caring feeling. Only in this environment can we grow freely.
However, few people have this kind of environment, and most people will encounter various obstacles in the process of growing up, both physically and mentally.

I am amazed that you are not corrupted, not distorted in that environment. I know why: on the outside, you adjusted yourself as quickly as you could; on the inside, you chose to let yourself sleep.

It is this inner disregard that saves you. If you are overly sensitive and at the same time allow your inner self to wake up, you will likely be overwhelmed, you will face conflict, you will break down, and you will leave scars in the process of growth.

And if your heart is awakened, but clear and clear, the conflict between you and the environment will no longer exist.

In fact, conflict is the root of distortion. If you can keep your inner alertness and awareness at all times, and can properly adjust yourself to external things, you will never be harmed.

External substitutes quickly wither and wither. Even owning just a few things can be tacky. The desire for power is worldly, no matter what form of power it takes: that of a fakir, of a financier, of a politician, or of a pope.

The desire for power can make a person more ruthless and self-focused. This self-inflated aggressiveness is worldly in nature. Humility is simplicity, but cultivated humility is another form of worldliness.

Few of us are aware of the changes, frustrations, conflicts and distortions within ourselves. Even if they are aware of it, they will ignore it or avoid it deliberately. You don’t do it, and I don’t think you would either.

Yet it is also dangerous to focus too much on your own thoughts and emotions. We must be aware of our own thoughts and emotions, but we should not allow ourselves to be anxious or stressed about them.

Your life has truly changed, and you should be able to become very aware of your thoughts and emotions—release them, don’t censor them, and don’t suppress them.

It doesn’t matter whether it is gentle or violent, let them flow out naturally, as long as you can recognize them clearly.

Do you also have a lot of desires, has your heart been occupied by desires?

The world is beautiful, but we are always running away because of our worship, prayer, love and fear. We don’t know whether we are rich or poor, and we never go deep within ourselves to discover the “truth”. We exist only on the superficial level, satisfied with the little things, sad or happy over the little things that are not worth mentioning.

There are small questions in our small minds, we use our small minds to find small answers, and our lives go through these small day after day. If we don’t love, even if we love, we will be worried and confused, and we will be accompanied by sorrow and longing.

I was thinking how important it is to be innocent and have a pure heart .

All kinds of experiences are inevitable and possibly necessary. Life is made up of a series of experiences, but our hearts should not be burdened with endless longing. It is able to erase all experiences and keep oneself innocent without any burden.

This is very important, otherwise our hearts will never remain fresh, alert and soft. “How” to keep our hearts soft is not the question, “how” is a search for a method, but methods can never keep our hearts pure. Method can make the mind methodical, but it can never make it innocent and creative.

It started raining yesterday afternoon and turned into a downpour in the evening. I’ve never heard a sound like that. It was as if the sky had opened a hole. The sound of rain brings an extraordinary sense of tranquility, which contains a weight that cannot be ignored, a weight that pours from the sky to the earth.

It is always very difficult to keep the inner clarity .
It’s a success-obsessed world: bigger is better; the bigger the audience, the greater the speaker; there’s skyscrapers, cars, planes, and people. Simplicity no longer exists.

The winners are not those who are building a new world.

Those who are truly committed to change need to completely change their minds, but there are very few people who are willing to truly release themselves.

We can chop off the “surface roots,” but words, methods, and impulses alone cannot pull out the roots that nourish mediocrity and achievement. Those who can do this seem to be very few, but only they are the real creators, and everyone else’s efforts are in vain.

We are always comparing, comparing with who we are now, with who we should be, and with people who are luckier than ourselves.

Comparison kills, corrupts, distorts our vision. We grew up comparing ourselves to each other, all our education is attached to it, and so is our culture. As a result, we are constantly struggling to be someone other than who we are.

Knowing who we really are can lead to creativity. Comparisons only fuel competition, cruelty, and ambition—the very things we think lead to progress.

Yet these so-called advances have brought only more relentless, unprecedented wars and misfortunes. Letting children grow up in an environment without comparison is the real education.

Writing these things seems weird and unnecessary. What really matters is here, and you are there. Real things are always alike, so there is neither writing nor speaking. Writing and speaking like this only distorts and destroys the truth.

A lot of the things people talk about have nothing to do with the facts. This urge for gratification has ruined many people, in ways big and small.

There are many ways to satisfy the impulse, however, when satisfied, those deeper things disappear.

That’s how it happens most of the time, isn’t it?

Although the satisfaction of desires can bring us a lot of enjoyment, it is such a small thing. The result of the continual gratification of desires can only be routine, nothing but boredom, nothing but the gradual disappearance of truth.

If we do not deliberately pursue the satisfaction of desires, but recognize the truth, we will understand that only the truth must be preserved, and only the truth is miraculous.

We are rarely alone , always with other people, and there are always thoughts running through our heads, expectations unfulfilled or about to be fulfilled—and memories.

To keep ourselves unaffected, to keep things untainted , we have to be alone . But we always seem to have no time to be alone, we have too many things to do, too many responsibilities to shoulder, and so on.

However, it has become a very necessary thing to learn to quiet yourself, learn to shut yourself in the room, and learn to relax your brain.

Love is part of this solitude . To ignite the flame of love, you must make yourself simple and clear, you must maintain inner peace.

Many things may not be easy, and the more we demand of life, the more terrible and painful it becomes. Although all people and things are trying to influence us, we still have to live simply, or not be affected.

Avoiding mood swings and changing needs is not easy, but without a deep and serene life, all things will come to naught.

The blue sky is so clear, so vast, unaffected by time, without the limitation of space. Distance and space are products of the mind, here and there are facts, but under the impulse of desire they become psychological factors.

The mind is a strange phenomenon, it is so complex, these impulses bring conflict and pain, resistance and demands. It is very difficult to be aware of these urges, to brush past them without getting entangled in them.

Life is like a flowing river , and the mind is like a big net, eager to catch some things in this river and discard others.

This big net should not exist. This web is woven by time and space, and it creates this side and the other side, happiness and misfortune.

Our mind has to belong, it struggles to be this or that, but it can never be empty. If “emptiness” is a new experience, our mind must have this experience, and trying to keep the mind at peace is still a kind of greed. Our minds must rise above all effort before we can…
Such is the emptiness with which we live , that in spite of all the activities in which we live–in business, in speculation, in meditation, in pain and in pleasure–our lives are emptiness nonetheless.
If a person is stripped of his status, power and money, what is left of him? From the outside, he has so much to show off, but inside he is empty and superficial.

We cannot have both outer and inner wealth at the same time.

Inner wealth is far more important than outer wealth. External wealth can be stripped away, and external events can destroy all that we have carefully built. But the richness of the heart is not corroded, and nothing can touch them.

People’s desire for gratification is so strong that they will stop at nothing to get it. This kind of satisfaction is what people depend on for a living. If they are not satisfied in one direction, they will try another direction.

However, does contentment really exist? Satisfaction may somehow make people feel good, but it will soon disappear, so we have to go on the road to find again.

Once the nature of desire is understood, the question of “satisfaction” ceases to exist. Desire is the effort to be different, and once we stop wanting to be something, we stop wanting to be satisfied.

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