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The Hidden Price Behind Wealth and Success

Author Robert Kiyosaki said: Most people want to become rich, but only 1% of people can become rich.


Before solving this doubt, he first described the birth process of pearls.

A grain of sand is inadvertently swallowed by a pearl oyster, then wrapped in its secretions, and eventually accumulates to form a pearl.

From an ordinary grain of sand to a bright pearl, it has endured dark years and experienced extraordinary pain.

The same is true of the birth process of the rich.

Only when a person has experienced the pain of being reborn can he become a rich man.

This world is fair, if you want to gain more wealth, you have to bear the corresponding price.


the price of loneliness

The documentary “Becoming Warren Buffett” records Buffett’s early experiences.

During college, the students were thrown into the frenzy of adolescence and participated in various fraternities.

Buffett hid in the library alone and read all the books on financial investment.

After graduating, Buffett became a private equity investor. He spent most of his time alone in the office.

Outside of work, he hardly has any social activities.

In this regard, his wife Susan commented: He is a genius, and geniuses are lonely and independent.

After becoming famous, Buffett gave up living in the bustling city center of New York and returned to the remote town of Omaha.

The biggest advantage of living in Omaha is that no one will come to visit frequently.

He gets up on time every day and spends a lot of time reading various news, financial reports and books.

That’s right, abandoning low-level entertainment, enduring loneliness, and maintaining lifelong learning are Buffett’s secrets to getting rich.

There is a saying that goes well: Loneliness makes people learn rationality and makes people more independent, and the strong often have to experience the loneliness of being overwhelmed by heights.

In this world, there are too many people who want to become stronger and richer.

But most people end in failure because they can’t bear the tempering of loneliness.

When it comes to the writer Anai, many people are unfamiliar with it.

But you must have watched the hit dramas “Dajiang Dahe”, “Ode to Joy” and “Everything is Good” adapted from her works.

Anai has been in the literary world for 19 years, has not accepted any TV interviews, and has not held a signing event, and was named “China’s most low-key writer”.

While others were toasting and drinking, she quietly hid at home reading and typing.

More than ten years of solitary precipitation made her writing more mature and gained a large number of loyal readers.

With the explosion of works and the increase in popularity, Anai’s royalties have also increased.

Schopenhauer said: Either lonely, or vulgar.

Only by enduring what ordinary people can’t bear can we do what ordinary people can’t do.

If you can endure loneliness, you can afford prosperity.


The price of suffering

Feng Lun said: Greatness comes from hard work.

For a person who has achieved outstanding achievements, he has to endure the grievances that ordinary people cannot bear, and he has to endure the hardships that ordinary people cannot bear.

Momofuku Ando, ​​the “Father of Instant Noodles”, was in the knitwear business in his early years.

Due to the bombing of the Allied forces in World War II, his office and factory were destroyed and he had to declare bankruptcy.

Momofuku Ando later started to run a department store, but due to lack of funds and business mistakes, he went bankrupt again.

More than 20 years of ups and downs have not defeated Ando. He picked himself up and was ready to invent a portable brewed pasta.

He built a simple hut in his backyard, only rested for 4 hours a day, and began to study “noodles” alone.

During those days, it was simply torment.

After repeated experiments and subtle progress, Ando gradually solved the problems of noodle preservation, brewing and related ingredients.

Finally, he spent a year developing chicken soup ramen, which is the world’s first “instant noodle”.

Talents are born, skills are forced out.

Every outstanding person has to go through a period of gloomy and painful time after encountering failure or blow.

Behind all success, there are hard-working days; behind all brilliance, there are unknown hardships.

Entrepreneur Yu Donglai opened a cigarette shop in his early years. Because he trusted others to be in debt of 300,000 yuan, his first venture failed.

But Yu Donglai was not discouraged, and he regrouped and opened a 40-square-meter supermarket, named Fat Moon Building.

Seeing that the business was booming day by day, and the debts owed were paid off, but fate gave another heavy hammer.

In 1998, a merciless fire burned the Fat Moon Tower to ashes.

In the agony, Yu Donglai wavered, but decided to fight again. Soon after, he opened the second supermarket “Pang Dong Lai” in Xuchang.

Because of its high quality and low price and considerate service, it attracted a large number of loyal customers, and soon opened more than 30 chain stores.

Romain Rolland wrote in “Biography of Celebrities” that the suffering a person suffers is often directly proportional to the happiness he gains.

The energy in this world is conserved. If you want to get something, you need to pay something equivalent in exchange.

Those days and nights you have survived, those days and nights you have not let go of yourself, are the bargaining chips you hold in the palm of your hand to exchange wealth.


The price of low desire

Yang Lan once said that a happy life will not fall from the sky, and only by learning to save can we have the capital to support the future.

Some people can’t wait to enjoy a luxurious life after making money.

Some people will endure temporary poverty and save money to exchange for greater wealth later.

This is the key to widening the wealth gap for ordinary people.

American entrepreneur Thomas Straw started a small business in his early years, earning a living by selling fruits and newspapers.

The business was thinly profitable, but he saved every penny he earned.

He pursues a consumption principle: where money should be spent, thousands of dollars should be spent, and where money should not be spent, every penny should be saved.

He wore cheap clothes, drove an old car, and lived in a small apartment.

In this way, he saved his first capital to start a business and opened a home appliance store in Atlanta.

After earning money, he still maintains a frugal living habit.

When he realized the potential of chain operation, he took all his savings and opened several branches in one go, forming a chain brand.

Writer Lian Yue said:

“Saving is the first step to becoming rich. After you have a certain amount of savings, you can start the second step-investment.

Our road to wealth and happiness must start with savings. Savings are always the mindset of the rich. ”

Restrain consumption desire and learn to delay gratification.

The balance you keep in the card gives you a sense of security and also hides your chance to break through the bottleneck.

There is a girl named Liu Ran in Shanghai who has been pursuing a low-consumption lifestyle since graduation.

She wore discounted clothes, ordered takeaway for no more than 20 yuan, and worked overtime until ten o’clock for free working meals.

She said: Low consumption has reduced my desire for material things, but it will not reduce my pursuit of self-realization.

She used the money she saved to get an MBA.

When many people were complaining about the downturn in the industry and the fact that money was getting harder and harder to earn, she was picked by a headhunting company after graduating from an MBA, and went to a head consulting company, earning a million-year salary.

Pursuing instant gratification and advanced consumption will only make you go further and further on the road of “exquisite poverty”.

Control your desire to buy, and the accumulated money may be the starting capital for starting a business when you encounter a career crisis.

Only when a person can endure a life with low desire can he usher in a more abundant life.

Charlie Munger said this:

“The surest way to get something you want is to make yourself worthy of it.”

Anything expensive must have been bought with great hardship and pain.

All the upward paths are tortuous and difficult, so you must grit your teeth and hold on.

Please believe that all the suffering will turn into a powerful force to help you fly over the adverse current.

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