The Freedom of Travel: An Escape from the Mundane

  I’m not a person who likes to travel, I find it troublesome. Traveling is an opposition to everyday life without all the hassle to consider. First, the work is stripped away, and then the familiarity is stripped away. In the end, you do know that you are wandering in a strange place, and everything before is extremely far away from you. That is the feeling of freedom.
  On weekdays, a person can’t help but think that I can do it when I have money, I can do it when I change my job, I can do it when I buy a big house, and I can do it when I get a new car… This is based on Having freedom as the basis, thinking that once you have something, your mind will be less bound and more free. Traveling is like a knife. It cuts off these delusions directly. Not only do you not get these things, but you lose everything you have and are familiar with around you. At this time, people will feel lighter instead, not because of the scenery and customs.
  Once I passed by the French Riviera Villefranche, the car parked on the mountain road, overlooking the blue water and white sails around the city. The French park here to urinate, so the air smells strongly of ammonia. Fortunately, the sea and land winds were so strong that it made people feel dazed. At that time, I had two thoughts. One thought was that everything in front of me was so beautiful that it was unreal. How could there be so many layers of blue? The other thought is that everything in front of me has nothing to do with me, that there is some kind of life here, quite different from mine, but that I am not in any of them now.
  So for a moment, the wind blows my soul out of my body. I don’t want to get on the car immediately and go down the mountain to enter the city, nor do I want to look back at everything behind me, which has nothing to do with me. So I stood in the wind, feeling a kind of freedom with the smell of ammonia, more and more feeling the infinite stretch of time and space. Relying on the smell of ammonia to hold me in the world.
  This kind of feeling is hard to find in life, even in the circle of friends. I see that although many people are recording their journeys, they are nothing more than changing from one coffee shop to another, from one cafeteria to another, and “Internet celebrities” are the best teachers , no need to assign homework, people consciously learn their choices, their postures, and even the angles they have used, and then engrave it again in front of the mobile phone camera. There is an invisible hand controlling everything. For many people, travel also means format and norms. There is no aimless wandering, only cloze.
  I think for most people, going to a new place is enough to be happy about. Some of them are looking for a place outside of life, where they can find their ideal life. Therefore, some people will go to Dali again and again, and some people will go to Hainan again and again. They are not traveling, but returning, thinking that they should have some kind of quiet pastoral life. What is reality? The reality is that the airborne mistake in reincarnation landed in the wrong place and needs to be corrected by travel.
  Everyone has different expectations and understandings of travel. But everyone’s situation is similar, that is, I haven’t traveled for a long time, and I want to go somewhere. After so much not allowing, need to find a place to feel what it feels like to allow everything. You don’t even need to feel it, it’s good to find a place to sit down, because it’s a luxury not to think about anything, like a sudden absolution of some kind of obligation.
  Not sure if you’ve seen Pillars of Cloud during your travels. It’s the kind of summer afternoon when you’re on the beach somewhere, or somewhere in the mountains, and you see huge cloud pillars rising in the sky, towering between the sky and the earth, some cloud pillars will rain at the edge, and the ground will turn into fog A blurry blur. Staring at these cloud pillars formed by water vapor for a long time, you will feel that it becomes solid and heavy little by little, and finally becomes some kind of solid, as if it has been there for a long time. The sky and the earth were originally together, and it was the pillars of cloud that propped up the sky and firmly covered the world.
  At the same time, there is a voice reminding loudly in your heart: all are liquid droplets, all are gas, and they will disperse with the wind. So could it be that the thing we call life, seemingly indestructible and forever, is also because we stare at it for too long? And travel is a slight disturbance, which makes this indestructible crack open a gap, let the heart fly out, and let the light shine in?

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