The Elaborate Prank that Frightened a Troubled Neighbor – When an Obsession with Dolls Went Too Far

   Japanese youth Maeda Tsukasa ordered a simulation doll from the Internet as a substitute for the girl he had a crush on. Not long after, the girl had a car accident, and the injured part was the same as the one where Maeda Tsukasa accidentally injured the doll one day. exactly the same. Not long after, he bought a new doll that resembled the new neighbor girl. One night, Tsukasa Maeda woke up, only to find his neighbor’s corpse lying next to him bloodied… A 28-year-old young
  man who has a crush on a female colleague who buys imitation dolls
   and works as an artist in a design company in Tokyo has recently fallen into an emotional trough. Because the girl he likes is going to get married soon.
   Maeda Division is an inconspicuous employee in the design department. He is unremarkable, introverted and quiet, making his existence almost invisible. In March 2021, since he met his new colleague from the HR department, Riko Fukuyama, he has fallen in love with this beautiful girl deeply. But Maeda Division has never dared to show this kind of love.
   One day in December 2021, Tsukasa Maeda was drinking water in the lounge, and overheard Riko Fukuyama chatting with a female colleague she had met with. She told her colleague happily and shyly that she was getting married, and that her fiancé was a college classmate and fell in love. It has been 4 years now. Hearing the news, Maeda Si was heartbroken, but he still didn’t dare to say anything, and he didn’t dare to show his disappointment on his face, he just sat there in a daze.
   That night, Maeda went to the tavern for the first time and got very drunk. It was 1 o’clock in the morning, and he stumbled home, lying on the bed with his clothes on, his mind was full of Fukuyama Riko, her pretty face, her soft voice… Maeda sat up suddenly, feeling a severe headache, But I couldn’t sleep anymore.
   Maeda turned on the computer and browsed the web aimlessly. He randomly clicked on one link after another, and saw some weird websites. Suddenly, he accidentally entered a website that sells artificial dolls. The pictures on the page are all high-definition portraits of dolls. There are men and women, especially female dolls. Looking at it, the doll in the picture turned into the appearance of Fukuyama Riko. Tsukasa Maeda swallowed, trembling, and clicked the button to communicate with customer service.
   Although it was early in the morning, there was still customer service online. Mr. Maeda was very excited and asked: “Can you provide customized services?” The customer service was polite and replied: “Yes, our customization is divided into three different types. The first One is to customize according to the measurements and hair color information provided by the customer; the second is to customize according to facial details. The price difference between the two is not too big. The third is a combination of the first two, which must reach The customer’s requirements are extreme, and of course the price of this kind of customization is far higher than the first two.” After careful
   consideration, Maeda thought that customization would take too long, so he decided to buy a standard version of the doll first, and he chose one among the many models Most similar to Fukuyama Riko.
   Three days later, Maeda Division received the doll by courier. The doll is about two-thirds the size of a real person, and it is exactly as described on the website. Every detail is extremely realistic, the hair is soft and elegant, the eyelashes on the black pupils are clearly visible, and the skin looks like it is blown torn, and it feels to the touch. excellent. When the doll was delivered, he was wearing a western suit, and Tsukasa Maeda remembered that Riko Fukuyama had worn a similar suit. He clumsily combed the doll’s hairstyle that Riko Fukuyama used to do, and then sat with it facing him. Slowly, Tsukasa Maeda became more and more excited as he watched. He tremblingly unbuttoned the doll “Riko Fukuyama” and held it in his arms… For the next few days,
   Tsukasa Maeda went to work during the day and faced real Fukuyama Riko still dared not speak, but at night he was intimate with the puppet “Riko Fukuyama” in every possible way. He vented his longing for Riko Fukuyama to the puppet, and the sadness in his heart seemed to have disappeared.
   Until the day before Fukuyama Riko’s wedding, many colleagues in the company received the wedding invitation, but Maeda Tsukasa did not receive it, because he has always had no sense of presence in the company. Maeda suddenly felt a little angry, and the feeling of grief returned. He went to the tavern again to get drunk, and when he returned home drunk, he saw the puppet leaning against the bed at a glance. He threw himself at the puppet fiercely and tore all its clothes to pieces. After venting violently, Maeda discovered that the doll’s hair had been hanging on the steel pillar beside the bed at some point, and its face was also scratched, and the scratches were quite conspicuous. Maeda suddenly felt guilty, and quickly got up to clean it up.
   A week later, Maeda received a shocking news from his colleagues in the company: Riko Fukuyama was involved in a car accident while on her honeymoon abroad, her face was severely scratched, and her husband died on the spot. Maeda Tsukasa was very sad, and when he thought of his doll again, he couldn’t help but feel a chill in his body.
  The beautiful female neighbor showed her love drunk late at night
   . Riko Fukuyama never returned to the company. Maeda was very disappointed, and never touched the doll at home again. He repaired the doll, bought it a set of beautiful clothes, put it in a box, and stuffed it in the deepest part of the closet.
   One day after more than half a month, Maeda discovered that a new neighbor had moved in next door. The new neighbor is a fashionable girl with burgundy dyed hair. She is very beautiful and charming, and she is completely different from Fukuyama Riko. Maeda Si didn’t pay much attention to it, but he saw this neighbor whose name he didn’t know in his sleep that night.
   The new neighbor is very lively. He met Maeda in the corridor several times and always greeted him happily, but Maeda was still the same, just bowed his head in return and walked away timidly. Over time, Maeda found that he seemed to like this girl named Yuan Mako, but he still didn’t dare to talk to her, so what happened a few months ago happened again: Maeda went to that doll website again and bought a doll , this time he spent a lot of money to customize one that looked exactly like Yuan Mako.
   When the doll was sent to Maeda Si’s house, it happened that Genmako happened to go out, so she came over curiously and asked a few words. Maeda didn’t dare to say more, he hurriedly carried the box into the room and locked the door.
   In the following days, Maeda spent a lot of thought on the puppet “Minako Minamoto”. He secretly observes Yuan Mako’s daily life, and buys clothes for the doll according to her appearance. Minamoto Mako is a fashionable girl, and her hairstyle and hair color often change, and Maeda Tsukasa bought several different wigs accordingly. At first he treated the puppet with courtesy and manners, but after a long time, the strange emotion in his heart rose again. One night, Maeda Si drank a few glasses of wine to strengthen his courage, and vented his full desire on the doll in the dark room with the curtains drawn. When he met Genmako the next day, Maeda was so ashamed that he couldn’t bear to face her warm greeting, but he turned a deaf ear to her and got into the elevator in embarrassment.
   Maeda Tsukasa desperately suppressed himself, but sometimes this suppression didn’t work. One afternoon in June 2022, Maeda suddenly felt hot at home, and the surging emotions made him feel like he was sitting on pins and needles. Finally, he got up and walked towards the doll… When he was immersed in wanton joy, suddenly the room A white light flashed past Maeda Tsukasa’s eyes.
   Maeda was taken aback, and looked along the source of the light, and found that the curtains of the rear window were not closed tightly, and there seemed to be a figure flashing past outside the window. Maeda Si had ghosts in his heart, so he was terrified at that time. He quickly dressed, arranged the doll’s clothes and makeup, closed the curtains, and sat in the room in a daze.

   That night, Maeda suffered from insomnia, and he tossed and turned in bed. Suddenly, the computer that had been turned off suddenly turned on, and some pictures appeared on the screen flying around. Maeda Si felt terrified, got up and turned off the switch in the room, and the computer suddenly went black. I don’t know how long it took before Maeda, who was still in shock, fell asleep exhausted.
   For the next few days, Maeda Tsukasa was particularly afraid of meeting Genmako. It’s strange to say, as if Tian fulfilled his wish, Maeda Si really didn’t see her. But one day after get off work, Maeda returned home and found that the painting hanging on the bedside fell off and hit the doll’s body, and the broken glass even scratched the doll’s arm. Thinking of what happened to Fukuyama Riko before, Maeda was a little scared, so he ran to the building administrator to ask. “You mean Ms. Yuan who lives in 612? She returned to her hometown and left a copy of the key with me. Mr. Maeda Si is really a good person!” the administrator replied. Only then did Maeda put down the big stone in his heart.
   A few days later, Maeda finally saw the long-lost Yuan Mako. She was moving things with a few friends. Seeing Yuan Mako’s expression was not unusual, he unexpectedly went over to say hello uncharacteristically: “You Is this going to be moved?” Yuan Mako said with a smile: “No, some things I don’t need at my friend’s house, I think they can still be used, so I moved here.” Maeda smiled and returned to his room.
   Half an hour later, someone knocked on the door, and it was Minamoto Mako who invited Maeda Tsukasa to go to KTV for a drink. Maeda Tsukasa didn’t know where the courage came from, but he agreed, so he drank with Yuan Mako and a few of her young friends all night. When returning home late at night, Maeda Tsukasa and Minamoto Mako walked together, both of them were drunk and staggered home.
   Yuan Mako leaned against the door of Maeda Division, looking at Maeda Division enthusiastically: “Mr. Maeda Division is not good-looking, but he is a good person through and through. I heard from the administrator, because I haven’t seen him for a few days Me, afraid that something might happen to me, Mr. Maeda went to ask me about my situation. Then please accept my thanks.” Minato Makoto stared straight at Maeda with blindfolded eyes, provocatively Metaphor.
   Maeda Siben had a strange feeling for her. Seeing this scene, he opened the door in a panic, hugged Yuan Mako and walked in.
   He drank too much alcohol, and when he woke up, Maeda still felt uncomfortable. He looked down and saw that he was naked, and then looked to the side, and found Mako Minamoto lying next to him covered in blood. He didn’t know when he had passed away !
   Maeda Si screamed in fright, rolled and got out of bed, and stood naked in the middle of the room trembling. After a long time, he had the courage to feel the pulse in Tanyuan Mako’s neck. Although his body was still soft, there was no pulse at all.
   A knife was stuck in Yuan Mako’s chest, blood stained half of the bed. Maeda looked around, the doors and windows were closed, but the puppet was lying on the ground, with the same knife stabbed obliquely into it.
   Maeda wanted to call the police, but felt that he must be the biggest suspect. After much deliberation, he dragged out an old suitcase…
  The murderous horror was the neighbor’s revenge.
   Putting Genmako’s body in the suitcase, Maeda Tsukasa was paralyzed and could barely walk. He forced his composure to use the garbage truck in the back alley to transport the suitcase to another garbage collection station half an hour away, and then stumbled back home.
   Maeda Tsukasa was very afraid that Minamoto’s friends would come to her, and even more afraid that the body in the box would be found. He was in a state of anxiety and panic for the next few days. Because of his guilty conscience, he felt that the building manager looked at him differently than before. But a week passed, and no one came to look for Yuan Mako, and there was no report on the news that an unknown corpse had appeared. But the more calm it was, the more terrified Maeda Division felt.
   On the morning of the weekend, Maeda, who had suffered from insomnia all night, had just fallen into a drowsy sleep when the computer that had been shut down suddenly heard a harsh noise. A knife? Did you throw me away?” Maeda Si was overly frightened, opened the door and fled.
   Walking aimlessly on the street, Maeda thought of countless possibilities and imagined countless endings, and finally decided to surrender to the police station.
   When he came to the gate of the police station, Maeda settled his mind and raised his legs to go in. At this moment, a young man wearing a sun hat suddenly appeared beside him, and quickly pulled him to walk in the opposite direction.
   Maeda was frightened and wanted to yell loudly, but the young man lowered his voice and said, “If you don’t want to go to jail, come with me.” Maeda followed the young man through several streets to a residential house. After entering the door, he saw several The young man sat in the living room, as if waiting for him. He knew two people who were friends with Genmako that night.
   He only heard a loud bang, and a bloody corpse fell in front of Maeda Si, and he was instantly out of his wits: That’s Minamoto Mako! The dark pupils were looking at him blankly. Maeda Si let out a strange cry, stepped back abruptly, and bumped into a person. The man said “Ouch”, it was a woman. Maeda Tsukasa didn’t dare to say more, and stood aside trembling, thinking that this group of people found Yuan Mako’s body, and they were not allowed to turn himself in, and he didn’t know how to blackmail him.
   The woman behind said: “You also said how brave you are to abandon the corpse, but now it seems that it is nothing more than that. Xiaojian, I think you might as well do more in his house and scare him to death.”
   Maeda Seeing Minamoto Mako walking quietly into the middle of the house, the Secretary couldn’t believe his eyes and ears. Genmako leaned down to look at the “corpse” on the ground, frowned and shook his head, saying, “Eiji still hasn’t improved his technique, this face is so rough. But in terms of weight and feel, it’s passable, otherwise it wouldn’t be good.” Will deceive this coward, don’t you think so?” One of the young people laughed.
   Only then did Maeda realize that this “murder case” was planned by Minamoto. The reason is actually very simple, because Minato accidentally saw Maeda’s family without the curtains, and found that Maeda was hugging his own image. The puppet was making out, and felt very disgusted in his heart, so he found his friends and wanted to teach Maeda a lesson.
   Unfortunately, Yuan Mako’s friend Eiji is a senior puppet artist who is very experienced in making simulated dolls, and Xiaojian is a special effects artist and a computer expert, and Yuan Mako himself is an excellent stage actor. That night they remotely controlled Maeda’s computer, startling him, and then planned a prank to teach Maeda a lesson: Yuan Mako went into battle in person, “seduced” Maeda and tricked him into his house. After going to bed, the drunk Maeda Tsukasa fell asleep before he had time to “enjoy” the beauty, so Minamoto Mako put a “dead Minamoto Mako” who was more realistic than Maeda Tsukasa’s doll beside him… Maeda Tsukasa was
   embarrassed Feeling ashamed, he twisted the corner of his clothes uneasily. Eiji said: “We just wanted to scare you, thinking that you would see the flaw soon, but we didn’t expect you to put the ‘corpse’ in a box and transport it out to throw it away. We thought you were too bad, so we remotely controlled you again. The computer scared you, but this time you were so frightened that you wanted to turn yourself in. Fortunately, Makoto Minato let us watch you, otherwise things would get worse.” Tsukasa Maeda heaved a sigh of relief, it turned out that everything was just
   Makoto Minato and his friends their pranks. He asked tremblingly: “You stabbed a knife in the chest of my doll, may I ask why?” Yuan Mako looked at his friend inexplicably, and denied: “We never touched your doll at all. Dolls, who would want to touch the dirty dolls?” Tsukasa Maeda suddenly thought of the coincidence between his first doll and Riko Fukuyama, and couldn’t help but tremble again…

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