The Art of Choosing: Why Less is More in Our Age of Endless Options

The two interests choose whichever is more important, and every choice we make is to “earn”. Therefore, more choices are always better, and I don’t think there is anything wrong. In the era of material scarcity, there is one more choice, one more initiative, and even one more enjoyment. Not to mention doing big things, it often takes a lot of manpower, material resources and time to research and propose multiple sets of options for decision-making.
   However, what counts as earning and losing? Time is life. Anything that consumes time and cannot produce value or contribute to value improvement will become a burden to life. Time is more precious than money. Spending too much time on what is not worth it is losing, and spending as much time as possible on what is worthwhile is earning. Sometimes I choose to stay away from work, relax completely, and do something irrelevant to relax my body and mind. In the final analysis, it is for the most important things.
   Now is very different from the past, the material is extremely rich, the information is extremely complex, from morning to night, there are more and more choices, which will take up a lot of time, not to mention energy, and sometimes cause unhappiness. Good emotions, mentality and related events, it is hard to say whether they have made money. When eating, in the past it was enough to eat as much as you could, and there was almost no choice, but now you can buy whatever you want, you have to choose, and you have to think before you choose, and you choose before you eat; when you wear clothes, you used to wear whatever you have, Now we are often faced with all kinds of clothes carefully selected, which one to wear and how to match them, and we have to spend a lot of thought; the biggest difference between electronic reading and paper reading is that it is more convenient to carry, the quantity is larger, and the new There is too much information, and there are many smart recommendations and hot spots, and there are many repetitions. Every time you turn on your mobile phone and computer, even the official accounts you follow need to be screened again. Not to mention looking for a job, now you can choose any job you want to do, and the space is much larger than in the past.
   Whether you choose to win or lose, you can’t use money to measure it, try to reduce the time cost of the choice, live a simple and pure life, and you have earned it. A woman looks good to herself, and spends more time dressing up for the one she loves; a man dies for a confidant, and spends more time doing business and starting a business to repay the kindness of his friends. Focus on family and don’t pursue too much in career; focus on career and don’t invest too much in family building. The three views are different, there is no need to force it, the simplicity to the extreme is the beauty, and it is a choice to make money.
   Jobs’ most important things include career, music and family, and in terms of clothing, he can always wear a black T-shirt and blue jeans at product launches for more than ten years. Some masters put their lives in a silent mode, and some wise men give up and leave. The core is to understand the truth that less is more, and they don’t want to face the dilemma of choosing and consuming too much time on unimportant things. Focus the limited time in your life on the core matters that matter as much as possible. In this way, not only will life be simpler and much happier, but it will also be easier to integrate into and enjoy the present, release more potential, and make a big difference in work and life.
   Everyone has different preferences and choices will be different, but they can choose what they like to do, and give the things they don’t like to people who like to do, so as to reduce the cost of choice, improve self-worth, and increase happiness feeling, happiness.
   “If you have less, you will win, if you have more, you will be confused.” To take less is to gain, but to be insatiable is to become confused. The more one gives away, the richer one becomes. The most profitable choice is to allocate as much time as possible to the main task, devote yourself wholeheartedly, and keep the rest as simple as possible. Earn the best and happiest life with low cost, high standards, great balance of resources, and clever allocation of time.

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