Revealing True Character: How People React in Key Situations

I heard such a story:

In ancient times, there was a well-known master lockpicker.

No matter what kind of lock it is, it won’t bother him.

As he grows older, the energy and physical strength of locksmiths gradually decline.

He decided to pass on all his skills to one of his two disciples.

Usually, the two apprentices were respectful to him, and he couldn’t see his faults, so he decided to take a test.

Bring an exquisite box and let the two apprentices take turns to open it.

The decoration of the box is very luxurious, and one can tell at a glance that the things inside are of great value.

The big apprentice was smart and enlightened, so he quickly unlocked the box, and then opened the box smoothly.

After the little apprentice opened the lock, he returned it to the teacher intact.

So the locksmith judged that the young apprentice was more reliable, and passed on all his skills to the young apprentice.

Mr. Xuan Dongming, a senior media person, said:
“The first reaction we encounter is to expose our character and three views.”

Don’t know a person without knowing a thing.

When facing something, you can often see a person’s truest appearance from the other person’s first reaction.

Don’t cheat when you meet people, it’s the honesty of kind people

We often say a word:
“People’s hearts change people’s hearts, you are true to me.”

If a person is not sincere and always cheats, he will soon be rejected by others.

Sincerity is the cornerstone of being a person and the foundation of establishing a world.

If you lose your sincerity, it is often difficult for people to move an inch.

When Wu Zetian was in power, there was a prime minister named Lu Yuanfang who wanted to sell a house in Luoyang City.

The family has found a buyer and is about to pay, but he said to the buyer:
“Everywhere in this house is good, but there is no drainage.”

After hearing this, the buyer immediately gave up his plan to buy a house.

After the buyer left, the family complained that Lu Yuanfang was too stupid.

Lu Yuanfang said:
“The house may not be sold, but you cannot deceive them.”

Although the sale of the house failed, Lu Yuanfang’s reputation of not deceiving others spread.

The emperor and his colleagues also praised him.

The ancients said: “A gentleman must be sincere in his intentions.”

A true gentleman must be honest in his heart, so that he can be worthy of himself and the world.

Trees must be straight, and people must be solid.

Being sincere and not cheating is the best passport for a person to walk in the world.

Not greedy for profit is the character of a self-disciplined person

The ancients said:
“Gentlemen love fortune, in a proper way.”

No one dislikes wealth, but a person’s character can be seen in the way of obtaining wealth.

There is a story in “Zuo Zhuan”:

Someone in Song State obtained a priceless jade bi and gave it to Sicheng Zihan, hoping that he could seek personal gain for himself.

Zihan refused to accept it.

Song people said:
“I have had someone appraise it, and it is indeed a treasure, that’s why I dare to present it to Your Excellency.”

Zihan said:
“I regard ‘not greedy’ as a treasure, and you regard jade as a treasure.

If I accept the jade bi, you and I will lose our own treasures.

Rather, we each keep our own treasures. ”

Song Ren was speechless and could only leave silently.

Money is a life-threatening blade, virtue is a talisman.

All wealth needs a strong enough character to carry it.

Not being greedy for profit is self-discipline and practice.

Only by constantly cultivating oneself and improving one’s virtue can one earn wealth and control wealth.

Only by guarding yourself in front of money can you guard your life.

Not being angry in the face of humiliation is the cultivation of a generous person

Su Shi said:
“There are great brave men in the world, and they will not be surprised when they suddenly face them, and they will not be angry when they are attacked for no reason.”

A person with a truly big heart can be flattered and calm when encountering insults and slanders.

In the late Qing Dynasty, there was a magistrate in Jinan named He Yan.

He does not like ostentation, often alone.

One night, while visiting Daming Lake alone, he bumped into a drunk on the way back.

The drunk man yelled:
“I go out, who won’t give way?

Who are you, get the hell out of here. ”

Coincidentally, He Yan’s entourage passed by, pointed at the drunk man and said:
“This is Master He, the prefect, and you can abuse him?”

The drunk man ignored him and continued to swear.

The servant was furious and wanted to beat the drunk man.

He Yan hurriedly stopped:
“The road is smooth, everyone can walk, not to mention drunk and unable to control himself.

All human beings are equal, so why frighten him with official titles.

I’m hungry, go back and cook. ”

Since then, the prefect He Yan’s reputation for generosity has also spread.

Wang Yangming said:
“A narrow mind is the root of disaster, and an open mind is the door to blessing.”

Narrow-minded people, when encountering offenses and insults, always fight to win or lose, and eventually fall into the quagmire.

A person with a generous heart is unwilling to care about others’ offenses, and always bears and resolves conflicts by himself.

Forbearance a moment, calm, take a step back, a brighter future.

A truly powerful person does not compete with ordinary people, and does not discuss right and wrong with villains. This is a state and a kind of cultivation.

Not avoiding adversity is the responsibility of the brave

Teacher Luo Xiang once said:
“Braveness is the rarest virtue in human beings.”

It requires overcoming fear, taking responsibility, and standing up for morals and beliefs.

Don’t take refuge in things, and don’t escape responsibility for righteousness.

A person who does not evade when encountering difficulties and dares to take responsibility is often trustworthy and reliable.

There is a story in “Old Tang Book”.

When Li Gao was the governor of Wenzhou, there was a famine in Wenzhou one year.

At that time, there were hundreds of thousands of dendrobium grain reserves in the official warehouse, and Li Gao planned to use these grains to rescue the people.

But without the emperor’s permission, using the grain in the official warehouse without permission is a serious crime of beheading.

His subordinates advised him to wait for the emperor’s order before acting.

Li Gao said:
“The common people will starve to death if they have no more food to eat, so there is no time to wait for the emperor’s order.

The emperor blames it, and I alone will take the blame. ”

So he ordered the opening of the warehouse to release the grain, and then he wrote a letter to the emperor to plead guilty.

After the emperor knew about it, not only did he not punish him, but he felt that he was brave enough to do things, so he promoted him to be a young mansion supervisor.

Hemingway said it well:
“Courage is a virtue under pressure and a ray of light in danger.”

Facing the trap of a dilemma, a person can still show determination and courage. This is a pattern and a kind of courage.

The mountain eagle is not afraid of steep mountains, and the good horse does not bow its head before the cliff.

Facing the difficulties in life, dare to break through and take responsibility, only such people can walk out of a more open world.

Don’t take responsibility when things happen, it’s the mind of the magnanimous

The ancients said:
“There is nothing wrong with the person responsible, and there is nothing wrong with discerning oneself.”

It means: When you blame others, you will not let go of the hairs, but when you face your own mistakes, you become very confused.

It is human nature to like to blame others and forgive ourselves.

But people who really have a big picture know how to be strict with themselves and forgive others, and they don’t have so much anger and blame for other people’s injuries and faults.

Han Qi, the prime minister of the Song Dynasty, once got two priceless jade cups.

Every time he holds a banquet to entertain distinguished guests, he likes to take out the jade lamp for everyone to enjoy.

As a result, one day, when Han Qi was entertaining guests, a servant accidentally knocked over the jade lamp and smashed it to pieces.

The guests were shocked, and the little official pleaded guilty.

Han Qi remained calm and said to the little official:
“When everyone is negligent, you didn’t do it on purpose, so what’s wrong?”

The guests all praised Han Qi’s generosity.

Han Qi supported the two emperors, and after three dynasties, he was almost half the sky in the Northern Song Dynasty.

With excellent moral character and outstanding meritorious service, he was able to enjoy the temple court after death, which can be said to have reached the limit of ancient officials.

The ancients said:
“Only tolerance can tolerate people, only thickness can carry things.”

Tolerance is a kind of heart, but also a pattern.

To be open-minded can be tolerant to others, and to be honest can take responsibility.

Only with kindness and kindness can a person have more blessings.

The ancients said:
“People’s hearts are separated by belly, and they don’t look at each other inside and out.”

People’s heart and appearance are different, making it difficult to guess and understand.

But when faced with things, a person’s reaction can often reveal his truest appearance.

The product is shown in the matter, and the heart is hidden in the action.

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