Raise Your Sense of Self-Worth and Pursue Your Dreams

I don’t know if there are such girls around you:

I met a boy I liked very much, but I always felt that the other party might not like me, so let it go;

When encountering a good company, I always subconsciously think that I am not capable enough, so I hesitate to move forward;

For the ideal life, I always fear that it will not be realized, and I dare not even plan…

I am cautious everywhere in my life, my hands are tied in my actions, I dare not pursue what I want, and I cannot generously accept what others give.

This is actually the “sense of worthiness” at work, because these girls’ “sense of worthiness” is too low, and then they look down on themselves and feel that they are not worthy of having.

As everyone knows, the key to a person getting better and better is to improve one’s “worthiness”.

And how to improve the “sense of deserving”? May wish to start from the following points to try.

Many times, we always feel that we are not beautiful enough, that we are not good enough, and we always like to take other people’s evaluations to heart.

But in fact, imperfection is the norm in this world, and everyone has their own shortcomings.

And allowing imperfections to exist is a person’s truest self-confidence and the smartest choice.

Just like Betty in the American drama “Ugly Betty”, she doesn’t have a good figure, no exquisite facial features, and she doesn’t know how to dress, and even wears braces. There are too many “imperfections” in her body.

But she never cared about other people’s evaluation of herself, but learned to accept herself and everything, and felt that she was beautiful, but those people didn’t know how to appreciate it.

“So when you start to recognize your imperfections, you’ve already started to be perfect.”

Therefore, allow yourself to be imperfect, and accept yourself from the bottom of your heart, so as to interpret the splendor of life.

When watching “Mao Xuewang”, there is a scene that impressed me deeply.

Li Xueqin said that she has no sense of security about everything and relationships, and is in a state of being lost at any time.

Even in the face of other people’s trust, I will have a sense of deception, I will feel that I am not able to meet the expectations of others, and think that I have deceived everyone.

And Yang Tianzhen pointed out sharply: This is because you don’t feel worthy enough.

You see, people with a low sense of worthiness will never affirm themselves from the heart. Even if others believe in themselves, they will fall into self-doubt and entanglement.

On the contrary, Yang Tianzhen is a person who is very sure of himself.

She comes from an ordinary background, but she never feels inferior, does not feel sorry for herself, let alone deny herself, and always firmly believes that she deserves everything she wants.

This also makes her live a generous and calm life, confident and calm.

Indeed, the more affirmative a person is, the easier it is to live well.

So, never say “I don’t deserve it”, but believe from your heart that “I am worthy”.

When you unconditionally believe that you are worthy, you will emit a magnetic field, and good luck and opportunities will come to you.

There is a saying that goes well: “The only thing standing in front of you is yourself.”

We take it for granted, and the reason why we have a low sense of deservingness is because we always think that we are here.

However, self-limitation and complacency are the easiest ways to kill your sense of worthiness.

Only when you have the courage to break through the restrictions on yourself, can you tap the hidden potential and meet a better self.

In Yang Lan’s book “The World Is Big, It’s Fortunately We Have You”, there is a plot that I feel deeply after reading it.

A young woman asked: “Is it important to do well or to marry well?”

Yang Lan replied: I think this is a false proposition, why do you need to ask yourself to do this multiple choice question? A good job is security and independence, and a good marriage is a sense of happiness. Taking both into account is not only the dream of women, but also the pursuit of men.

So, you see, women who are highly worthy never set limits on themselves, nor do they make unnecessary choices.

By not setting limits on your own life, it will be easier for you to be whatever you want to be, and you will find that you can have what you want in the end.

So grow towards the sun, be a person with a rich heart, neither humble nor overbearing, this kind of you is worthy of all the beauty in the world.

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