My Wife’s Overflowing Closet: The Struggles of a Clothes Hoarder

While watching the art exhibition with my wife, I noticed that the Japanese painter Sui Sato loved to paint wardrobes. In one of the wardrobes, although the clothes hanging were hazy and beautiful, they could still be seen to be fully hung. I joked to my wife, “Does this look like your closet?” She replied, “Mine is more crowded than hers.”

This is true. Women’s clothes are like spring grass that sprouts and grows when there is a gap. When our two daughters were not yet married, my wife and I shared the large wardrobe in the master bedroom, which we used for more than twenty years. When the eldest daughter got married, the wardrobe she left behind was slowly eaten away by his wife, and her clothes were put away. A few years later, the second daughter also got married, and the wardrobe was also gradually taken over by his wife.

In the past two years, even the low cabinet in the little daughter’s room has stacked clothes or hats, which looks very crowded. If there are guests who want to stay for a short time, these clothes have to be urgently moved to the eldest daughter’s room where I live and read.

I understand that women always have one less piece of clothing. I live near the section of Ningbo West Street and Roosevelt Road. This area is a clothing street, 95% of which sell women’s clothing. My wife passed by and saw the new model, probably itching her hands. Several shop assistants are familiar with her, and they will call to inform that new clothes are on the shelves. Sometimes my wife is afraid of being read by me, so of course she secretly buys them.

In fact, buying clothes is her business. A well-dressed wife, when praised by others, I will also be flattered. I have no objection to her buying clothes. Just like buying books, if you buy new ones without discarding the old ones, the bookshelves will gradually fill up. Too many clothes, if the wardrobe is not enough, occupying other space, there will be a sense of confusion. The wife is obsessed with old clothes, causing the clothes to explode.

My closet is still half the size of the master bedroom closet, not adding much in over a decade. I usually buy less clothes, and my wife will take me to buy more during the New Year’s festival, saying that there is always a festive atmosphere. But in the past few years, I have set the principle of “buy one and discard one”. If I buy a coat, I will discard an old coat; if I add two shirts, I will send the same number of old clothes to the recycling bin.

So my wardrobe, still half full.

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