Modern Husbands: 3 Dilemmas and How to Solve Them

Young husbands aged about 25 to 40 encountered difficulties in getting along with their husbands and wives. They didn’t understand what they did wrong? Or what does the wife “want”?

Once, in the “marriage relationship study” class, I thought most of the employees were female. Unexpectedly, when I stepped in, I found that half of them were young men. I was surprised, but I was delighted in my heart.

Because, family management and getting along with husband and wife are no longer just the wife’s business.

Modern Husband 3 Dilemmas
Examples of the plight of young husbands are as follows:

First: My wife is strong and difficult to communicate with

Mr. A was the first to speak. He said: “Gender equality, I understand, but I can’t always give in. My wife complains of being tired when she gets home from get off work. I take care of Xiaobao’s affairs all the time, and she only cares about her mobile phone.”

They are both husband and wife to support the family, and the elders are not around, so the husband shoulders the housework. If the wife is asked to participate, such as washing Xiaobao’s feeding bottle and pacifier, the wife always responds: “You don’t know how to wash it!” Or just say: “At the beginning I said no birth, but you insisted, look…”

Second: The wife thinks that the husband makes money too slowly

Mr. B said dejectedly: “My wife is not satisfied with my income. I said that before I got married, you knew that I was receiving a dead salary. We can’t steal or rob. Otherwise, what do you want from me?” The wife said: “You won’t Find a way to work part-time, find a class on Saturdays and Sundays!”

Mr. B said helplessly: “Usually I spend six days trying to catch up on sleep, so I don’t have the energy to run around. Indeed, there are colleagues who do Uber Eats on holidays, but I…”

Third: The wife doesn’t want to interact with her husband’s family, she only goes to her mother’s house

The tall and tall Mr. C, when talking about his wife, his body suddenly shrunk and his voice was lowered. He said: “My wife doesn’t want to interact with my parents, saying that she is afraid of problems with mother-in-law and daughter-in-law; , you want me to follow…”

If there is suffering, we should talk about it
Men are not good at finding someone to confide in, and they also think that trivial matters are not easy to tell outsiders; I encourage everyone not to let “small things” accumulate into “big things”. The way to improve still needs courage and masters the 4 principles of communication : 1. Find the right time, 2. Find the right place, 3. Find the right wife, 4. Say the right words (tell your feelings and needs).

Husband A can bravely express: “Honey, I do most of the housework and I’m under pressure. Do you think you clean up the kitchen? Or are you responsible for putting the baby to sleep?”

Husband B can say: “The expenses are high, money is tight, and you and I are under pressure. Let’s have a cup of coffee while the kids are playing at grandparents’ house tomorrow. Let’s do the actuarial calculation together to see how we can increase revenue and reduce expenditure, okay?”

Husband C may wish to express calmly: “My wife, I support you when you go back to your mother’s house; as for my parents, they occasionally arrange a meal in a restaurant, and we will bring the children to attend. The elders just like to be lively!”

In the past, the wives took care of the housework and were busy inside and out. Today, the younger generation of wives are highly motivated to achieve, and the pressure of competition in the workplace is high. Young husbands can no longer behave like their fathers.

With the turning point of the trend of the times, every family is faced with the necessity of communication and coordination. Neither party should heal themselves silently in the dark in the way of “grievances and seeking perfection”.

“Honey, I want to talk to you, when are you free?” The young husband can use this sentence to break the deadlock in the relationship between husband and wife! It’s worth a try!

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