Inner Beauty Shines Through: Why Self-Care Boosts Self-Confidence

In real life, beautiful women always make people fall in love at first sight. In today’s diversified aesthetics, beautiful women have become a label of self-confidence, and beauty is gradually linked to self-confidence. This is actually very easy for people to understand.
Because when women pay attention to makeup or exquisite clothing, the degree of self-concern continues to rise. When we pay attention to our feelings and thoughts, it is the beginning of learning to love ourselves. Therefore, when women show a beautiful appearance , Self-confidence also increases, which makes them perform better in all aspects of life. Take the small matter of beauty as an example, a woman who loves to do nail art is actually worthy of deep friendship.

What is the level of self-worth?
There is a concept in psychology: self-esteem, which runs through the core research of humanistic psychologists. In a popular sense, it is how people feel about themselves.
In humanistic psychology, the core purpose of the representative Rogers-style psychotherapy is to hope that the client can improve his self-esteem. Humanistic believes that the value of each person is unconditional, and everyone can have the opportunity to accept and appreciate trueself.
In fact, to some extent, girls who love to do nail art have a higher level of self-worth.
Those girls who love beauty usually have a clear self-concept. Girls who love to do nail art know what color and style of nail art are suitable for their hands, and they become more and more confident on the way of beauty.

Confident women can naturally reveal a kind of beauty, so moderate love of beauty and self-confidence also complement each other.
Women with sloppy lives are always unkempt and don’t take care of their nails. Some women get mud on their fingers because they are vulgar. These daily habits that don’t like cleanliness and beauty are harmless on the surface, but they will subconsciously destroy girls’ self-confidence.
Although people can’t judge by appearance, it has to be admitted that the quality of appearance plays an important role in people’s evaluation, especially for women. This is mainly due to the fact that good appearance can bring more benefits to people. This benefit is not only It is brought by the outside world, and women themselves bring it to themselves.

Women’s aesthetic judgments of beauty are often linked to self-perception, which means that women’s body awareness is also a core component of self-awareness and self-esteem. This is significantly different from men, which may be related to the gender of evolutionary psychology.
Women who love beauty are always meticulous, which is reflected in the details of nail art. At the same time, they love not only beauty, but also life. Girls who often change nail styles are full of curiosity about new things and are always full of positive energy!
In interpersonal relationships, appearance is the first impression people get along with. Women may not be particularly beautiful, but cleanliness is a must. Compared with a sloppy face, a beautiful appearance can make people feel more happy.

For example, as mentioned above, a very beautiful girl has mud on her fingernails, and the boy’s favorability for her drops instantly, but under the same conditions, an ordinary girl wears exquisite perfume, slender fingers with On the contrary, it is easier to win the favor of others if you put on beautiful manicure . As the saying goes, there are no ugly women, only lazy ones, and that’s what it means.
Why is the pursuit of refinement related to the level of self-worth?
There is actually a distinction here between self-worth and self-esteem and self-concept.
Girls who love to do nail art are worthy of close friendship, because their attitude towards beauty lies in the details. We call this kind of serious attitude towards details exquisite. Just from doing nail art, you can see that the other party is a person who has lived a very good life. Delicate girls.

The pursuit of refinement is actually related to self-concept. First of all, many people tend to confuse self-esteem with self-concept. What is self-concept? Self-concept is the sum of all the characteristics in a person’s mind. What type of person does he think he is. For example, a girl who loves to do nail art knows that her most beautiful place lies in her fingers.
The concept of self-esteem takes it a step further, referring to a person’s evaluation of their self-concept. The essence is that after you have a clear self-concept of yourself, do you like yourself?
We often refer to self-esteem in our daily conversations, but researchers have actually discovered a difficult problem, that is, women’s self-esteem levels fluctuate greatly, and women’s feelings about themselves will change in different situations.

For example, when a woman does something she knows she shouldn’t do, or when she denies herself in her heart, she will be a little dissatisfied with herself. Many women always care about the eyes of others, and dare not dress freely and boldly, for fear of others It is said that she is not serious. This kind of normal aesthetics is very popular abroad, but it suppresses the beauty-loving nature of women in China.
However, facing the same thing, when others praise what a woman has done, the woman will become very narcissistic and can’t help being complacent (Heatherton & Polivy1991).
This kind of fluctuation will have huge ups and downs throughout the day, and psychologists call this up and down fluctuation a sense of self-worth (Brow & Dutton, self-esteem is related to relatively stable self-evaluation.

The evaluation from the outside world is uncertain, but a person’s overall self-esteem level is constant. Therefore, the most important thing for a woman is not the exquisite manicure on her hands, but the beautiful life behind the exquisite manicure. The appearance that brings confidence is just a icing on the cake , because Self-confidence comes not only from a beautiful appearance, but also from a lasting attitude towards life.
Girls don’t have to be discouraged if they don’t have a beautiful appearance. Most of their self-confidence comes from inner self-recognition. In fact, it’s not just nail art, but any serious life attitude: perfume before leaving, care for the law, and self-disciplined weight management Wait, these can enhance women’s self-awareness and enhance girls’ self-perception of beauty.

Therefore, although a beautiful appearance can easily make people gain self-confidence, it is not the only way for people to gain self-confidence. For those beautiful women, don’t underestimate yourself. You must affirm the advantages brought about by beauty, but at the same time, you can’t completely rely on obtaining a beautiful appearance.

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