How to Cultivate a Positive Magnetic Field and Attract Good Luck in Life

“Everyone is surrounded by a magnetic field. Although it cannot be seen, it is quietly affecting our lives.”

This is the famous law of the magnetic field .

It sounds like this statement is a bit mysterious, and it seems that some kind of innate power is in charge of our destiny.

But in fact, the magnetic field does not come from the outside world, but from the thoughts of the heart, which is the embodiment of a person’s inner state of mind and aura.

Everything you encounter in your life, good and bad, is attracted to you.

You are the cause, the world is the effect, and you are the creator of everything.


what you complain about will happen

Takehisa Yumeji has a famous saying:

“People are always easily hypnotized by what they say. I’m afraid that the many complaints you always talk about will become your whole life.”

Many people should have had similar experiences:

Because I encountered a little difficulty in life, I couldn’t help complaining, but I found that the more I complained, the more small troubles became big problems;

Because I was dissatisfied with the status quo of work, I couldn’t help pouring out bitterness, but found that the more I complained, the more unfavorable the situation became;

Because I had disagreements with others, I couldn’t help expressing my grievances, but it turned out that the more I blamed, the more rigid the relationship became…

We always think that the reason why we are in the current bad situation is the result of bad luck and unkind people.

In fact, it is the self full of negative energy that really brings misfortune.

In Cai Chongda’s novel “Fate”, after the mother gave birth to two daughters, she encountered a series of blows such as her husband leaving home and her parents passing away.

Losing the support of her life, her grandmother began to feel depressed, complaining all day long that her fate was unfair to her.

At first, the neighbors also hoped to release her, but she either yelled at her or pulled her daughter to turn around and leave.

Later, everyone was frightened by her hateful appearance, and they were no longer willing to come to ask for trouble.

After three years like this, not only did the family situation get worse and worse, but she seemed to have aged thirty years.

As a saying goes: Negative energy is like a poison, it is the beginning of depression, the source of enmity, and the cause of karma.

Things are created by the heart, those people and things that make you hate are all summoned by your negative energy.

If you encounter some setbacks, you will blame others, and if you are wronged, you will be depressed. This is destined to make you farther and farther away from good luck.


what kind of magnetic field do you have

what kind of life will you live

Everyone has their own energy magnetic field, which is composed of our thoughts, ideas, personality and many other factors.

Just as electromagnetic fields affect our surroundings, magnetic fields on our bodies also affect things around us.

This is why, when people are in a low mood, they feel that everything around them loses their original color, and even the sky is gray.

Conversely, if our state is optimistic and positive, we will naturally feel confident in everything we do, and see everything as scenery.

Eiko Yamashita, a master of tidying in Japan, was troubled by her married life.

Her mother-in-law is a person with a strong desire to control, and she always makes many strict demands on Eiko Yamashita.

The depressive living environment made her feel anxious, and she often poured out her dissatisfaction to her husband.

But her husband not only did not understand this, but accused her of not being understanding and tolerant of her family.

If things go on like this, the two people began to quarrel constantly, not only the atmosphere of the whole family became extremely depressing, but also the health of Eiko Yamashita was deeply affected.

After learning from the pain, Eiko Yamashita decided to make a change.

She started by cleaning up the objects and relationships around her, and let her mood calm down slowly in the process of breaking up.

With the relaxation of her inner state, she felt as if she had been reborn, and she was able to find more and more energy and courage to face life.

Actor Zhang Songwen also went through a tortuous road to chasing dreams before becoming famous.

He has just graduated from Beijing Film Academy, and in three years, he ran more than 840 crews back and forth, but ended up being rejected.

Faced with this situation, Zhang Songwen was inevitably a little discouraged, but he soon realized that giving up is the biggest disappointment to himself.

For this reason, he found a method for himself to adjust his state, that is: every night before going to bed, he must firmly tell himself that tomorrow should be fine.

He said, you may think this sentence is very common, but it has encouraged me to go through a difficult time after another.

Facing the bottleneck of his career, Zhang Songwen chose to face the difficulties, turned pressure into motivation with an open-minded attitude, and finally ushered in the miracle of life.

It is written in the book “Magnetic Field”: The so-called magnetic field is actually your attraction.

What a person believes in will attract what he will eventually gain.

The more difficult the time is, the more you should work hard to keep the magnetic field positive and gain positive feedback.

If the heart is facing the sun, all things will be bright.

As long as your righteous thoughts are strong enough, your life will pass through the trough and find a way to flourish.


a person is getting better and better

Start by cultivating your own magnetic field

There is an old saying: Those who know themselves do not blame others, and those who know their fate do not blame heaven.

People with self-knowledge don’t complain about others, and people who control their destiny don’t complain about God.

The joys and sorrows of a person’s fate, good or bad luck, in the final analysis, are all determined by oneself.

Therefore, what kind of world you want, you have to take the initiative to maintain and create such a world.

Cultivate your magnetic field well, and you will meet a better life.

1. Stop complaining and start taking action

There is a saying that is heart-warming and true: Complaining is essentially anger at one’s own incompetence.

Many times, we can’t help complaining and complaining constantly, because we are used to taking it as a way to avoid problems.

However, complaining is like a dose of poison, it will only continue to destroy your magnetic field and worsen your situation.

As the saying goes, the weak complain, the strong keep silent, and the wise change.

When encountering an unsatisfactory situation, the best way is to let yourself face the problem directly, and then find a way to solve the problem with actions.

2. Positive thinking, refuse to ruminate

Did you find:

Some things are not serious in themselves, but after we constantly ruminate on ourselves and instill negative thoughts, the consequences will be infinitely magnified.

If an interview is not successful, the more I think about it, the more I regret it, why I didn’t prepare better;

Once the plan failed, the more I thought about it, the more annoyed I was, why I couldn’t even do something well.

In the end, what really hurts us is often not the thing itself, but our perception of it.

When you are trapped by pain, you might as well try to change your thoughts and see more positive and beautiful sides from it.

Give positive psychological hints and practice self-motivation ideas, and you will be able to link yourself to the best energy field.

3. Manage temper and stabilize emotions

We often feel that losing our temper is releasing pressure for ourselves and venting negative energy.

In fact, it just creates more contradictions.

For an emotionally unstable person, the magnetic field must be disordered, and the final result must be a chaotic and disorderly situation.

If you want to get rid of this vicious circle, you need to know how to manage and adjust negative emotions, so as not to let yourself be restrained by them.

When emotions get high, you might as well take a deep breath first and give yourself some time to calm down.

Don’t say hurtful things, don’t do impulsive things, learn to smile often, behave in a gentle way, and guard against arrogance and impetuosity.

The farther away you are from bad emotions, the closer you can be to a good magnetic field.

Psychology professor David Hawkins wrote: A person with positive energy, his magnetic field will make everything orderly and beautiful.

What you encounter in life begins with yourself and ends with yourself.

If you feel that life is difficult now, please don’t be depressed, let alone give up.

As long as your heart is repaired and the magnetic field is well maintained, everything you want will slowly approach you in the future.

What you think, what you do.

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