Behind the Backlash: Understanding Youth Pursuit of Luxury Brands

Recently, the “Louis Vuitton Limited Time Bookstore” created by three coffee shops in Shanghai and the luxury brand Louis Vuitton (hereinafter referred to as LV) has attracted attention because of its special marketing methods. During the event, customers who buy two books in the store will get a canvas bag with the brand logo.
   However, this activity, which seems to be named after a book, has sparked quite a controversy. It is understood that the minimum unit price of books sold in this event is 290 yuan, and it costs at least 580 yuan to get a canvas bag. There are three colors of canvas bags as gifts, and many people lined up in front of the three stores to collect all three colors of canvas bags. Critics believe that this campaign, which uses branded canvas bags as a marketing gimmick, puts the cart before the horse; the sale of books such as picture books and city guides that “does not match the content and price” is a purchase driven by “poor, stupid and vain young people” Return pearls.
   In recent years, luxury brands have “go down to earth” to engage in joint operations. Before that, PRADA entered the Shanghai vegetable market, and later there were FENDI and HEYTEA joint names. Almost every cross-border combination has caused a lot of online and offline reactions, which is enough to prove the young people’s love for luxury brands. According to relevant data from “Insights on Digital Behavior of Consumers in China’s Luxury Market in 2019”, people under the age of 30 in China account for 42% of the world’s high-end luxury goods consumption, and it is expected to reach 50% by 2025. It can be seen that young people have become the “main force” in the luxury consumption market, and according to the “Research on Luxury Consumption Motivation and Purchase Willingness of Young Groups”, it is found that most of the luxury goods purchased by young people are luxury goods with relatively cheap prices. , such as lipstick. Therefore, it is not difficult to explain why when PRADA, GUCCI and LV, which originally represented high consumption, appeared in the image of “down-to-earth” such as vegetable packaging, milk tea packaging and canvas bags, they caused young people to pursue high-profile pursuits again and again.
   However, are those young people who pay for the packaging of vegetable milk tea and branded canvas bags really out of “stupid vanity”? Actually not necessarily. A simple and rude “vanity consumption” cannot explain the complex motives behind their consumption behavior. Luxury goods represent excellent quality, which is why many young people are willing to spend money. Moreover, the canvas bags in this event are not really the “580 yuan a piece” that has been distorted in the rumors, but exist as gifts. There are long queues to collect canvas bags of three colors. This familiar mentality of stamp collecting can also be used. The parallels can be seen in the new consumer boom that has taken hold in recent years. In addition, there are different degrees of brand premium in luxury goods, which can make consumers willing to pay for brand culture and brand value, which also proves the success of its brand building.
   However, the reason why the combination of LV and books caused an uproar in public opinion is mostly due to the anger of “books lack reading value and thus become gifts as a foil” and dissatisfaction with “unreasonable pricing”. Consumption “bookstore” concept. If a luxury brand does not pay attention to product quality and only repeatedly consumes the aura of its own brand, it will be counterattacked by consumers sooner or later. For product marketing, you might as well be more sincere, so that consumers can feel their hearts.
   In the face of external voices, correct guidance must be achieved, such as establishing correct consumption concepts, resisting excessive consumption behaviors, and combating unreasonable brand premiums… instead of blindly criticizing young people who pursue luxury goods. After all, what is the crime of those young people who carry LV canvas bags to pay for their own choices at an affordable price?

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