Awaken the Inner Light in Every Child

In 1981, the reading section of the New York Times published the longest review ever for a book.

This book is clearly written about children’s stories, but its readers are all over the world. It not only set a record for the highest sales volume in Japan, but was later translated into 33 languages ​​and sold well all over the world.

It is the autobiography of the famous Japanese host Tetsuko Kuroyanagi – “Little Doudou by the Window”.

The protagonist in the book, Xiao Doudou, always gets into trouble at school and was expelled in the first grade.

In desperation, Xiaodoudou transferred to Ba Xueyuan, but unexpectedly started a wonderful free time.

She practiced courage by “pretending to be a ghost” in physical education class, drawing on the floor in music class, and speaking in public at lunch time…

Unknowingly, Xiaodoudou changed from a troublesome bad student to a good boy praised by everyone, and then grew into a well-known national host all the way.

Someone once asked, why do so many people like “Little Doudou by the Window”?

The answer of the fairy tale writer Cao Wenxuan touched the hearts of countless adults: ” Because everyone yearns for this kind of education. ”

After reading the story of Xiaodoudou, I realized that if you want to turn a poor student into a good student, you only need to give him a beam of light.

The so-called “poor students” are mostly actors who took the wrong script.

The beginning of the story began with a dropout incident.

One morning, the head teacher invited Xiaodoudou’s mother to the school.

She poured out her bitterness and listed Xiaodoudou’s numerous “crimes”:

Every day in class, Xiaodoudou is always very restless, either making the desk ping-pong, or constantly taking in and taking out stationery.

When other children are listening carefully, she will run to the window to see the scenery by herself.

When no one is around, she chats with the birds on the eaves; when a publicity artist passes by outside the window, she greets them loudly.

As a result, all students have no intention of studying, and the whole classroom is full of noise.

The teacher didn’t want to scold Xiaodoudou, but couldn’t bear her mischief anymore, so he had to send her away.

But in fact, Xiaodoudou didn’t mean to be unruly, but she was too curious about everything around her.

She played with the desk because it had a lid that flipped up, unlike desks with drawers on the side, which was a lot of fun.

She guarded the window sill in order to be able to see the performances of publicity artists for the first time. Xiao Doudou has always dreamed that one day she will be able to possess special skills like them.

Such an unexpected “weird student” is not favored at all.

What people didn’t expect was that because of her childhood admiration for publicity artists, Xiaodoudou later embarked on the road of acting.

She studied vocal music in college, joined a theater troupe after graduation and became an actress, and soon changed careers to become a host, and finally became famous in the TV industry.

How many people have been hastily labeled as “poor students” like Xiaodoudou:

Zhan Qingyun, the debater of “Wonderful Flowers”, has never been enlightened since she was a child. Even though she studies hard, she still sits firmly at the bottom of the class every time she takes the exam. She is called a “stupid pig” by the teachers.

She was backward in her studies, but she never gave up on herself.

Whenever she had time, she wandered in the vast sea of ​​books, studying hard for several years, and finally turned against the wind and was admitted to Harvard University for a Ph.D.

Writer Zhang Jiajia, was a wild child since he was a child. He hangs around the football field and pool table every day. He doesn’t pay attention to his studies.

Just such a “stupid scumbag”, but he started writing novels in elementary school, and his composition scores have always been among the best. In the end, he wrote the best-selling book “Passing Through Your World”.

Educator Sun Yunxiao once commented in the “People’s Daily”:

” The so-called ‘bad students’ are all unjust, false and wrongly decided cases. ”

Every child is a seed, and some seeds do not bloom because the flowering period has not yet arrived, or it is not a flower, but a tree.

A child who is labeled as a “poor student” is like an actor who took the wrong script, playing someone else’s role, naturally making mistakes everywhere, and getting low scores every time.

In fact, the most important thing in one’s life is not to get the best script, but to find one’s own role.

As long as they find their own stage, every child can stand under the spotlight and usher in their own highlight moment.

Only by tuning into the child’s channel can you join the child’s world.

After Xiaodoudou was expelled from school, she transferred to “Ba Xueyuan”.

Here, there is a school gate surrounded by two trees, classrooms transformed from trams, and many other students like little peas.

For Xiaodoudou, everything in Ba Xueyuan is so novel:

The seats of students in class are flexible, and they can choose their favorite deskmates;

The order of classes is not fixed. Everyone can start with their favorite class. In the same classroom, some people draw pictures, some do handicrafts, and some do chemical experiments with utensils;

At lunch time, the students brought “taste of the mountain” and “taste of the sea”, that is, meat, vegetables and seafood, and everyone gathered together to share lively.

The principal, Mr. Kobayashi, is also very different.

Xiaodoudou made a mistake, he was never in a hurry to punish, but patiently asked why.

Once, in order to find his wallet, Xiao Doudou turned the sewage all over the floor. He didn’t blame him, but just said: “Remember to put it back after you finish it.”

What he said most often to Xiaodoudou is: “You are such a good boy!”

Many years later, Xiaodoudou gradually understood the true meaning of this sentence:

Although others think that you are not a good boy in many ways, you have many advantages, and the teacher understands you.

One day, a new trolley will be added to the school as a library.

The students chattered about how this huge vehicle without wheels was transported into the school?

Some people say that it is transported by trailer, and some people say that the railroad tracks should be laid to the school.

Everyone discussed to no avail, and Xiao Doudou had a whim: “Otherwise we will stay at school tonight and see how the tram comes!”

However, how could the teacher allow the students to spend the night at school? This is too dangerous.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Kobayashi readily agreed.

The students who got the news rushed home excitedly, begging their parents to allow them to visit the campus at night.

Xiaodoudou’s mother felt that this was a rare opportunity, so she packed the bedding and pajamas and sent Xiaodoudou to school.

That night, the process of the tram being transported into the school was deeply etched in Xiaodoudou’s mind.

Since then, Xiaodoudou has completely fallen in love with studying.

When she encountered a problem, she racked her brains to think of a solution, and tried again and again tirelessly;

When encountering confusion, she did not hesitate to ask questions and bravely put forward her views.

Ba Xueyuan’s tolerance and respect for children’s nature is the most important nutrient for children’s growth.

As Mr. Tao Xingzhi said: ” You have Watt under your coach, Newton in your sternness, and Edison in your ridicule. ”

How many parents are busy enrolling their children in classes and brushing up on questions, rushing to gild their children’s school choices, until they personally practice and abolish their children to understand:

Those eugenic standards that are regarded as golden rules are the real weapons to kill children’s talents.

What children need is not inefficient education, but to be seen by adults.

Try to squat down and look at the child at the same level, only then can you enter the child’s world and light up the unique soul.

Every poor student can live as a beam of light.

Xiaodoudou often hears Mr. Kobayashi say:

Every child is born with excellent qualities, but in the process of growing up, he will be affected by bad influences from the outside world.

Therefore, we must discover these good qualities early and let them flourish, so as to cultivate children into individuals full of personality.

Many years later, the students who graduated from Ba Xueyuan have all embarked on the right path and shined in their respective fields.

Xiaodoudou’s classmate, Takahashi-kun, has always had low self-esteem because of dwarfism.

Therefore, Mr. Kobayashi designed a special sports meeting. The project was to pass through a carp made of cloth, or to and fro a row of extremely narrow steps.

Takahashi-kun, who is short in stature, showed his advantages in the event and won the championship.

Having regained his confidence, he braved the difficulties of life time and time again, and later successfully joined a well-known electrical company.

Another classmate of Xiaodoudou, Artai, was seriously partial to subjects since he was a child, and was often criticized by the teacher.

When he came to Ba Xueyuan, which encourages the development of personality, he can finally choose his favorite science to his heart’s content.

Talented and intelligent, he went all the way to a Ph.D. After graduation, he took root in high-energy physics research and is now the deputy director of the Institute of Physics.

Born in a gardening family, Daiei-kun is the “Encyclopedia of Plants”.

The artillery fire of the war destroyed his family’s property and made him live a life of homelessness.

Even so, Darei-kun never gave up his hobbies until he became a famous orchid appraisal expert.

And the former “problem child” Xiaodoudou has never stopped exploring the world and sharing life.

She gave full play to her strengths, passed the interview, and successfully became the first female TV hostess in Japanese history.

The show “Teko’s Room” she hosted broke the Guinness World Record and became “the TV talk show with the most broadcasts”.

Xiao Doudou, who was watered and grown up by love, finally passed on the love.

She was named a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, the first time an Asian has been honored.

Irish poet Yeats once said: “Teaching children is not filling a bucket of water, but lighting a fire.”

Cultivating children is like planting trees, watering and fertilizing blindly will only make the saplings overwhelmed and wither early.

If you give it sunlight and rain and let it grow naturally, it will be able to take root deep, until it breaks through the soil and sprouts, and grows into a towering tree.

On the road of education, 10,000 times of careful irrigation are not as good as a real awakening.

The beam of light you project to the child is a kindling seed buried in the child’s heart.

Once the tinder is ignited, a single spark can turn into a sun, and the shining light will eventually become a galaxy.

Those who have been illuminated by light will eventually live as a light, illuminating themselves and warming others.

Xiaodoudou, incarnated by Hei Liuchezi, has never extinguished his curiosity about life, and has never stopped exploring the road of life.

From a troubled child who is everywhere to the TV queen everyone loves, the secret of her comeback is hidden in the childhood stories.

As she wrote in her epilogue:

“If I hadn’t entered Ba Xueyuan and met Mr. Kobayashi, I’m afraid no matter what I did, I would be labeled as a ‘bad boy’, surrounded by inferiority complex, and just be at a loss until I grow up.”

You know, there are no permanent “poor students”, only adults who can’t educate.

Replace criticism with listening, replace control with guidance, untie the invisible shackles of children, and awaken their sleeping talents.

By “lighting up” a child’s life, he can use the light to live out his truest appearance and move towards a brighter future.

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