A Culinary Masterpiece: The Exquisite Seafood Cuisine and French Hospitality of Le Bernardin Restaurant

  Le Bernardin Restaurant (Le Bernardin) is located at 51st Street, Seventh Avenue, Midtown Manhattan, New York.
  Originally operating in France, the restaurant has won various accolades since it opened in New York in 1986. Only three months after opening, the restaurant has received a four-star rating from The New York Times. In 2005, Michelin entered New York for the first time, and Bernardine Restaurant became the first batch of restaurants to be awarded Michelin three stars, and it has been awarded consecutively till now. In the selection of three out of 30 points in the gourmet magazine Zagat, Bernardine Restaurant won two 29 points and one 28 points. In the “2017 World’s Top 50 Restaurants Selection”, it ranked 17th.
  Bernardin restaurant pursues “fresh ingredients, simple cooking, proper heat, and exquisite presentation”. From the selection of ingredients to the serving of dishes, all procedures and steps strive for perfection. This makes the restaurant dishes not only highlight the original flavor of seafood, but also reveal the delicacy and ingenuity of the chef. The restaurant’s meticulous dining service and elegant French style also complement each other, making people feel at home. But it is most famous for its fish cooking, which can be called “the most delicious seafood cuisine in the world”.
Began to love seafood restaurants over half a century old

  Gilbert and Maguire Lekoser are brother and sister who grew up in a small fishing village in Brittany, France, with a strong love and excellent taste for seafood.
  In 1972, the brother and sister founded Les Moines de St. Bernardin, the predecessor of the Bernardin restaurant, in France. In 1976, the restaurant was awarded two Michelin stars. Ten years later, chef Gilbert opened the restaurant to New York, USA, and named it Bernardine Restaurant. Only 3 months after opening, Gilbert has achieved unprecedented success in the restaurant industry. But when Gilbert died of a heart attack in 1994, 29-year-old Eric Ripert succeeded him as head chef.
  Rebert was born in Antibes, France, and his family moved to Andorra when he was a child. Influenced by his mother who is a skilled cook since childhood, he has a passion for food. Rebert left home at the age of 15 and went to study cooking in Perpignan, South France. After graduating from the catering school, he successfully entered the century famous chef Joe Robuchon to study, and started in the Bernardin restaurant in 1994. The career of a chef in a Michelin three-star restaurant.
  Rippert continues the exquisite style of Bernardine restaurant, and also innovates on the basis of the original one. A dish seasoned with Korean kimchi has won strong praise from food critics in the New York Times. In 1998, Rappert won the James Beard Foundation award known as the “Oscars of the food industry”, and the foundation awarded him the title of “Top Chef in New York”. In 2003, Rappert was awarded the title of “America’s Outstanding Chef” by the foundation.
  As one of the partners of Bernardine Restaurant, Rebert is very dedicated and often cooks himself. Now, he has become a bigwig in the American catering industry and a guest on various food shows. In his spare time, Rappert also writes books and has published several New York gourmet guides. Even, he will find time to star in American dramas in American home theaters.
A rustic menu where fish dishes are never absent

  The menu of the Bernardine restaurant is unexpectedly simple and simple, only four thin pages, but with a clear logic. Seafood is divided into three grades according to the degree of cooking: almost raw, slightly processed, and lightly cooked. A variety of seafood dishes are displayed under each grade.
  There is only one sentence printed on the third page of the menu: “Fish is the star of the plate not the chef.” This sentence reminds every diner: don’t worry about the chef, you only need to taste the deliciousness of fish dishes with your heart . This approach makes diners feel the restaurant’s chef’s humble rigor and the restaurant’s almost religious reverence for ingredients.
  Of course, it is not difficult to see from the menu that Bernardine Restaurant has extremely strict requirements on the source of goods. Only the top seafood can enter the kitchen, and it must be kept in the state when it was caught, and it must be kept “the way God created them, just like they just left the sea”.
  The restaurant’s signature dishes include langoustine, Dover flounder, striped crab salad and more. Langoustine was once called one of the most delicious seafood in the world by Japanese fishermen. Its meat is more delicate than lobster, and its taste is sweeter. The chef uses truffles, cream and chanterelles to soak the langoustine, which preserves the freshness and tenderness of the langoustine itself, making the taste experience of the whole dish even better. The fish used in Dover halibut cuisine comes from Europe and the west coast of the United States. The fish is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, tender and juicy. The sauce made of caramel, butter, and tamarind is the finishing touch of this dish. While ensuring the freshness and deliciousness of the dish, it also balances the heavy taste brought by the fish oil. When serving the dish, there is also a bowl of rice sprinkled with gold leaf on the table together with the fish, which adds the sweet smell of dried fruit to the whole dish, which not only makes the dish more fragrant as a whole, but also makes diners enjoy themselves at the table. Feel the romance and freshness of the seaside.
  The pre-dinner bread at the Bernardine restaurant is exclusively provided by Mason Kaiser Bakery in New York, with a variety of varieties. Due to transportation distances and other reasons, these breads taste cooler and harder than freshly baked, but they are also more suitable for pre-dinner hunger.
  There are also many options for desserts in the restaurant. They are exquisite and small in shape, and pay attention to the harmony of colors, so that the diners’ taste, smell, and vision can have a joint reaction as much as possible, and draw out the most dynamic memory in their hearts. Citrus sorbet is a dessert recommended by many, with several balls of marmalade or yogurt stacked on a plate. Hazelnut chocolate is another popular dessert. The chocolate is wrapped in edible gold leaf. The process of breaking the gold leaf will bring diners back to childhood playtime. This dessert is also served with praline ice cream, which is not overly sweet when served with chocolate.
  In addition, the restaurant also has a top-notch wine service, and the wine list alone is a huge volume, especially compared with the simple menu with only 4 pages, this wine list that needs to be read with the posture of reading a famous book is particularly unique , It also shows the heavy tradition of the restaurant.
  The wine and dishes are equally good, and the manager of the restaurant’s wine cellar, Aldo Som, is the top sommelier in Manhattan. Because the restaurant focuses on seafood dishes, the wine list here has the largest number of white wines in the world (the high acidity of white wine can remove fishy smell, which is a perfect match for seafood). Therefore, many wine lovers gather here, and the restaurant also won an independent wine award in 2009 – “Annual Outstanding Wine Service Award”.
  It is worth mentioning that, while insisting on first-class quality, Bernardin Restaurant also offers affordable prices. The restaurant will provide several well-matched and price-determined set menus for people to choose from. Diners who enter the store do not need to choose meals individually, they only need to choose a set meal corresponding to the number of dishes. If you choose an eight-course meal, the meal will include lobster, carpaccio, smoked tuna, prosciutto, red snapper, sea bass, etc., and the main course must be fish. Each set will also be served with corresponding pre-dinner bread and dessert.
French style gives diners the greatest respect

  The overall lighting of the Bernardine restaurant is dim, and the wooden tables and chairs are all in wine red tone. When the candlelight on the dining table is reflected in the glass, the soft and soothing sound of the piano sounds, showing the low-key elegance of French style.
  Matching the strong French style is the caring service of the restaurant. In charge of restaurant service is the original chef’s sister, Maguy Lekoze. After the death of her brother, Magui still has extremely high requirements for restaurant service. In 2013, she won the “Outstanding Restaurant Host Award”, the first woman to receive this honor. Therefore, when you come to Bernardin Restaurant, diners will gain an unforgettable dining experience.
  The restaurant has a strict dress code, and every diner will receive a dining dress reminder from the restaurant after a successful reservation. If the diners are not wearing formal clothes on the day of the meal, the restaurant will provide a prepared suit, and the waiter will choose the appropriate size for the diners, and then change them for the diners, so that the diners can experience a full sense of ceremony.

  Since the drinks in the restaurant are independent of the set menus, diners need to order wines individually according to their own needs, and the waiters will patiently recommend drinks suitable for each dish. Sometimes, there are multiple choices of drinks that can be paired with a dish, and the waiter will provide reference suggestions for diners from multiple perspectives such as price and taste.
  Bernardine restaurant treats every guest sincerely and respects the needs of every diner.
  Once, a diner thought that the red wine condiment of a cod dish was a bit heavy, so he informed the waiter. Then the dishes were taken away, and the chef personally explained to the diners, and asked the diners if they would accept the seasoning made of cheese instead. This kind of restaurant culture that sincerely treats the needs of diners not only gives diners the greatest respect, but also provides the most effective proof for the restaurant to win world praise. Bernardine Restaurant also has a very down-to-earth service: diners can take away the menu as a souvenir.
  The restaurant also pays great attention to protecting the privacy of diners. The silver-white glass curtain wall has linen blackout curtains to block the dining area. There is also a private dining space on the second floor. Diners don’t have to worry about their privacy being pryed into, and they can enjoy a meal with peace of mind. seafood delicacies.
  Because of the love of food, this old-fashioned restaurant, from the founder to the successor to the bartender, from the production of the dishes to the reception service to the supply of wine, all respect the details and quality of the diners, so that diners Perceive the most ceremonial hospitality and service between people, and feel the power and inheritance of restaurant culture.

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