A Childhood Summer at Grandma’s House

As long as I can remember, every summer vacation, I will go to my grandmother’s house to live for a period of time. Mother also knows my thoughts. Every time at this time, my mother would dress me up beautifully: put the tip of my long braid to the root of the braid, and tie two flowers made of red silk on the rubber band at the root; Fashionable ruffled denim tops and beautiful little skirts… After finishing dressing up, my mother would ask me to carry a schoolbag full of clothes. While telling me to pay attention to safety on the road, my mother took out two cents from the desk drawer and gave me, saying that I would save it to buy popsicles on the road.

From my family’s Sanmiaoqian Commune to my grandma’s Zhuqiao Xu’s house, there is a distance of more than ten miles, all by walking. In midsummer, the sun is like fire. Along the way, I was thirsty, and there was no popsicle seller under the white sun, so I had to walk cautiously to the rocks beside the river outside Hefeng Dike, squat down and scoop up the clear river water with my small hands Send it straight to the little mouth. The river water is so clear that the dark brown stones at the bottom can be seen, and the taste is sweet and mellow, just like the queen mother’s fine nectar. After drinking it, I still want to drink it. After drinking enough, I don’t forget to wash my hands, feet and face, and I feel a cool feeling. The air surged all over the body, and it was extremely comfortable. Then I continued to move forward with a cloth umbrella with a wooden handle, just because I had something in front of me.

Every time my grandma saw me, she would surround me and ask, “Sister, is it too hot? Quickly wipe your face with this wet towel and eat this pear melon.” “Are your father and mother okay?” “Are the elder brothers and younger brothers still obedient?”… After the grandma finished asking, and got my answer, she smiled and went to make delicious meals.

People from Grandma lived by the mountains, and they drank mountain springs for generations. The women raised there are all naturally beautiful and have a voice like Ying’s language, which has attracted countless gentlemen. Back then, my father was a “talented man” from all over the world. He had to be good-looking when he picked his looks, and he had to have a degree in education and eloquence in eloquence. Several of my uncles are also excellent. My grandmother’s family is a big family, I have six aunts and two uncles. The grandmother is the daughter of a merchant in Nanchang. Because the two fathers became good friends when they were doing business, this “Qin-Jin friendship” was concluded. The celestial-looking grandma married her imposing grandpa ten years older than her very early. This may be the “Sanshengshi has a romantic relationship” mentioned in the book. My mother is the eldest, so I am about the same age as the following aunts. Wherever they go, they take me with them. Therefore, my summer vacation has also added a lot of bright colors.

When it was daylight, my third aunt would take me to the pond in the east of the village. Every day, the third aunt would use a pole to carry two buckets of clothes to wash there. The elders I meet along the road will greet each other affectionately, and because I was influenced by my grandmother’s family when I was a child, I will respond to them one by one with a smile. After walking like this for eight minutes, my aunt and I arrived at the pond. At this time, the pond was full of laundry people. Farmers get up early to work in the mountains. My aunt had no choice but to walk around the small embankment to see who was faster, and wait behind him. The water in the pond is unclear, but it has the taste of life. Grandma, who works at sunrise and rests at sunset, follows the practice of her ancestors – doing laundry, washing vegetables, bathing and herding cattle there. The pond also treats the simple and honest people who multiply there and make a living by farming, playing different songs all day long. Years and months, never tired of it. It is a symbol of the exuberant atmosphere of fireworks in the world. Every morning, I can stay next to my aunt and enjoy the unique mountain “morning symphony” woven by the sound of brushes, mallets, wading in water and putting on large clothes, and farm work. I also learned a lot of knowledge in the alba that I couldn’t learn with my mother.

At noon, the courtyard of grandma’s house was very lively. Grandma has two rooms, front and back. The new house is in the first row of the village. In front is the gate field. When you open the gate, all you can see are golden yellow, green and earth-friendly skin colors, accompanied by bursts of fragrant wind, which makes people feel refreshed. There are a few big trees planted in front of my grandma’s house, and there is a lot of shade under the scorching sun. Compared with the Lushan Mountain in summer, it just lacks the ethereal feeling. The elders of the female neighbors like to come to the courtyard of the front house with their rice bowls to “talk about mulberry”. At this time, the threshold, benches, and small wooden chairs of grandma’s house were full of people. The grandma greeted this one with a smile, and moved the stool for the other… The man went to the back room to chat with his grandpa. The grandpa went to night school and worked as an accountant in the brigade. He usually likes to drink a little wine. The hospitable grandfather often invites people who chat with him to drink and eat at the table. My fifth aunt and my peers were eating under the tree in the front room while playing “land, sea and air” or skipping rope. We release the child’s nature in the game. At that time, we let the sweat flow freely on our heads, faces and bodies. Her hair was sticking to her forehead, her face was smeared with dirty hands, and she didn’t care about the dust in the bowl. She just wanted to capture the flag as soon as possible. Our laughter, shouts, and noises made the cicadas sing more happily, and the leaves danced more gracefully when they saw it. Grandma was afraid that I might make a mistake, so she reminded me: “Jane, don’t hit your mouth.” The words were full of deep love. At that time, the “squeaky” cicadas, the “chirping” birds and the laughter in the courtyard played a “Garden and Human Joy”. Let me reap the joy of childhood!

After the lunch break, occasionally I would follow my third and fifth aunts to herd cattle on the lawn in the east of the village. The third aunt loved me very much and carried me on the back of the bull. The back of the cow is soft and comfortable, it is true that it is soft and comfortable, and it is not false that the heart is timid. Others ride on the back of an ox with a leisurely sense of trusting the horse and letting go of the rein. I am always worried that I will fall off the back of the ox if I am not paying attention. That kind of fear is like a person walking a tightrope for the first time. Lao Niu understands human nature and listens to his aunt very much. My aunt said “Lead the head” and “Leave the head” all the way…Walking, walking, finally arrived there. The grass is lush and the water is clear. It is a good place to graze cattle. My aunt explained a few words to the cow that was grazing with its head down, and then sat with me on the grass that smelled like green grass. I look up at the blue sky, white clouds, and birds, and I feel like I am under the vast sky. At this time, Aunt San placed the dried bean curd cake and pear melons on the flowered handkerchief on the grass. At that time, adults would sell the toufen, which is processed from wheat, to make a living, and keep the unsalable rotten powder for their own food. Children at that time were very simple, as long as there were snacks to eat, they would be very happy. Unknowingly, the sun is westward. That day, the boys herding the cows together said that they would fight when the cows were full, not knowing whether it was to satisfy their curiosity or to refuse to admit defeat. When the sun was setting, the two of them actually led their own cattle to the battlefield. They covered their eyes with red vests. Once the bull’s eyes are covered with red, it is like a clock that has been wound up. Everything is in order. My aunt and I were so frightened that we took the cow and hid far away. I saw two big buffaloes with shiny coats pushing against each other with their heads and horns, and their bodies were constantly moving… The thrilling scene was no less than the shots on TV. In the end, “after the gun goes off, there is no winner”, and the two cows are like warriors on the battlefield, full of scars. I guess those boys are bound to suffer “Mr. She’s crutches” when they go home, but they look so happy that they can’t help themselves. Perhaps, this was a kind of fun for them at the time. Cattle are a good tool for farmers. My aunt never lets her own cattle participate in this kind of activity! The same is true for grandma’s cows. I remember that when I went back that day, I accidentally fell off its back and rolled under its stomach. I thought to myself: “The end of the world is coming.” I was so scared that I quickly closed my eyes and hugged my head. My aunt was also frightened and said to Niu Lian: “Stop! Stop!” Unexpectedly, the cute cow stepped over me lightly. That behavior is just like a mother treating her naughty child – you can make trouble! When my aunt saw that I was injured, she smiled and said “bull”, and sent me back to Niubei. The afterglow stretched our shadows very long, and the earth wrote a “Human and Cow Acacia Song” for us.

In the afternoon, when the sun is not too hot, my great-grandmother will take my auntie and me to Zhuqiao Cooperative to buy candies. In the era of hard work to meet food and clothing, this kind of treatment was a luxury for children. At this time, my aunt and I would follow behind my grandma. Along the way, many people greeted my great-grandmother warmly, called my aunt and me “Golden Horn” and “Silver Horn”, and cast envious eyes… At that time, I also felt like a little princess in a fairy tale.

The reason why my great-grandmother loves me is that before I went to my grandmother’s house, my elder brother and I were fostered at my uncle’s house. I don’t know if it is acclimatization or improper diet. My brother has a problem with his lungs; as for me, I became a “radish head” and cried as soon as I got back to my mother. When my mother saw this situation, she discussed with my great-grandmother and grandma, and asked me to live at my grandma’s house. I heard from my mother that at that time, grandma and grandpa had to provide meals for more than ten people, and life was hard. During the years of living in my grandmother’s house, my father would pick food for my grandmother’s house every year.

At that time, my grandmother was going to earn work points in the team, and the daily chores of the whole family were handled by her alone; at that time, my grandmother was still young, about forty years old, with a thin face, willow eyebrows and almond eyes, and beautiful eyes; There is a silver front tooth, and she wears a white curtain gauze jacket with half-sleeved buttons and green trousers every day, showing the dignified and elegant beauty of oriental women; the grandmother at that time was never tired, and she got up before dawn every day to cook rice and porridge. When my aunt and I got home from the laundry, the salted ginger, melon seed paste and other pickles made by my grandmother were already on the table. As for grandma, the people who joined the production team with hoes, sickles, and agricultural tools such as baskets have already gone. It was not until noon that I saw my sweaty grandma come home. The first thing grandma did when she got home was to ask, “Sister, are you hungry? Grandma is here for dinner.” After speaking, she took off the towel on her head, hung up the farm tools in her hand, and walked towards the stove. At this time, I would also happily follow my fifth aunt to the stove to help gather firewood and light the fire. After my grandmother put on an apron, she quickly grabbed some firewood stalks and twisted them around, then lit them with the matches on the front wall of the stove, and then used the tongs to light them. Send to the stove. He told us: “Sister, don’t burn your hands, save more firewood.” At that time, my aunt and I were always worried that the fire would go out, so we kept adding firewood to the stove. During the sweet potato harvest season, my grandma would ask me and my aunt to roast sweet potatoes. At that time, my aunt and I would often put out the fire, making the stove smoky. Putting the tongs into the stove, grilling, arching, and blowing on the cheeks with a blower, it didn’t take long for the firewood to miraculously rekindle… At that time, I didn’t understand that there was too much firewood, When the air in the stove becomes thinner, the fire will go out. After the grandmother explained, she walked quickly to the water tank and used a wooden bucket to add water to the pot on the stove. After adding the water, she scooped up water to clean the pot again. After washing, grandma will stand by the stove and wait for a minute or two, and then take out a bowl containing sesame oil and a porcelain spoon from the cupboard. Grandma uses the porcelain spoon to sieve the oil in a circular shape along the bottom of the pot…then The graceful figure is like performing a tea ceremony, revealing the unique charm of oriental women! After putting away the porcelain spoon, grandma skillfully put the dishes washed by aunt on the chopping board and cut them in threes and fives. When the oil in the pot smokes, grandma uses a spatula to skillfully pour the oil around the center of the pot, and then picks up the vegetables cut on the cutting board and pours them into the pot…Stir frying before and after grandma, up and down While waving the spatula, a few bowls of natural green vegetables are ready like magic. At this time, there was only the last step of steaming the rice. Grandma lifted the apron around her waist and wiped the sweat off her face. She came to my aunt and me and said, “Sister, it’s so hot. Go and wash your faces quickly, and the rice will be ready.” Grandma was afraid that my aunt and I would be smoked and baked, so she always used her unique way to love every child. After about 20 minutes, I saw my grandma bring those bowls of “delicious food on the tip of my tongue” to the more historic Eight Immortals table with a smile on her face. Grandma’s smile showing silvery white front teeth is like a bright moon splashing soft brilliance… Every night, we lie down for a long time, and we can still hear grandma’s busy voice in the stove. At that time, I would sometimes slowly fall asleep to the sounds of the day.

Grandma worked so hard, but I never saw my grandma get sick at that time, maybe it was because she was sick and didn’t let us know! Just like what my mother said: “When your grandma encounters unhappy things, she will come to live with us when the house is finished. She never makes a sound at home.” This is how grandma worked hard, silently, forbearing, and gentle during her flowering period. Persevere in blooming yourself. Grandma used her weak female shoulders to stand shoulder to shoulder with grandpa and support the big family of more than ten people tirelessly and without complaint. This can’t help but remind people of the mother in “A Candle That Listens to the Darkness”, giving everything to raise children.

Because of my grandma’s busyness and fatigue, my great-grandmother slept with me during the years when I was at my grandma’s house. What impresses me the most is: before going to bed every night, the great-grandmother who rarely speaks will put the fruits and snacks that the younger generation respected her on the small table in front of the bed, and ask me and my aunt who sleeps with her to eat. At that time, I didn’t know whether it was because I was hungry or I was hungry, but I always refused to feed my grandma. I heard the elders say that my grandma loves my mother the most, maybe it’s Aiwujiwu! My great-grandmother naturally poured that beautiful feeling into me…

I was taken back by my parents after I contracted malaria. I heard that on the night when I got sick, the usually taciturn grandmother was so anxious that she stood at the back door of the front room in thin underwear and called me grandpa and grandma at the top of her voice. She never went out at night, and she spoke like an oriole, but that night she stood in the cold wind mixed with snowflakes, shouting for a long time, and everyone in the front and back three rooms was called by her. I was also in good health because of the timely medical treatment.

My great-grandmother died the second year after I left. That year, when I was in elementary school, I learned that she was ill, so I used my Saturday afternoon vacation to visit her on foot twice. Seeing me go, my great-grandmother forced herself to get up. The first thing after waking up is still the yellow decal on the mirror. I guess: the great-grandmother when she was young must be a beautiful woman with a clever smile, beautiful eyes and hopeful eyes. Otherwise, how could I get into my grandpa’s eyes? I heard from my mother that my great-grandfather first worked as a part-time job when he was young, and then went to Jingdezhen to do business by himself, and then slowly developed.

Seeing that my great-grandmother was not as quick as before, I asked her, “Ma’am, I took the dirty clothes you just changed to wash.” When my great-grandmother was in good health, I never asked the younger generation to help her wash. For some reason this time, when I was young, I cried while washing by the pond.

My great-grandmother made up for the caress I felt when my mother was not around when I was a child, so that I cried for a long time after my great-grandmother passed away… Later, my grandpa and grandma also left us, but the memories they left for me are is endless.

Looking back now, a night at my grandmother’s house actually broke through the floodgates of memory and appeared in my mind very clearly. That night when great-grandmother, grandfather, and grandmother were still alive was indeed charming…

The night at that time was full of Chinese classical romance. When the bright moon is in the sky, everything is like a beautiful scene. Children take advantage of the moonlight to play “hide-and-seek” and “kick cubes”; adults help children repel mosquitoes while enjoying the coolness on bamboo beds at the door; young people sometimes go to neighboring villages to watch movies. The bright moon in the night sky, the silhouettes of children, the movies in neighboring villages, and the pictures of enjoying the cool air, I feel the simplicity, kindness and beauty of the world!

Some people and things will be engraved in our hearts once they are engraved in our lives. Not all the past will disappear with the passage of time. Those people and things in my grandmother’s house have never left me…

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