Why Young People Love Gold

Young people like gold, like wearing gold jewelry vulgar? If you let me answer, my answer is vulgar! But most of us are laymen.

As a post-90s and pre-95s generation, I must admit that ten years ago, when I was around 20 years old, I felt that gold jewelry did not match my age. On the one hand, the style of gold jewelry back then was too old-fashioned and not suitable for young girls; on the other hand, how could I, a young man with an empty pocket, dare to think about thousands or tens of thousands of gold jewelry? Therefore, in the face of gold stores, I have always been “closed through the door”.
“You don’t know how good gold is when you are young”, this sentence is probably a true portrayal of many young people, but as we grow older, few of us can escape the law of “gold is really fragrant”.

I first realized that young people could buy gold when I was in my mid-twenties. At that time, I had just graduated with a master’s degree and entered the workplace for the first time, and my classmates and friends around me also entered the workplace one after another. Once, I went shopping with my best friend who worked in a big Internet company. She uncharacteristically dragged me into the gold store on the first floor of the mall. You know, we used to go straight to the second floor to look at clothes when we went shopping.
This is the first time I went to a gold shop with my peers, so I was very impressed. I still remember that as soon as she entered the door, she asked if she had a plain ring. I know the ring, but what is the plain ring? After seeing the real thing, I realized that the plain circle is just a bare ring circle.
In my heart, the brands and operators of major Internet companies are fashionable and have purchasing power. So when my best friend told me that several of her young colleagues were wearing plain rings, and she also thought it looked good, I discovered for the first time that gold jewelry can be put together with terms such as youth and fashion .

Not only that, the entry threshold for plain circle rings is relatively low, and one can be bought for around 1,000 yuan. Although neither of us bought a plain ring when we went to the gold store that time, the gold ring with a plain ring has been deeply hidden in my heart for many years. Until I can confidently and boldly visit the gold store alone, I still want to buy it. I will look for a plain ring on the counter, but because of the size, style, eye rim and other reasons, I haven’t bought it yet.
Although I didn’t buy a ring with a plain ring, I have a pair of bracelets with a plain ring. Two years ago, because I was getting married, my boyfriend at the time (now husband) accompanied me to buy three gold bracelets. Just in time for the year-end discount, we gritted our teeth and bought a pair of gold bracelets with plain rings.
When I was about to turn 30, I got my first piece of gold jewelry in my life. Subsequently, due to the external environment and other reasons, the price of gold began to rise. On the one hand, there is a green fund, and on the other hand, gold that can be used as jewelry and can maintain or even increase in value. How can I not love gold?

In fact, the current post-95s and post- 00s “enter the circle” earlier than their predecessors. It is no longer a new thing for young people to like gold. There are many people who wear gold jewelry, save gold beans, and buy gold wealth management products.
One of my post-95 female colleagues wore gold necklaces, gold earrings, and gold bracelets early on. The styles of these gold ornaments are relatively simple, and they look good when worn. Counting the age when she started wearing gold jewelry, she was only about 25 years old.
Young people like gold. On the one hand, it depends on the simpler design of gold jewelry, which conforms to modern aesthetics and is suitable for young people to wear. On the other hand, the more important thing is that the property of gold preservation hits everyone’s inner sense of uncertainty. Compared with big-name jewelry that depreciates as soon as you get it, as well as erratic stocks and funds, how can gold not be fragrant?

It is usually used as jewelry, and it is used as a package at critical times. When discussing shopping for wedding jewelry, my teammate and I agreed that a slightly over-budget gold bangle was a more worthwhile investment than a carat diamond ring that cost more than we could afford. Of course, we still hope that the gold jewelry we buy will only exist as jewelry in the future. If one day, the jewelry becomes entangled, there will always be a sense of desolation that it will become a seller’s property. But this “worst presupposition” just gave our newly established small family a sense of security. If anything happens, at least we still have a little gold.

I have read a report that when it comes to investing in gold, Chinese people prefer to buy physical gold such as gold jewelry than foreigners. Chinese people have a bit of a gold complex. Every year around the Spring Festival, it is the peak season for major gold stores. Some people have worked hard for a year. At the end of the year, when they have money in their wallets, they will buy some gold jewelry for their mothers. ,wife.
But if you expect to gain wealth through gold, gold jewelry may not be the best choice, because labor costs are calculated when buying, depreciation is required when selling, and there are various influencing factors such as brand. easy.
In contrast, gold wealth management products, such as funds and indices, are more suitable for trading. My cousin relied on investing in gold and took advantage of the rising gold price to turn losses into profits and increase the value of her family’s funds. When asked about her cousin’s investment philosophy, she only replied with two words, “Hold it”. But before you buy it, you still need to study carefully, whether the market is rising or falling recently, when will there be discounts in gold stores, whether 18k gold is worth it, whether it is calculated by piece or by gram… Only by doing enough homework can you have a chance to get gold wool .

Going back to the original question-is it vulgar for young people to like gold? I think more and more young people like gold, or choose gold among many jewelry materials and financial management methods, which actually reflects the more pragmatic and rational consumption concept of young people. Brands and designs go out of date, but gold does not.
Although the price of gold has risen and fallen, in this uncertain world, the relative stability of gold has given everyone a sense of certainty. This sense of certainty translates into a sense of security, which is why we love gold.

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