Why Do We Stay Up Late Even When We Know It’s Bad for Us?

The term “late sleep obsessive-compulsive disorder” became popular as soon as it was invented-it really has a mass base.
  I work at a university. Today’s students hardly fall asleep before 12 o’clock in the evening. Mostly dawdling, lying on the bed and playing with mobile phones. They don’t want to go to bed so late, they don’t think mobile phones are fun, and they don’t even remember what they played. Looking back afterwards, most of them are regretful. Some students are in a hurry to write a thesis, but they really can’t write it. They make up their minds: “Let’s go to bed early today, wake up tomorrow with energy, and work hard for a day. Sharpening the knife is not the same as chopping firewood!” Now it is “easy” , suddenly became interested in everything. Read idle books, play games, or lie on the bed with your mobile phone until the early hours of the morning. Not to mention full of energy the next day, it was even difficult to get up normally. Repeatedly blaming myself, and reverting to the same old ways at night-this is probably the origin of the name “obsessive-compulsive disorder”.
  This state of life is inseparable from the development of the Internet. I am glad that I went to college more than ten years ago. At 11 o’clock in the evening, the power in the dormitory building was cut off uniformly, which was a semi-forced sleep signal. When human beings can entertain themselves with mobile phones all night long, we will no longer be restricted, and we can play as long as we want. In this way, when to sleep is entirely up to our free will.
  This increases our pleasure, which is often used to mask pain.
  I also slept late every night for a while. I went home from get off work to take care of my daughter, and I was busy all night. I couldn’t start working overtime until my daughter went to bed. I work until 12 o’clock, and I can go to bed, but I always feel a little unwilling, thinking that this means the end of the day. “Busy from morning to night, don’t have time for yourself?” Feel a little worthless. In any case, I have to find a few things to do, and I feel that I finally have an explanation for this day: it was not in vain.
  Needless to say, I was tired from waking up early the next morning and had no energy to do anything. It’s a bit like a “destroyer” living in the body, knowing that the next day’s schedule is very important, but he wants to make a little trouble. From this perspective, going to bed late is actually a hidden resistance to “normal life”. The alternation of morning and evening represents the cycle of life. Falling asleep is the waiting and blessing for the next day. A person’s time to postpone falling asleep again and again implies his frustration and doubts about life to some extent: “What’s wrong with this day-to-day life?” What’s the point?”
  The human brain has been domesticated very well, and it can give itself a righteous answer: “It makes sense!” But it is actually very difficult for people to deceive themselves. So reason tells us that going to bed early is the right thing to do, but our body will be passive and slow down. Going to bed late can be seen as such a reminder, it tells us: Pay attention! There is something wrong with your attitude towards life, and you don’t like your life as much as you think.
  I had a client in his thirties who said to me, “This is the best time of my life.” He had a successful career, money, good health, and everything was going well. He said: “Sometimes when I sit at home, I think, this should be the life I have been looking forward to for a long time, right? But I don’t know why, I drive back every day, and I will sit in the car for a while, not wanting to go home, not wanting to eat when I get home , I don’t want to sleep after eating.”
  I asked, “Is there anything that makes you happy?”
  He thought about it, and suddenly lowered his head: “The way I make myself happy is to make money.”
  Earning money was originally for making a living. , but he was already well-off at that time, which made his life lose the meaning of continuing to struggle-for this, his sleep discovered it earlier than his reason.

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