Whisper Love Words in the Left Ear for a More Successful Confession

  Many times, when we express our love to the one we love, we like to whisper in the other’s ear. After all, love words should not be too public. Regrettably, according to incomplete statistics, confessions of such operation failures account for the majority. So, you are disheartened. As everyone knows, the other party did not respond or the response lacked due enthusiasm, just because you gave your love words to the wrong ears.
  Maybe you will think this is an extremely ridiculous topic, which ear does he care about, as long as the other party can hear it? However, everything will be effective only if the “way” is right. Therefore, if you want to convey the sweetness to the right brain of the other party, you must tell the love to the left ear.
  First, let’s talk about why love words reach the right brain. The human brain is divided into left and right hemispheres. According to the research of Dr. Roger Sperry, an American neuropsychologist, the left brain is mainly responsible for rational thinking activities such as logic, words, language, analysis, numbers, and reasoning, while the right The brain is mainly responsible for perceptual thinking activities such as pictures, music, rhythm, emotion, imagination, and creativity. Based on the thinking function of the human brain, when expressing love to the other party, we should let the emotional information be transmitted to the right brain through the sound, so that the perceptual thinking of the right brain can give a positive judgment and response to the emotion you express.
  Next, let’s talk about why we choose the left ear. Some people will inevitably wonder, since they want to convey the confession to the right brain, why not choose the right ear? Isn’t the right ear closer to the right brain, isn’t it more convenient to convey information? This is not the case, because the control of human brain nerves on various parts of the body is crossed, that is to say, the left brain controls the right upper and lower limbs and the facial tongue muscles, and the right brain controls the left upper and lower limbs and facial tongue muscles. Because of this, if a cerebral palsy patient has a lesion on the right side of the brain, paralysis of the upper and lower limbs of the left side will occur, and if the lesion is on the left side of the brain, paralysis of the upper and lower limbs of the right side will occur. In this way, it is not difficult for us to understand that the right brain is connected to the left ear. Therefore, if you want to convey the confession information to the right brain first, you must choose to speak to the left ear, so as to increase the probability of successful confession.

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