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What Do Top CEOs Look for in Employees?

   Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, likes “people who are smart and down-to-earth”, and those with bad morals will be fired immediately by him.
   Real estate tycoon Pan Shiyi firmly believes that people should live a real life, so that their abilities and talents can be brought into play. On the contrary, people who are submissive and only know how to please will never be appreciated by him.
   Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, believes that the most outstanding employee characteristics are: interested in his company’s products; impressing customers with missionary-like enthusiasm and persistence; being good at seizing opportunities; learning how to operate and manage; having a high degree of insight and Master professional knowledge and skills; pay close attention to and be good at analyzing the company’s competitors; be loyal, honest, and diligent.
   Amway (China) President Huang Deyin often encourages employees to care about what other colleagues are doing in addition to doing their jobs well. Carefully understand how the company operates and how the entire social economy operates. He especially likes to promote well-rounded people.
   Robin Li, CEO of Baidu, revealed that the employees he likes must meet three major requirements: strong learning ability, recognition of Baidu culture, and ability to handle affairs. He often emphasizes that “the speed at which employees develop their skills determines the company’s future.”
   Jerry Yang, the founder of Yahoo, appreciates employees who are “capable of unity” and “capable of innovation”, especially those with “interesting personality and optimism about life”.
   Starbucks chairman Schultz advocated that if you have expertise and characteristics that your boss does not have, you will be reused by your boss.
   What Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton values ​​most is enthusiasm. He believes that as long as you love the work you do, you will try your best to do your best work every day, and it will also infect everyone around you.
   Oracle President Larry Ellison has four standards for promoting and promoting employees: one is “I can do it”, that is, employees can think independently, deal with problems, and take care of themselves; The task also has the courage to try, and will not escape; the third is “I can be flexible”, every day is a new day, and everything can be changed; the fourth is “responsible to myself”, responsible for everything I do.

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