The Power of Positivity: How to Find Happiness in Everything

Don’t criticize right away, saying that reasons create happiness, not just creating reasons when you have happiness, saying that my topic is absurd. It is like accusing first and then finding evidence of guilt, first divorce and then looking for evidence of spouse’s infidelity. Happiness, as a state, can be based on reasons. Didn’t the emperor sit on the dragon chair and look for signs of “heavenly sages”? The problem here is that you “command” yourself to be happy, and you are indeed happy, but you are not at ease in your heart, and feel that the happiness you get at your fingertips is not very upright. So, you have to prove to yourself: happiness is justified, neither overdraft from future happiness, nor compensation for past pain. In this moment, right and wrong must be happy.
  Give me an example! After waking up in the morning, I feel very good about myself. The sky was cloudy, so that I would not absorb excess ultraviolet rays after going out; the wind was not blowing vigorously, in case I suddenly became interested in playing badminton, so that the ball would not be at a loss; the phone did not ring until after 8 o’clock, Don’t add any worldly troubles to me; the bone spur in the heel stops hurting, let me go for a few laps on the boulevard. I bowed my knees and stood in front of the door, so full of energy!
  Passing by a few houses, an old white lady was holding a hose and watering the lawn on both sides of the driveway in front of the door. I have moved here for three years, and I have seen her face to face dozens of times. She has always put on an awe-inspiring air, and every time she sees me approaching, she quickly turns her body away, otherwise she will lower her beautiful face that has been eaten away by wrinkles. , causing me to force the “hello” between my lips back into my throat. Today, she must have pre-determined my mood and turned her face to me. I said in a timely manner: “Good morning.” She replied the same sentence. That’s great, the water splash in the water pipe also twists the Yangko. I added: “Your lawn is so beautiful! Compared with the one next to it, especially…” She took the conversation and said sweetly: “Thank you.” Slowly, then quickly, her rags Next to the skirt, the grass turned vividly green. Looking at the adjacent piece, it is not gray, and the basic obligation of “grass must be green” is not implemented, and it is sparse, with soil exposed in many places. It seems like an embellishment that grows inadvertently, like a model prison for foreign journalists to visit in a tyrannical society.
  I ran past lightly, dragging my footsteps with the lingering sound of the words I had with the old lady. Suddenly remembered, hey, maybe the grass is green for me. In the past, Empress Wu Zetian ordered all the flowers to bloom in the severe winter, can there be a happy grassland that caters to me today?
  Yes, everything is a reason to be happy, and you have no reason not to be happy. The world is a buffet, why don’t you choose dishes that are labeled “happy” and full of color, fragrance and taste? Let’s say that sunrise is vitality, and sunset is decay, why not cut a section of brilliant morning glow to decorate your heart?
  ”Existence” is the reason for happiness. After you send a check to a friend in your home country, you feel bitter because he didn’t reply to thank you. Why don’t you think that having the motivation to give and the ability to help others is God’s greatest blessing to you? When you’re holding your child’s report card, sulking at a few B’s, and contemplating teaching a playful guy an effective lesson, why not think about what you’ve got—mentally healthy kids, a pretty ideal learning environment, pretty Happy family. “Sulking” itself also proves that you have leisure, or privilege. Lingering on the sick bed, are you in the mood to get angry? Under the tremendous pressure of life, do you have time to get angry?
  Even being unlucky is a reason to be happy. Outsiders laughed at the Cantonese in Lotte, saying that no matter how unlucky Lao Guang was, there was a “good thing”. I fell and injured, but luckily I didn’t fall to my death. I lost my money in business, but luckily people are fine. The “good thing” way of thinking is the factory of happiness. A friend, I drank with me a few days ago, and in the evening, I sent him to the subway station. Two hours later, he called from home and told the subway station. On the way home, he was punched three times in the face by a black teenager, and he passed out. The wallet with the money and driver’s license, and the bag with the address book were all robbed. Two days later, I accompanied him to the Transportation Bureau to apply for a new driver’s license. He said that the loss was not big, but the frustration was great. He kept thinking, how could he be so embarrassed by a brat? I looked at his dark circles and said, you should be happy, he didn’t stab you a few times; you fell on the ground and yelled at him, asking him to return your driver’s license, but he didn’t turn around and shoot you It’s heavy, and it’s just a loss of dozens of yuan and some documents. When you come to the United States, you have a reunion, an identity, a job and a house, a career and homesickness, fatigue, comfort and joy. Didn’t your daughter give birth to a fat and well-behaved mixed-race grandson for you? ? However, you have never been robbed before. The black leader in South Africa, before Mandela came to power, it is a great regret that he never sat in the prison of the white government! Life experience takes “completeness” as the extreme state. Maybe God took special care of you, so that you can make up for the vacancy in one aspect of life at such a low price. My friend grinned with swollen lips and said, “My daughter also said that I was lucky. Two of her young colleagues were cut in the subway station.” One day, early in the morning, he went out to work, and the notepad was placed at the door. Whether it was picked up in the grass or not, he might as well believe that the robber himself sent it secretly. This is not a flawless “conscience discovery”, it just becomes the most competent bandage on your wound.
  Yes, you can be happy if you decide to be happy. The world will prepare eloquent reasons for your happiness. This is not Ah Q’s self-deception, but the clear wisdom of life. Look, on this morning of “hedonism”, everything is so pleasing to the eye and one’s heart. In order to suit my happiness, the headlines of the newspaper did not carry the usual bloody headlines, the spinach in the vegetable shop was extraordinarily green, the crucian carp in the fish shop threw out whiter splashes, and the bakery wafted out the burnt aroma of grilled Mexican buns more boldly. The plastics outside the hardware store gleamed with foresighted joy in the gloomy sky.
  I go home happily, with a bunch of dull-hued goji berries, wilted for the outdated dishes I love on sale. When I approached the door of the house, the old lady who was very stingy with her smile was still on the side of the road. She stayed here just to give me a smile. A worldly dog, doing shady things in the bushes, I watched with great bliss its shy legs. Praise be to God, for this omnipresent joy. Yes, the sun does not have to rise in the east, as long as your heart is filled with morning light.

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