The Mystery of Black Pearls in Vanuatu

   The fishery resources in the waters near Vanuatu, an island country in the South Pacific, are rich in fishery resources. They are not only of various types, but also of high quality. Among them, the most famous one is a large sea shell called Tridacna. It is said that among all sea shells, only giant clams can grow precious black pearls, and the black pearls produced in Vanuatu are plump and lustrous, and are sought after by dignitaries all over the world, and their prices have skyrocketed.
   Hundreds of giant clams are caught every day in Vanuatu, but only a few will grow black pearls. However, the shells of giant clams are relatively thick and cannot be closed tightly after they come out of the water. It is impossible to tell whether there are black pearls inside with the naked eye, and the shells must be chiseled open with an axe. If found, a black pearl can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, once the shell is cut open, the clam will die quickly, and its meat is unpalatable, and the shell is useless. At this time, the clam will become worthless garbage.
   It is precisely because of the rarity of black pearls and the mystery of giant clams that adventurers from all over the world are stimulated to come here. However, in the market in Vanuatu, there are almost no transactions of black pearls, and what people buy and sell are giant clams. The locals only sell them by number, and according to the size of the head, the price ranges from forty or fifty dollars to hundreds of dollars.
   This is like a gamble full of mysteries. The buyer bets entirely on subjective guesses. If he bets right, he will get rich overnight, and if he bets wrong, he will lose everything. Although there are very few lucky people, buyers are always happy to play their luck again and again.
   But the lucky ones are a minority after all. In the fishing season every year, the vast majority of people return home without feathers. But in the next fishing season, they will come back again. The original winners want to win again, and the original losers want to make money. In the end, in this game of betting for many years, almost no one wins in the end, and many people even lose their lives because of it.
   Is there really no winner? In fact, there are, it is the local fishermen. Although their income from selling giant clams is not very high, they have saved a considerable amount of wealth over the years.
   However, compared with getting rich overnight, this kind of wealth is often overlooked by people

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