The Most Ignorant and Pampering Way to Repay a Favor

A writer told an anecdote.
  One year, she borrowed a friend’s riverside villa to retreat and write. After leaving, she received a call from her friend.
  The friend hesitated and asked her if she had offended the people around her when she lived in the villa. She was a little surprised, because the villa was located in the countryside, and there were only a few families around. They knew each other well, they were all polite and educated people, and they got along harmoniously.
  My friend was still puzzled after hearing this, and said that if this is the case, why during the time I lived, some bloody dead frogs and fish were thrown at the door every day. Once, even a fat long green worm was thrown on the doorknob and touched, and my friend was so timid that he almost died of fright.
  She also found it strange. After analyzing it with her friend for a long time, neither of them had a clue. When she was about to put down the phone, she suddenly remembered something.
  In late spring, there was a hailstorm. While taking a walk after the rain, she met an unknown gray bird by the river. Its wings were damaged by hailstones. She gave it some medicine, fed it a few fish, and released it.
  The friend was surprised: “It can’t be the legendary ‘bird’s return’.”
  So she waited for a few days, and finally waited for the “instigator”. Sure enough, it was a big gray bird—its scientific name is heron.
  My friend chased it for a few days and found that this heron was very busy every day, not only dropping dead fish and other things to a friend’s house, but also flying to another farm to drop similar dead things. A friend went to inquire, and sure enough, the farmer had also fed the heron.
  The most interesting thing is that the farmer said that the heron will still observe. If a certain dead fish is accepted that day, it will still be dead at the door the next day; if a certain dead insect is thrown out of the door, it will not be collected again to the bugs.
  The friend was amazed again and again, and a handsome knight appeared in front of his eyes. With a magnetic voice, he reached out his hand helplessly and gently, and touched the other person’s head: “What should I do? I don’t like this one, and I don’t like that one either.” , I really can’t do anything about you…Forget it, I’ll think of a way.”
  There was an unbelievably warm feeling. This is probably the most ignorant and most pampering way of repaying a favor.
  My new book was released, and I posted messages on Moments and Weibo.
  My mother called me and asked, “Girl, seeing that you have a new book, what can mom do for you?”
  I said, “Mom, don’t worry about it. I really don’t need to help you. I’ll put the book on your bed for you.” If you like it, just look at it more.”
  My mother said with a smile: “Okay.”
  When I came home during the New Year, my relatives complained when they saw me, saying: “Your mother has been too lazy to play mahjong these past few months. Let’s have a meal, keep your phone close to you, stare at it anxiously, keep pressing your fingers, and don’t know what you’re doing.” I was also a little curious, so I asked my mother what she was doing, and whether she was
  obsessed with it. A mobile game.
  My mother didn’t want to talk about it at first, but I couldn’t help asking later, so I had to say a little embarrassedly: “I…I’m giving you a thumbs up.” Like? I was stunned: “Mom, how did you order?”
  My mother said: “I heard people say that the more likes a person has on Weibo, the more popular they are. I am presbyopic, I can’t see clearly, so I can’t give Whatever you write, just keep praising it. This job is easy and not tiring, just keep pressing it every day.” ”
  Mom…” I couldn’t laugh or cry. Like Weibo, each account can only like one Weibo once, and my mother’s repeated pressing is completely useless, wasting time and energy in vain.
  I wanted to explain to her, but after hesitating for a long while, I didn’t say anything, I just advised her not to work too hard.
  I thought, she worked so hard to make herself useful, pampered her daughter as much as she could, worked so hard to create a weak but warm emotional value, what right did I have to let her down.
  This article was destined not to be read by her. Just let her like me happily, and live in the contented happiness of “being able to help my daughter”.
  The winter in Northeast China is very cold. The temperature is minus 30 degrees Celsius, and the dripping water turns into ice. When I was a child, I was smug, and I often liked to wear beautiful snow boots. However, the more beautiful the boots are, the less slippery they are, and I have poor balance ability. It is common for me to fall on my buttocks or my legs are black and blue. So every time I went to and from school, my father would let me grab his arm and walk steadily on the ice surface of the path. My father is tall, so as long as I hold him, I feel very at ease in my heart.
  Later, when I grew up, my father fell ill. Fortunately, after treatment, his body has recovered well, at least he can walk around slowly on crutches and enjoy the scenery.
  Coming home this winter, I fell again on the ice. When I walked into the house with my teeth bared and my butt covered, my father looked at me and laughed. I murmured that the ice surface outside was too slippery, while my father hurriedly went to get the plaster on crutches.
  The next day I got up very late and went out of the bedroom only to find that my father was not in the house.
  I think he went out for a walk. It was such a cold day and the ground was slippery. He was clearly told to stay indoors. Why did he have to go out for a walk? What if he fell down?
  I ran downstairs and saw my father’s back from a distance. He had already walked slowly to the gate of the community. I raised my legs and ran in his direction, and felt wrong after taking only a few steps.
  I stopped and looked down. The icy path leading to the door in front of me was densely packed with small round white pits. The pits are not deep, but there are many, and the ice surface has become very rough and not slippery at all.
  Not far away, the old man watching the car called my name: “Your father got up early in the morning, and no one in the courtyard could persuade him. He walked for a long time by himself, took a step, and took his broken walking stick on the ground. I poked and poked, and made a lot of small holes. I figured, I’m afraid someone will fall.”
  I rubbed my eyes and shouted: “Dad——” The tall and stooped figure turned around slowly, in the early morning. In the cold air, there was an old face flushed from the cold but still smiling.
  I ran towards him without hesitation.
  What is there to worry about. Every step, step on the steady pet, never fall down.
  How many stupid people there are in this world. What they do often go around countless circles, slow, stupid, and even laughable.
  However, the purpose of their doing this is to hold you in their arms and offer what they think is the best with both hands. As if you were still in the cradle, knowing nothing and having nothing, enjoying their love and care to the fullest.
  Their love doesn’t look fancy, but its weight is real.
  Because of their clumsiness, they don’t know how to add some water, and they don’t know how to bargain. They only know that love will never turn back.
  This is probably a kind of possession that I don’t want to lose in my life. What I can give you is so insignificant. But that’s all.
  If only I could give it.
  As long as you still want it.

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