The Healthiest Attitude Towards Life: Self-Consistency, Ease and Naturalness

Life is a journey full of fog. During the journey, surprises and shocks coexist, luck and unsatisfactory coexist. No one knows what’s going to happen next until the tiptoe falls.

Although we cannot predict what will happen in the future, we can make life more comfortable by adjusting our mentality.

The ancient Roman philosopher Seneca once said:

Almost any situation, good or bad, is affected by our attitude toward our environment.

A smooth journey in life is just an extravagant hope, but facing life with a good attitude can maximize self-satisfaction.

The best life attitude in life is self-consistent, comfortable and natural

1. Self-consistent

The term self-consistency is generally used in the field of philosophy of science to represent the internal logical consistency of a certain theoretical system or mathematical model without paradox.

A self-consistent logic will not cause contradictions and errors when it is demonstrated by itself, and a self-consistent software will not cause disputes when each module, function, or function faces the same problem.

Self-consistency is a process of unity of body and mind, and self-consistency is also a method of self-acceptance. Only by agreeing with body and mind and accepting ourselves can we move forward to the future wholeheartedly.

A self-consistent person, he is consistent from the inside out. He has a complete thinking system and an unchanging way of doing things. He knows and accepts all his shortcomings and advantages. He will not fall into self-doubt or confusion due to external interference, nor will he change his behavior or give up his efforts for no reason.

Self-consistency is like an anchor in people’s hearts, firmly and deeply rooted in the original heart, so that the heart will not drift with the tide. Self-consistency is also like the spinning top that distinguishes dreams and reality in Inception, constantly spinning in people’s hearts, preventing people from falling into dreams or nightmares.

Self-consistent people will not blindly panic and self-blame when faced with difficulties, and will not be overly surprised and carried away when faced with luck.

Such a person is written in “Xiaoyaoyou”:

But Song Rongzi still laughed. And to praise the world without persuasion, to criticize the world without being discouraged, to determine the distinction between inside and outside, to argue about the realm of honor and disgrace, this is enough.

It means: So Song Rongzi laughed at those who are short-sighted. If the whole world praises him, he will not work harder because of it, and if the whole world criticizes him, he will not be depressed because of it. He clearly knows what to do and what not to do, to distinguish the boundaries of honor and disgrace, that’s all.

He has already understood self-consistency and lived out of himself.

Life is like the sea, and we are like a boat. When sailing in the sea, the wind and waves will always make the boat shake, and the singing of the sirens will also make the boat hesitate. But if we learn to be self-consistent, we will not be confused by the outside world, but will move towards our goal keep going.

2. Free

Speaking of freedom, people always think of freedom, the vast world, the flowing clear river, and the unfettered wind.

But these are the external freedom of the body, and freedom is the inner freedom.

A comfortable person will not feel anxious or lonely when alone, and will not feel irritable or overly excited when it is lively. They accept every situation and integrate themselves into it, but they are not addicted to it, and they can still get out of it.

Free people are like water, they can boil in hot springs, flow down the river bed, rain and snow in the air, and after all these people see them, they still don’t hesitate to say : That’s water.

All kinds of things in the world can bind the body, but they cannot bind the free mind.

In “Red Cliff Fu”, Su Shi faced the guest’s worries about life expectancy and said:

The dead are like this, but they have not tasted the past; If you look at it from its changing, the world cannot last for a moment; if you look at it from its unchanging, things and I are endless, so how envious!

From the point of view of things changeable, there is not a moment in the world that does not change; but from the point of view of things that do not change, everything is as endless as one’s own life, so what is there to envy!

is he free not free. But he is at ease. Time and space can no longer trap him, his free soul has already wandered with the breeze on the river and the bright moon in the mountains to enjoy himself!

Life is unpredictable, situations are constantly changing, and there are many constraints. Even in a stable life, we often encounter people or things we don’t want to face, and things and results that we can’t help. At this time, inner peace can make us more free and easy, and make us happier.

3. Natural

To be natural is to obey oneself to a certain extent and let nature take its course.

Li Dazhao once said:

We should let nature take its course, stand on the truth, seek the light of life, and not fall into the realm of forced hypocrisy, and attribute real life to disillusionment.

It can be seen that although reluctance and hypocrisy are an inevitable part of life, if you are not sober, life will sooner or later lead to disillusionment.

How to wake up? Standing in the truth, follow the self.

Minimize unnecessary compromise, ignore unnecessary hypocrisy, in our life, the most important thing is us, our feelings, our life, is what we strive for.

If life is filled with reluctance and hypocrisy, we will lose ourselves, live very tired, have no energy to think, and have no energy to get out of this predicament.

But it is not a good thing if you completely obey yourself without compromise.

Ruan Ji, one of the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove in the Jin Dynasty, is an extreme example.

According to legend, when facing someone he admires, he will treat each other with blue eyes and put the black pupils in the middle of the eyes well, but when meeting someone he hates, he will show white eyes without leaving any black.

He was unwilling to spend a little time on hypocrisy, and he was rebellious and arrogant, which made Wang Bo sigh in “Preface to the Pavilion of King Teng”:

Ruan Ji is rampant, how can he cry like a poor man?

Thus, although obedience to self is essential, too much or too little self-obedience will only confuse life. Only by releasing ourselves moderately can our life reach the best state, neither confused nor crazy, neither tired nor indulgent.

Samuel once said:

The world is like a mirror, if you frown at it, it will also frown at you; if you look at it with a smile, it will also look at you with a smile.

Face the world with a positive attitude, and the world will smile back at you.

When you feel better, your life will be happier.

May we all learn to be self-consistent, become comfortable, let nature take its course, and find the most comfortable way of life on the road of life in the future.

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