Short Video Platforms Are the New Home of Online Life

  Where is your home network? I’ve been looking for an answer to this question lately.
  I think if it is calculated by the duration, it should be a short video platform such as Douyin and Kuaishou, because the most people spend the most time on it. Next came WeChat and Weibo. The former is used for social chat, the latter is still a news channel, and these two have gradually become search engines, especially Weibo, which has long been a de facto real-time search engine.
  In addition, there is another big difference, that is Xiaohongshu, which I think is the search engine of today’s life. When it first appeared, it was just a platform for girls to post items. But today, it has become a life encyclopedia search engine.
  I don’t use Douyin or Kuaishou, nor do I shop on e-commerce platforms. I don’t think I’ll publish strategies on Xiaohongshu in the future. I don’t even have a member of the three major video platforms, so my online home is still WeChat. Publish articles through the official account every day and reply to readers’ messages. Also participate in discussions in the group and read articles shared by group friends. Finally, click on the circle of friends, look at the dynamics of your friends and neighbors, and find out what they are doing recently, or they want to let everyone know what they are doing.
  But in the past two or three years, I have also noticed some very interesting changes. For example, when people share information and news, the number of links, text and pictures has decreased, and videos have sprung up. Once something happened on the Internet, what my friend sent me was not a news report, but a short video. And it is not a native short video, but mostly a video edited according to the previous TV news roundup, which contains news facts, but also mixed with analysis and commentary.

  I guess, this change means that people no longer get news and information through social media such as Weibo as in the past, they get information on short video platforms such as Douyin, which can explain why they often have nothing to do. Throw a news video, otherwise they should throw a news link or Weibo sharing page. Many years ago, the home of life was the living room, because there was a TV there, which was the most important information channel and entertainment tool for people. Does this mean that short video platforms are now people’s online home?
  There is another more interesting phenomenon, that is, the number of tickets and broadcasts of today’s popular movies or TV series is on the order of hundreds of thousands to millions. However, on the short video platform, the secondary edited video made by people based on the content of the play can easily exceed 10 million views. And this secondary editing video is only for a part of the original work. If you add up the playback volume of all the secondary edited videos of the whole film and the whole drama, it will be an astronomical figure.
  So I thought: the complete world, the complete information, the complete literary and artistic works, the public is not blessed to enjoy it, and there is no place to talk about it. Historically, there has always been a group of people who cut, processed, and transformed these complete things into easily digestible fragments before they can be accepted by the public. Therefore, there are always so many analyzes, interpretations, and explanations in the Internet world. The short video platform should be the most efficient decomposition, digestion, and distribution tool today. The so-called “one whale falls, all things live”, the short video platform is the whale fall of the Internet world today, and it is also the home of people’s online life, surpassing books, Newspapers, TV and all other media.
  In this sense, today’s short video platform provides e-commerce shopping is just the beginning, and the future online and offline life may migrate to video as a whole. At that point, video is no longer video, but moving images and sound. Therefore, there is no need to build any special metaverse. We are already in the embryonic form of the metaverse, and all real life is very concretely mapped to the online world through video. After all, people do not like to consume abstract symbols, but prefer to consume concrete colors, shapes, sounds and movements.
  Hundreds of thousands of years ago, cavemen used ore powder to draw daytime hunting on the rock walls of caves, but no one paid attention to them. The others sat around the fire, watching some caveman simulacrum and explaining to them the wonderful scenes of the hunt.

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