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Personality Diagnosis Through Skin Conditions

   Personality diagnosis through skin conditions is the latest theory proposed by Kenichiro Kasai, who has been in plastic surgery for 24 years and is now the director of Kasai Plastic Surgery Hospital in Osaka.
   In the process of treating patients with pigmentation and moles for many years, Kasai Kenichiro discovered that patients with different skin types have certain types of personality tendencies. From the analysis of nearly 50,000 cases, Kasai Kenichiro divided people into 7 types according to their skin quality and corresponding personality traits—
   type 1
   skin features: fair skin, easy to get eczema, not easy to get spots, and moles The whole body turns red when drinking; the hair color is light, the hair is soft, and the typical characteristics are easy to bald.
   Personality Traits: Cheerful, able to make the surrounding atmosphere optimistic. Once you do something seriously, you can explode amazing power. The ability to concentrate on overcoming difficulties in a short period of time is very strong, but it often cannot last. Mood changes quickly, and it is not easy to feel troubled at any time. Emotional ups and downs, easy to make rash decisions. When faced with dazzling things such as restaurant menus, they are often hesitant and prone to obesity.
   Suitable occupations: salesperson, salesperson, telephone operator, reception guide work and work related to the catering industry. Ideal for sports that require explosive power.
   Type 2
   skin characteristics: fairer complexion, good complexion; weaker irritation response, easy to return to normal after being exposed to the sun; no moles at all; easy to get age spots; thin hair, lighter color, less hair volume.
   Personality traits: calm personality, calm when in trouble. Strong ability to think strategically and implement concretely. Have leadership. He is adventurous and likes to challenge difficult things that others have not done. Domineering, usually unwilling to listen to others’ advice, and therefore easily annoying. More optimistic about people and things.
   Suitable occupations: experts, technicians, politicians, critics, religious scholars, etc.
   type three
   Skin characteristics: The skin is white and dry like marble; freckles have been present since childhood; the skin is easily reddened after being exposed to ultraviolet rays, but the pigmentation is difficult to calm down; black moles are not easy to appear, but small spots or freckles are easy to appear.
   Character traits: Diligent and hardworking, even in the face of complex procedures, you can calm down and do it little by little. I always regret the initial decision, and I am always chattering and indecisive about it; although I can draw conclusions after careful consideration, I often get into corners because of thinking too much.
   Suitable occupations: accountants, salespersons, and jobs related to the education industry.
   Type 4
   skin characteristics: poor complexion, light brown skin gives people a very tired feeling; pigmentation is easy to calm, there are no more than 6 moles on the face; black hair, average volume, because the middle part of the hair is soft , so the hairstyle is difficult to shape.
   Personality Traits: Pay attention to things around you and be able to take rational actions. Even in the face of difficult work, you can have a firm goal and persevere. It is suitable for team coordination or educating new employees. Although there are no shortcomings, it is not suitable for jobs that require pioneering and major decisions.
   Suitable occupations: middle-level managers, secretaries, etc. in enterprises or governments.
   Type 5
   skin characteristics: The skin is prone to pigmentation after exposure to the sun. After exposure, the skin turns black instead of red and it is difficult to recover; it is very likely to have freckles since childhood; it is difficult for the skin to turn red after drinking alcohol; the hair is curly, Difficult to comb; dries out both hair and skin.
   Personality Traits: Serious, full of sense of justice. He is very concerned about what others think of him, and has a strong ability to handle things meticulously. But people are often pessimistic, prone to regret and self-blame. It is a character that is difficult to integrate into society and is not accommodating.
   Suitable Occupation: More suitable for transactional work. Such as accountants, civil servants, etc.
   type six
   Skin characteristics: fair complexion with light blue color, easy to pigmentation, black moles are easy to appear on the face, and the number of moles will increase with age; pigmentation is not easy to appear, but acne and pores are often very conspicuous; drinking alcohol Afterwards, the skin is not easy to turn red; the hair is thicker and has a lot of volume, even if it grows older, the hair loss is rare; the eyebrows are thicker.
   Personality traits: They tend to be thin and small, but they are strong in both mental and physical abilities, with excellent physical strength, vigor and endurance. Although his ability is outstanding, he is not satisfied and continues to work hard. I can usually perform at a very high level in the field I insist on. No matter how difficult the situation is, I will not quit like ordinary people. Instead, I will persist as always. I am a type who likes to pursue the limit. He is more self-centered, often does things according to his own rhythm, and is not good at teamwork.
   Suitable occupations: experts, technicians, entertainers, gourmets and athletes.
   Type 7
   skin characteristics: conspicuous moles are the biggest feature of this type. The skin is fair and elastic, with some larger and more obvious moles; the hair is black and thick; the skin is prone to enlarged pores.
   Personality characteristics: strong personal ability, full of artistic cells, more emotional, delicate thoughts, often attracts attention in groups. He is full of dedication, and once he decides to do something, he will do it desperately. Sensation to the surrounding is a bit slow. Due to his excellent personal ability, he prefers to do it alone rather than ask for the cooperation of others, and has a tendency to take on the work too much.
   Suitable Occupation: Musicians, Artists, Models, Athletes and working in medical and education.
   According to Kenichiro Kasai’s theory, the closer the skin types are, the more likely they are to be friends with each other, that is to say, the easier it is to become good friends. Maybe it’s because adjacent types have similarities in personality. But when it comes to romantic relationships, it’s the opposite. The more separated the skin types, the better, such as Type 1 and Type 4, Type 2 and Type 7, Type 3 and Type 6. “Most of the time, people tend to pursue characters that they don’t have, and hope that the two sides will complement each other, so they are more likely to be attracted to those of the opposite sex who are full of different qualities from themselves. Only Type 5 people are less popular, and I belong to Type 5 Five.” Kasai Kenichiro joked.

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