Meditation: The Secret to Immortality

If you meditate with a pure mind, after a while you will smell a strange fragrance, which comes from your body. This is the way of meditation that Mr. Nan Huaijin taught to transform the body fluid into the liquid of immortality.

When we meditate well, our bodies and minds are pure and our bodies are healthy. When we come down from the center of our minds, saliva comes naturally, with a sweet and fragrant taste.

Swallowing this body fluid can lead to longevity and cure diseases, especially for women who specialize in this method. The more saliva they have, the more beautiful they will be, and their faces will glow. This is called jade liquid returning pills.

To eat this Yuye Huandan, you have to stand up your tongue and send it to the dantian in one breath, it will spread all over the body, so it’s best not to swallow it like eating.

When you sit well in meditation, this saliva comes from a steady stream, it is light and sweet, it is called Yuye Qiongye, it comes down from the cartilage in the throat with twelve layers, it is a twelve-story building, and it goes straight to the crimson palace. to the heart.

The saliva is not swallowed like eating sugar or eating. The tongue should be lifted a little, and the saliva will continue to flow down like this. The more saliva, the healthier the body will be. At least it can help digestion and the stomach function will be enhanced.

If you meditate well, your saliva is cool and sweet, and sometimes it has a sandalwood scent. This is called Yuye Huandan. After a long time, the skin and joints will change. Therefore, when cultivating the Tao and meditating, pay attention to body fluid and saliva.

Generally, the mouth of the elderly will be dry and even bitter. In fact, there is no saliva in the mouth, and the mouth is bitter when they wake up in the morning. If you practice meditation all your life, you will not be like this.

But no matter young or old, the saliva of a true cultivator is not bitter, but sweet. The body fluid is sweet, fragrant and even cool.

After practicing sitting in meditation for a long time, as soon as the qi heats up, it immediately rises to the brain, and when it touches the pituitary gland, it turns into liquid, which is the medicine of immortality, called Yuye Huandan.

Sometimes when you meditate, the saliva gushes out and then you keep swallowing it. At this time, the way of swallowing is different. Let it be full naturally, lift your tongue up a little, and it will naturally flow down. If it’s messy, you won’t be able to sit well.

So leave it alone and let it run its course. When Yuye Huandan arrives, the skin becomes tender and bright. If you meditate, it is not unusual to sit in a state of light, it is all due to internal changes.

When we are in a state of tranquility, our primordial spirit illuminates us, and there is a piece of light. Don’t think it is divine light, because these are changes in your body and mind.

When we meditate, we should not swallow frequently. When the mouth is full, lift the tongue up, swallow gently, slowly and carefully, and send it down the stomach. The qi will sink naturally and reach the dantian naturally. Women sink to the stomach (middle palace). Concentrating on the breath, it melted.

The body fluid has become sweeter, which is called nectar by Taoism, and the nectar will not be transformed into qi in the future. Swallowing fluids and inhaling qi, over time, the skin and the whole body will be moisturized again, just like warm jade.

When we meditate, we don’t mean that we can live forever if we swallow a few times of saliva. Everyone has different roots, and the achievement will be different sooner or later. Some people are easy to reach, and some people have cultivated for a lifetime and the effect is not obvious.

All in all, cultivating the Tao is paired with behavior and morality. You must have merit, good deeds, chanting scriptures and mantras, being a good person, and doing good deeds. Slowly, with the combination of merit and hard work, you will achieve quickly . This is the reason for the same students who go to school, and the achievements of each classmate in the class are different.

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