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Jane Eyre’s Journey of Self-Discovery Through Life’s Encounters

In 1947, Charlotte Brontë completed the autobiographical novel “Jane Eyre” in less than a year.
Once this book was published, it was highly sought after, and it attracted thousands of readers with an irresistible beauty. Jane Eyre’s voice is still echoing in people’s ears, influencing generations of readers.
British critic George Lewis said: “Jane Eyre” is a “soul-to-soul dialogue” work.
The protagonist Jane Eyre is an orphan girl, short in stature and not pretty. She has a rough fate since she was a child, and she meets all kinds of people.
In all kinds of encounters, she grew and transformed all the way, and finally gained happiness and found her true self.
When I first read this book, I was moved to tears by Jane Eyre’s going round and round in love.
When I read it again, I realized more true meaning of life from her tortuous life course: all encounters in this world are to meet a better self.
Those who hurt you will give you armor
Shortly after Jane Eyre was born, her parents died of typhus.
Uncle Reed adopted her, but a few years later, his uncle also died of illness. Since then, Jane Eyre is lonely.
Her cousin often abused her and beat her; her cousins ​​ignored her; Aunt Reed regarded her as a thorn in her side; the servants didn’t like her very much either.
Jane Eyre loves reading, and books are her refuge, but her cousin does not allow him to read.
Once, my cousin found Jane Eyre hiding on the window sill and secretly reading a book, and even cursed and beat her.
Jane Eyre no longer wanted to be submissive as before, so she quarreled with her cousin.
Aunt Reed didn’t distinguish between right and wrong, and immediately ordered the servant to take Jane Eyre to the red house and lock it up.
The red house is very eerie, and Uncle Reed died in it.
Because of excessive fear, Jane Eyre fainted in the red house and fell seriously ill.
Aunt Reed decided to send Jane Eyre to the orphanage – Lowood boarding school. In front of Jane Eyre, she said to the school administrator Brocklehurst that Jane Eyre had a habit of lying.
This really broke Jane Eyre’s heart, and also shattered her hope and longing for a new life.
On a winter morning, Jane Eyre went to the distant Lowood School alone.
Life in the school was very hard. They didn’t have enough food and clothing, and sometimes they had to endure the merciless whipping of teachers.
One day, Jane Eyre encountered something more painful than whipping. Brocklehurst believed Aunt Reed’s slander, and said that Jane Eyre was a liar in front of the teachers and students of the school, and asked the teachers and classmates to isolate her. .
Jane Eyre was punished to stand on the stage of shame to show the public. This is the shame she once hated so much, but now it falls on her own head.
Leaving the tortured Gateshead, Jane Eyre fell into another abyss-like Lowood School.
But Jane Eyre was not defeated. Instead, she became more frustrated and courageous in the ordeal. She decided to study hard and change her situation.
Rousseau said: Suffering, for the weak, is the grave of death, but for the strong, it is the soil for aspirations.
Suffering is a compulsory course in life. Learn to hone your will in the midst of suffering and make yourself stronger and more mature.
Those who hurt you are, in a sense, giving you a special gift in a different way.
As Cai Chongda wrote in “Skins”: Everyone who passes through our lives participates in us, and ultimately constitutes us.
When you are ridiculed and insulted, it will make your sleeping soul awaken; when you are hit hard, it will make you realize that you have to work hard on your own to make yourself stronger.
People who have hurt you let you know yourself more fully and clearly.
People who have hurt you make your life experience richer and more three-dimensional.
Without them, you would never know how independent and outstanding you can be.

Those who point you, lead you forward
When she first arrived in Lowood, Jane Eyre wandered around the campus. She tried her best to forget the biting cold and hunger, and devoted herself to observing and thinking.
Suddenly, Jane Eyre’s eyes lit up, because she saw a girl sitting on a stone bench, concentrating on reading a book.
Jane Eyre couldn’t resist the temptation of the book, and asked the girl, “Is your book interesting?”
Asking and thinking about the idea of ​​borrowing a book from her one day.
This girl is Helen, a classmate with excellent academic performance.
Later, they became girlfriends who talked about everything. They talked about their favorite teachers, their own life experiences, and warmed each other up.
Jane Eyre couldn’t understand that Helen could be punished to stand there in full view, with a serious expression but very calm.
Jane Eyre is a jealous person, she dares to love and hate.
Helen told her: Violence is not the best way to eliminate hatred-similarly, revenge can never heal damage.
Under Helen’s patient enlightenment, Jane Eyre slowly regained her composure.
She remembered Helen’s warning, not to indulge in resentment blindly, and when she talked about her life experience with the principal, Miss Temple, she would no longer be mixed with so much meanness and resentment as before.
Miss Temple confirmed that Brocklehurst’s accusation was not true through investigation, so she thoroughly clarified his defamation of Jane Eyre to the teachers and students of the school.
Jane Eyre was relieved and determined to study hard.
Jane Eyre is deeply infected by the way Miss Temple talks with Helen, and she understands the charm of knowledge.
Jane Eyre studied in Lowood for 6 years. Due to her excellent grades, she stayed in the school to continue teaching after graduation.
Miss Temple has been serving as the principal of Lowood School. She is Jane Eyre’s friend, life mentor, and even the role of mother. She is also a teacher, a friend, and a mother.
Jane Eyre’s achievements are inseparable from Miss Temple’s teaching to her.
It was the luck of Jane Eyre’s life to meet Helen and Miss Temple. They taught her how to love, reconcile, and tolerate.
There is a saying: what kind of person you can be depends on what kind of people you meet.
Everyone has times when they feel overwhelmed.
The greatest luck in the long journey of life is to meet good teachers and helpful friends when we are at a loss and helpless, who can guide us and answer our questions.
It was their careful guidance that allowed us to avoid a lot of detours, climb higher mountains, and see more beautiful scenery.
Thank you for all the mentors and friends in your life.

Those who love you nourish your soul
Zhou Guoping wrote in “Love and Loneliness”:
Meeting is the greatest luck in life. At this moment, the two souls seemed to recognize each other at the same time, and shouted in surprise: “It’s you!”
As long as there is this moment in a person’s life, both love and loneliness will be settled.
The encounter between Jane Eyre and Rochester is rather mysterious.
They first met on a small road, and both Rochester and the horse slipped and fell to the ground. Jane Eyre is very persistent in insisting on helping him get away safely.
Jane Eyre is neither humble nor overbearing, and has self-respect and self-love. She is like an elf, which deeply attracts Rochester. And Rochester’s knowledge, wisdom, depth and wit also moved Jane Eyre’s heart.
Unfortunately, at their wedding, a voice suddenly appeared to stop them: Rochester already has a crazy wife.
The sound was like a huge thunder, breaking Jane Eyre’s heart.
Although she loves Rochester deeply, her rationality tells her that she should not give up her dignity and become someone else’s mistress.
Therefore, Jane Eyre resolutely chose to leave.
During more than a year of leaving Rochester, Jane Eyre has been thinking about Rochester in her heart.
When Jane Eyre returned to Thornfield again, she found that it was in ruins. It turned out that Rochester’s wife had set Thornfield on fire and died in the sea of ​​flames.
Rochester lost an arm and an eye because he wanted to save his wife, and became blind.
But in the eyes of Jane Eyre, Rochester seems to be more attractive, because he was disabled to save his wife.
At this time, Jane Eyre chooses to return to Rochester and stay with him for a lifetime.
After they got married, they had two lovely children, and Rochester gradually recovered his sight in one eye.
Like all fairy tale endings, they lived happily ever after.
True love is mutual attraction and mutual gratification.
After Jane Eyre met Rochester, she learned to love others, and even more learned to love herself.
There is a poem in the “Book of Songs” that is widely circulated: death and life are in harmony with each other, and they are said to Zicheng. Hold your hand and grow old with you.
People with similar souls will meet again one day, even if they have to separate for some reason, they will meet again in the end.
People with similar souls share similar tastes and understand each other, and there are always endless topics to talk about. Just like when Baoyu met Daiyu for the first time, he said: “I have seen this younger sister before.”
Only when people with similar souls are together can they nourish each other and make life and spirit full and abundant.
Learning to love others and self-love is a lifelong task. Being loved is a kind of luck, being able to love is a kind of ability, and self-love is a kind of romance.
In loving and being loved, treat each other tenderly.

Sakyamuni said: No matter who you meet, he is the person who should appear in your life. It is no accident. He will definitely teach you something.
Those who hurt you teach you to grow, those who love you bring you warmth and hope, and those you love bring you joy.
Everyone who appears in life has his own meaning of existence, and they enrich our life.
Some people say: Life is not about who you meet to get happiness, but about having the ability to be happy and turning all encounters into happiness .
Jane Eyre is not happy because she met Rochester. Everyone she meets is here to save her and paves the way to happiness in the future.
Whether it is a passing encounter or an unforgettable encounter, it is worth cherishing.
Every encounter is a growth.
All the encounters in life, whether happy or painful, are rare treasures.
Only by becoming a better self will you meet better others in the long journey of life.
In this world, the most beautiful encounter is to meet a better self.

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