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Internet Giants’ Survival Strategy: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve

  There is an unknown rumor that once Wang Shi invited Ma Huateng to dinner, during the dinner, Wang Shi said: “Little Ma, you should learn from me, climb mountains, and study abroad. How good it is, this is conducive to people’s progress. “Ma Huateng rolled his eyes and said, “If I study abroad at Harvard University for a year, I won’t know if Tencent is still there after I come back.” There are rumors in the world, but I believe Ma Huateng really thinks
  so , because I did listen to Ma Huateng’s live speech. Ma Huateng said: “In the past ten years, every year I feel that this company is about to die, but we have survived.” That’s right, when the infrastructure is completed, including companies like Tencent, they Everyone wants to flee, where to flee? Flee to the trend. Tencent is in the same situation as us. If Ma Huateng went to Harvard University to study for a year and handed over the company to someone else, the company might really be over, so the giants have the panic of the giants, and this is the first account.
  The second account, do you think the giants will definitely be able to earn monopoly profits? not necessarily. Sometimes, although a monopoly will get a monopoly opportunity, it will not make money. For example, in the United States in the 19th century, 70% of the investment was related to railways. However, after the railways were built, the railway companies did not make money. Opportunities came from opportunities—transportation companies made money. Even after a period of time, everyone began to discuss whether to nationalize the railway company.
  Infrastructure often faces this fate. For example, after Ma Yun built the Taobao ecosystem, he said to Taobao merchants: “You have earned money for so many years, should I also get some points?” This happened two years ago, and many people still remember it fresh. A group of small retail investors quit and wanted to fight him with their lives. So Ma Yun was so angry that when he came back from the United States, he said that he had to write five words of “forbearance” in his heart before he could talk to them.
  Let me do the third calculation with you. Don’t look at Baidu, Tencent, and Alibaba. They have big waists and riches in China. The strong have their own strong players. In the future, in the competition of the Internet, these giants will encounter bigger giants sooner or later. What Google, Amazon. According to the theory of Internet evolution, the entire human being will be spliced ​​into one brain in the future, and all nervous systems can only be dominated by one family, and the winner takes all. Do you still have so much confidence in these domestic giants? In fact, their chances of winning may not be great. So, if there is still a bloody battle in the future, are you really willing to be that giant instead of us happy cockroaches and rhinoceros?
  Speaking of this, I suddenly remembered a joke. Someone asked Michelangelo: “The David you carved is really beautiful, how did you carve it?” Michelangelo said: “It’s not difficult, because David is in that stone, you just need to put If the part that is not David is removed, isn’t it David?” This is an artist’s answer.
  If we firmly believe that the future Internet will form a brand new human brain, then there are some rules to follow in its current evolution. We only need to do one thing now, which is to survive in this trend and get rid of things that are not in this trend. This is our smartest survival strategy.

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