How a Chinese Internet Celebrity Changed the Fate of a Fantesian Candle Shop

The epidemic has brought improvement to the business of the Remilie Candle Shop. Sadly, the most expensive candle of rebirth has become hard to find. In Fantesia, the participation of Tawana Pearl Spring Water and Remeille Candles is indispensable in almost all important rituals of life. Each color of the candle represents a life stage. The newborn candles used to celebrate the birth of a baby are colorless and transparent; the newborn candles used in the 18-year-old adult ceremony are light green; The candle is the color of the sun; and the candle of rebirth used for funerals is white as jade, without any impurities. The flower inside is called Yunze, which only grows at the foot of Mount Tawanapore. The petals are champagne-colored and the flowering period is very short. , only five to seven days. Before the first snow comes every year, the members of Remilie’s family will go to Tawana Pearl Mountain to pick up Yunze flowers. After the snow, they will disappear without a trace, as if they never existed. After 40-45 days of impregnation with the special old ointment made by Lie Milie, the Yunze flower changes from champagne color to ivory white, and the petals change from soft to hard. When burning, the flame is beautiful, and the flowers bloom like a dancing soul. When the candle is burned out, only the skeleton of the flower remains, standing in the world, indifferent. In Fantasia, no, on Earth, Remylie candles are the ceiling among candles.

I, Alexander Remilie, the 90th generation heir of Remilion candles.

At around 1:00 p.m., his wife, Ronnie, walked into the Remilieu Candle Shop located at No. 1 Tawana Pearl Street. I was taken aback, thinking that something happened, because it was supposed to be the busiest time of Logolo restaurant. Ronnie told me she had just quit her job washing dishes at Logolo’s. Luo Guoluo restaurant has always been the three stars in the tire ranking list. Although it is washing dishes, if you have seen the tall dome, exquisite murals, shining crystal chandeliers, copper-covered dining tables and silver pinches of Luo Guoluo restaurant With a silk-handled spoon, you won’t feel like washing dishes is such a rough job in a place like this. Even during the pandemic, this restaurant is doing incredibly well! Since the outbreak of the epidemic, our family has been supported by two Roni, my wife Roni and my eldest daughter Roni. You can’t imagine how many connections I used to get a job as a dishwasher at Logolo’s restaurant! This morning, the manager of Luo Guoluo restaurant talked to Roni and asked her to take over the work of cleaning the toilets and corridors, but the monthly salary increase was only 3,000 yuan, and she had to accept it or resign. For Roni, the work of washing dishes and maintaining silver tableware has become too much for her. Many times, she needs Hanajia’s help to complete the work within 8 hours. If cleaning is added, she has to work more than 10 hours a day. So she didn’t want to accept such an unreasonable request.

Roni said that Brother Bujiao is willing to provide her with a salary of 35,000 yuan, as long as she makes him a meatloaf without onions and a bowl of gruel at 9 o’clock in the evening, so as to ensure that he will not be hungry when editing the video. This salary is higher than that of washing dishes and cleaning toilets in Luogoluo. I calculated according to the exchange rate of the day, it should be 650 yuan. Since Brother Bubu lived in my house, I have also been infected with a problem, that is, I will unconsciously exchange Fanbi into US dollars or RMB for denomination. What really makes me sad is that my wife, Ronnie, who comes from a decent Fantesia family and whom I have loved for more than 30 years, is as calm as talking about the weather when talking about Brother Bujiao giving her more than 30,000 Fancoins. An uneasy feeling of being favored by others.

Oh, as you see fit.

Roni shrugged: He is a person who knows how to be grateful, because I made meat pies, milk tea and Chinese rice porridge for him, and helped him shoot videos. And, I think, during this time, you also need a helper. You are so tired, Alexander.

This is all temporary, and the epidemic will pass soon! But… I didn’t say any more.

Do you want me to keep doing the dishwasher? Ronnie’s tone was full of grievances.

If he and Miya…

Then I don’t do the dishes anymore! Ronnie interrupted me roughly. This is my hand! She raised her hand in front of my eyes. It was a pair of familiar yet unfamiliar hands, chapped and cracked, with prominent joints. Before working as a dishwasher, Ronnie’s hands were as delicate as cream because they were soaked in ointment for a long time.

I turned my eyes to the side, his occupation is too unreliable, he shoots and shoots everywhere.

Do the Chinese think we are doing nuclear tests or hiding terrorists in Tawana Pearl Hill?

Do you think spies only ask for military and political information? wrong!

Ronnie became a little grumpy: If he is a spy, then my three daughters and I, and you, have all provided intelligence to the spy, such as, what kind of bread is delicious at Kaka Bakery, leading to Tawana Pearl Hill The way to go, how to marinate Ventesia chicken and Remiliet candles…

Don’t give this guy any information about Remilion candles! Please do not……

Ronnie interrupted me forcefully. He is willing to help us sell candles and sell them to China!

I was also suddenly awakened by Roni: Maybe this former Chinese homeless man who stepped into my house came for the recipe of Remiliet candles! I remember, when Mi Ya introduced that our country only has candles of Limelie brand, that guy smiled and said: Wow, then your family is a monopoly business! Mi Ya also smirked and agreed. Maybe at that time he had already made up his mind.

My brain is blown out, Ronnie, Ronnie, stop it, Remiliet candles only belong to Fantasia! It’s not going anywhere!

No, Alexander, the more national the more the world, and openness is the last word! China has a population of 1.4 billion, the market there… Roni stretched out her arms excitedly and made a huge gesture, sparks of static electricity splashed from her dark green wool acrylic blended sweater. Only by entering such a market, can the Remylie family have hope! How many merchants in Phantesia want to enter China but suffer from no chance. Now, Brother Footsteps can help us achieve leapfrog development!

Is this Roni who has shared my bed for more than twenty years? When she said these big words that I didn’t understand, it was like a chicken blood, which made me suffer a critical blow of 100,000 points. She couldn’t be bewitched! My shy and reticent Ronnie, for decades, whether at home or in the candle shop, whether facing family members or customers, has always listened to me attentively, smiled quietly, and obeyed readily. Sometimes, she is so silent that I am afraid that she will burn out silently like a candle.

Have you forgotten that he was so poor that he almost starved to death and froze to death downstairs in my house more than half a year ago? Hahahaha… I laughed so hard that I could hardly breathe, and finally burst into tears. I wiped away the tears with my hands and threw them to the ground, but another wave of tears welled up. In fact, I just used laughter to cover up my sadness. Because of the long-term financial constraints, Roni, who came from a decent family in Fantasia, actually regarded a person who wandered around with a camera every day as her hope.

Anyway, Alexander, we all love him! The important thing is that Mi Ya feels very happy with him! After speaking, Ronnie turned and left.

Brother Bujiao is the boyfriend of my second daughter, Miya, and this relationship is entirely an accident caused by my excessive kindness. On an afternoon in early February 2020, there was a long queue in front of the Gulu Gulu Cafe at No. 2 Tawana Pearl Street as usual. The eldest daughter Roni and the younger daughter Hanajia were both cleaning the store that day. Facing the crowd next door, they did not hide their envy at all, and Roni even sighed a few times. A few months ago, a foreigner approached me through her and said that he wanted to rent the Remilie Candle Shop to open a coffee shop. Wanapore Street exists, and I would never let it become a café. I have to admit, “Number One” always gave me a strong sense of purpose, as if responsible for the image of Tawana Pearl Street. Later, Leh Tailor, located at No. 2 Tawana Pearl Street, which also existed for more than 160 years and specialized in traditional clothing, was transformed into Gulu Gulu Café. The cafe that opened half a month ago used some kind of magical power to summon almost the entire Fantesian people to the store. The coffee tastes so-so and expensive. An article in the newspaper yesterday fully expressed my concerns: this is the plundering of Fantesia citizens by foreign capital! Let’s go back to that day in early February. Suddenly, a bearded young man with an East Asian face and a bag came to our candle shop and put down his bag. I thought it was a homeless person, so I asked Ronnie to prepare some change. The kind-hearted Fantasia has always been a paradise for poor travelers, and they are used to staying in Fantasia at the worst moments of their lives. My wife, Ronnie, once brought a desperate foreign couple to our house for dinner and took their first hot bath in nearly 20 days. After that, our house was plagued by fleas for a long time. Closer to home, I saw the young man folded his arms and smiled. There was a piece of cardboard with English written in front of the bag, and a Canon camera was on the tripod directly opposite. Although there is loose English on the cardboard, I can understand the general meaning because of the simplicity and rudeness. This is a young man from China. He believes that Chinese people should not be discriminated against. As a healthy person, he hopes to get a hundred hugs and cheer for the motherland! The actions of this patriotic young man made my blood boil. If his dirty appearance didn’t make me hesitate, I would definitely be the first person to rush up to hug him. Young Ronnie was the first to hug him, Hanaja, then me. The Phantesians, who were never stingy with their kindness, followed him and hugged him one by one. The whole Tawanapore Street was boiling. At that moment, we were all Chinese! Amid the din, we sold a lot of festive candles. Giving someone a rose, the hand has a lingering fragrance, these words True. If it can stop abruptly here, everything will be fine. However, in the evening, because the candles were selling well and our family was very happy, Ronnie made the beef pie that I hadn’t eaten in a long time. At this time, Miya came home and said that she met a Chinese downstairs who was setting up a tent. I smell the aroma of beef pie and think of a foreigner starving and cold in a tent at -19 degrees Celsius at night, the contentment of my own life and compassion for the plight of others converging into the power of generosity. I asked Mi Ya to make two freshly baked beef pies, and poured a cup of hot milk tea for the Chinese young man, along with our blessings. After 15 minutes, Mi Ya came back with a frozen stuffed pie. She said that the Chinese didn’t eat onions, so he barely finished one stuffed pie and refused to eat any more. He praised the milk tea. We were all surprised because it was the first time in our lives that we heard that there are people who don’t like onions in the world. In Fantasia, onions are the soul of food, and the pies made by Roni are the best in the world. In the middle of the night, Roni and I were woken up by the sound of footsteps outside the window. We went to the window to see what was going on outside. We saw the Chinese man running, probably because it was too cold, and we were afraid that we would freeze to death. Oh, poor boy, come home quickly, for his mother will be sorry to see this! Ronnie grumbled. A few months later, this young Chinese entered my house as Mi Ya’s boyfriend. His online name is “Measure the Planet with Footsteps”. At this time, he has shaved his beard, and he is a bit yuppie when he is quiet. For love, he came to Fantesia, where the epidemic is in full swing. I went to the window to see what was happening outside. I saw the Chinese man running, probably because it was too cold, and he was afraid that he would freeze to death. Oh, poor boy, come home quickly, for his mother will be sorry to see this! Ronnie grumbled. A few months later, this young Chinese entered my house as Mi Ya’s boyfriend. His online name is “Measure the Planet with Footsteps”. At this time, he has shaved his beard, and he is a bit yuppie when he is quiet. For love, he came to Fantesia, where the epidemic is in full swing. I went to the window to see what was happening outside. I saw the Chinese man running, probably because it was too cold, and he was afraid that he would freeze to death. Oh, poor boy, come home quickly, for his mother will be sorry to see this! Ronnie grumbled. A few months later, this young Chinese entered my house as Mi Ya’s boyfriend. His online name is “Measure the Planet with Footsteps”. At this time, he has shaved his beard, and he is a bit yuppie when he is quiet. For love, he came to Fantesia, where the epidemic is in full swing.

When I talked with my eldest daughter about the fact that my family was funded by Brother Bujiao, the always aloof eldest daughter said confidently: Dad, this is not a subsidy, but our labor income. The video he took after he came to our house has a very high playback volume. Without the cooperation of our whole family, there would not be such a high traffic volume. For his video, our family sacrificed our privacy and time, which can be regarded as mutual fulfillment.

I thought what Ronnie said was right, he had a miserable life before he came to our house, and he is nothing without Ventesia’s Remilie family. By the way, Fantesia is a land of beauties. The girls are all fair-skinned and beautiful, with long waists and long legs. My three daughters are the most beauties among beauties. Little Roni is born with a high-end face, glamorous and elegant; Miya is dignified and generous. Because she likes to laugh, Chinese fans call her Mi Ya; 17-year-old Hanajia is sweet and pretty. Three women in one drama, not to mention there are four women in our family. As long as they appear in Brother Bubu’s video, the number of views will increase. Especially Hanajia, many fans proposed to her in the comments, and even called me daddy and Ronnie’s mother directly. It’s just that I don’t want to appear in Brother Jiaozuo’s camera despite their endless calls.

Just like this, I just patted what I ate, where I went to play, how much I spent, who bought a new dress, what flowers were planted in the neighbor’s yard…how did I earn so much money? I imitated Brother Bujiao taking a video and asked Ronnie.

Probably because I looked so funny, Ronnie giggled: Of course I will! I heard from Wang that Bujiaoge is now a Chinese Internet celebrity. He is on “Zouyin” and “Station D”. At present, the big Chinese self-media platforms such as Toutiao have a total of about 600,000 fans. He is just asking for hugs in our country The video has reached more than 5 million hits… As Ronnie Barabara said, a series of numbers larger than the Milky Way came out of her mouth. Such numbers are known to all women and children in Fantasia. The Wang mentioned by Roni is a Chinese who teaches Chinese at Fantesia University. He is an honest and lovely young man. I am still willing to believe his words.

God! My mouth, wide open in astonishment, could swallow a dog. I thought to myself, why so many people are willing to spend money and time to watch the daily life of an ordinary person, how boring it is!

So he’s hotter than Mr. Mish? I asked.

In Fantesia, the words that people often talk about are the running president, the iron-clad Mr. Mish and Zhenlie (Nomi) are listed (my) candles (made) candles (). At the National Day Gala every year, there is a song called “Tawana Pearl Eagle” which is the repertoire. This song, known as the second national anthem, which has been reverberating over Fantesia for nearly 40 years, was written, composed and sung by Mr. Mish. The well-known Mr. Mish and I have been good neighbors for over 30 years.

I have a hunch: one of my premonitions is about to come true.

That night, Mr. Mish knocked on the door of my house timidly, with a strange expression on his face. I thought something had happened to Mrs. Mish, but unexpectedly, he came to thank Miya and Brother Footsteps. It turned out that without Mr. Mish’s knowledge, Miya and Bujiao took Dahouer to the mall to buy a pair of sneakers. Mr. Mish is a fastidious person, and whenever we share food with them, Mr. Mish always returns the plate with a few cookies, chocolate, or freshly cooked sweet corn. Therefore, you will understand why Mr. Mish, who has always been calm and composed, is embarrassed. He must be very flustered, not knowing what to use in return for this pair of sneakers that cannot be consumed at all given the current economic situation of their family. Throughout the conversation, Mr. Mish thanked him incoherently and smiled awkwardly.

Allow me to dwell a little here on Mr. Mish’s current situation. In Fantesia, he was as popular as a king, and he would be surrounded by enthusiastic crowds wherever he went. He was known as a national treasure artist and made a lot of money. We often saw Mr. Mish and Mrs. Mish visiting Logo Luo Restaurant, both of them like the small cakes and black truffles here. At a Taiwan celebration 10 years ago, a greasy young man sang “Tawana Pearl Eagle” instead of Mr. Mish. Oh, I really don’t need to mention how bad it is. The original majestic and passionate song was injected with Too much estrogen, in order to show off, I changed the whole song to pieces, and that long neighing sound – I heard Mi Ya said it is called the sound of dolphins, haha, I grew up in an inland country, and I have never seen dolphins, So I heard the cry of the eagle before it dies. There are also a few men in leggings to accompany the dancers, tsk tsk! The heartbreaking thing is that every time the Dolphin Kid shows on TV, my three daughters screamed in excitement and danced in sync with the leggings, which led to the most embarrassing thing happened: 7 years old Seeing Mr. Mish, Hanaja imitated Dolphin Kid and sang “Tawana Pearl Eagle”. I was about to go up and cover her mouth, but Mr. Mish gently stroked her head, praised her for singing well, and rewarded her with a piece of chocolate. Kind Mr. Mish! Later, Mr. Mish was deprived of the chance to be on stage because he strongly demanded that the TV station delete the program, or change the song to another name and fill in other lyrics, anyway, the tune could not be heard at all. But Mr. Mish’s reasonable request was rejected because the copyright of the song had been bought out by the TV station. From then on, the family could only live on Mrs. Mish’s salary at the National Press Office. Fortunately, they have some wealth and their living standards have always been well-off. Dahouer is the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Mish. He is 38 years old and his IQ stays at 7 years old. This child grew up with the endless love of his parents, always sunny and tidy. But a few years ago, Mrs. Mish underwent breast cancer surgery, and the various subsequent treatments exhausted the family’s savings. The family’s spiritual and financial difficulties can be seen from Dachauer’s shoes.

The next day, I saw the video posted by Bujiaoge. The lens is very particular about using close-ups to scan from the pair of old leather shoes that have suffered vicissitudes of life to Made in China on the new shoes, and then pulls into a medium shot to Dachauer dancing with hands and feet. This poor child, who is stuttering in his mother tongue, said “I love China, China is the best” in Chinese. Because Da Luo Ni, Mi Ya, and Hana Jia often say it, so I understand this Chinese sentence. A pair of shoes raised Dachauer’s IQ to 8 years old. In addition to buying shoes, Miya and Bujiaoge also took Dahauer to a foreign-funded fast food restaurant to eat beef burgers and drink a large bottle of Coke.

It’s not clear whether Mr. and Mrs. Mish were aware of the video’s existence, but the close-up of the battered old leather shoes was enough to destroy their pride.

I ordered Mi Ya: Mr. Mish and Mrs. Mish are very respectable and private people. If you dare to disturb them, I will no longer allow brother Jiaozuo to live at home!

Mi Ya readily agreed. It seems that as soon as the words were finished, Mr. Mish appeared in Brother Footsteps’ video, and even Mrs. Mish, who hadn’t seen her face for a long time, also appeared in the camera with exquisite makeup. She just finished chemotherapy a few days ago, and her hair is short and elegant. And haggard.

My hunch came true. The footsteps of brother footsteps really stepped into Mr. Mish’s house.

The Siri Chor Apartment we live in is only 100 meters away from Tawana Pole Street, less than 300 meters away from the Old Palace, and 350 meters away from the Colorful Shopping Center. The apartment was built 100 years ago by the Siri Chor family, who was the richest in Fantesia at that time. In the 1950s, the hotel went bankrupt due to poor management, and a real estate developer took over and transformed the hotel into a high-end apartment. Mr. Mish’s home comes from the original presidential suite of the hotel, which is the only one. From the 270-degree balcony, you can see the Old Palace and the top of Tawana Pearl Snow Mountain. There are two century-old trees outside the bedroom window, one is cherry blossoms, and the other is still cherry blossoms. In Brother Bubu’s video, if it wasn’t for Miya calling Mr. Mish one by one, I almost didn’t recognize this elderly man with a fair and silky face as my neighbor of more than 30 years, Mr. Mish. He has always paid attention to privacy, and he also opened the doors of the house for Brother Bubu. The camera can randomly sweep across the bedroom, sound practice room, study room, bathroom… I have been his neighbor for more than 30 years, and it turned out to be through a video of a foreigner. Just saw the whole picture of his house! Did Mr. Mish let go of himself or give up on himself?

The close-up stays on a picture frame for about half a minute. According to Mr. Mish’s introduction, 40 years ago, he visited Beijing with a literary and art delegation from Fantasia, where he ate roast duck and climbed the Great Wall to visit the Forbidden City. A red Chinese paper-cut, saying that every Chinese will stick such a paper-cut on the wall or window when they get married. My wife also liked it very much, so they put the paper-cut into a photo frame and hung it on the wall of the bedroom when they got married. Unexpectedly, it has been hung until today. They are very fascinated by this Chinese character, not only because of its auspicious meaning, but also because of its unique aesthetic, like a maze, and the mysterious power it exudes is worth a thousand words. One word and one verse expresses the mystery of marriage. For 40 years, he and his wife walked back and forth in this maze, not to find the exit, but to settle their lives. They are like two wayward children who have lost their way, obsessed with the cycle of time and space, making having each other an absolute belief.

In just 48 hours, at least 1 million Chinese got to know Mr. Mish. I tried to use the software downloaded by Xiao Luoni to convert the Chinese in the comment area into English. A large number of Chinese fans commented that they watched this video with tears in their eyes. It was the first time for them to interpret it from the perspective of a foreigner.” The word “囍” is both novel and interesting. Although the paper-cut has faded under the rinsing of the years, the love between Mr. and Mrs. Mish is getting stronger and stronger. Besides, they praised Mr. Mish’s old but stylish home.

Since falling out with the first TV station, Mr. Mish has disappeared from the media, how I hope to see him on the screen again. However, I really can’t stand Mr. Mish appearing in the public eye with such a face. Due to the excessive use of special effects, he looks like a beautiful old lady, and his Adam’s apple that once fascinated all the women in Fantasia is also in a mess Vague.

Despite this, I still try to see him in my heart as Mr. Mish, a famous singer in Fantasia, rather than Mr. Mish, a Chinese Internet celebrity.

I heard that he really wants to sing “Tawana Pearl Eagle” for Chinese fans. I am really afraid that one day I will see the serious and shy Mr. Mish shouting “China is awesome” in Chinese like Roni mother and daughter. Or taste the Chinese food provided by Bubuge: snail noodles, spicy gluten, thousand-year-old eggs… Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

It cannot be denied that the arrival of Brother Bujiao has made our family’s living standards leap forward. It seems that Limeile’s family has a mine suddenly. We can eat beef or mutton once in a day or two. It used to take a week or two to eat once. . Fantasia has the best beef and mutton in the world, so it is relatively expensive. His wife Roni bought a calf-length down jacket, Hanajia got the long-awaited over-the-knee boots, everyone used Xiaomi mobile phones, and the family bought a Haier automatic front-loading washing machine… However, every time he paid for When we buy something or invite a meal, we have to take pictures of the bill and post the price, and quickly convert it into the price in RMB. I have to admire that if the Chinese people’s mathematics ability is said to be the second in the world, then the number one must be vacant. And these prices always fill me with a sense of failure: As the owner of No. 1 Tawana Pearl Street, the 90th generation successor of the Remeille Candle Shop, and the owner of a once wealthy family, he can’t satisfy the most basic life of his wife and daughter. Consumption. I have pointed out to Mi Ya many times that it is very impolite to quote the price when you voluntarily buy things for others, which is similar to an IOU in black and white, as if you are constantly reminding the other party that you owe me. Mi Ya said that we made the video for Chinese fans. They are very concerned about the prices here, as a reference for possible future travel to Fantasia. The other ladies in the family accuse me of being too glassy. Oh well! I have vaguely become an outsider in this family, and the only Ventesian.

Brother Bujiao made a preview in the video, saying that Mr. Mish would play King Bomb, and I was really a little impatient. So, one evening, I knocked on the door of Mr. Mish’s house. It may be because Mrs. Mish has just been admitted to a private hospital with a high standard and a good environment. Mr. Mish seems to be in a happy mood and his eyes are bright.

If Mi Ya and the others disturb your life, or if you are unwilling, you can completely refuse him. I said.

Not at all! Both Koi (Mrs. Mish) and I like Lou (Brother Footsteps) very much! It can be seen that he loves Mi Ya very much. Nice lad, kind and capable!

Looking at it now, people are not bad, but not capable.

Mr. Mish laughed. He must have thought I was being harsh.

He is just a poor man, and he earns a little bit of money entirely by making irresponsible remarks to Fantesia, and then shows off his sense of superiority!

Mr. Mish asked with a joking smile: Why can a poor person show a sense of superiority in Fantasia?

Alas, times are bad and life is tough for everyone, so any foreigner can pretend to be successful in Fantasia.

Is this the fault of foreigners, or our country? Mr Mish asked peacefully.

Uh… I don’t know how to deal with it at the moment.

Alexander, I have seen China 40 years ago. Even in the capital Beijing, there were few cars, and bicycles were everywhere. Both men and women wore gray or blue clothes. At that time, 1 fancoin could be exchanged for 1.5 U.S. dollars. I secretly calculated that my annual income could live in Beijing for 20 years. But now, China has ushered in a new world with hard work and bravery, and I admire them! Think again, what has Fantesia been doing all these years? A more than 20-kilometer subway has been repaired for 11 years and is still not open to traffic! Maybe the car will run faster after the rails are covered with time…

Anyone who makes complaints about Fantesia’s work efficiency will become an “angry youth”.

Alexander, you seem to have a problem with that lad?

Prejudice is not to mention, it may be the estrangement caused by cultural differences.


You are right, the Chinese are brave, pursuing change, taller, faster and stronger, building a skyscraper in a few days, the train seems to be faster than the plane, the sky becomes open in the blink of an eye, their brain speed is faster than that of people in any country All fast! But the purpose of our coming to this world is not just to experience the speed of changing experiences, to live a lifetime in rapid progress, and this world always leaves some things that remain unchanged from ancient times! You may not even think, Mr. Mish, that our family is having a hard time finding onions!

Mr. Mish’s expression was calm, as if he was listening carefully, but also as if he was at a loss because he didn’t understand why I turned so quickly from a metaphysical topic. Even I myself can’t figure out why the onion is lying on the gun.

How much has changed in our family, Mr. Mish, and is full of restlessness! Little Ronnie is better, and the others have become mobile phone enthusiasts. With the attitude that everything can be included in the video, they have to shoot everything from frying meat pies to Chinese-style foot baths and even squeezing a pimple. When it sounded, they danced in front of the camera. Hanajia is about to take the college entrance examination, but she puts all her energy into making videos. The rewards given to her by Chinese fans last month alone have greatly exceeded the salary of Ronnie working in Luogoluo… I Suddenly realized that I was suspected of showing off, so I quickly changed the subject: Mi Ya must have changed the most, she actually asked me to reform several times! She thought she could save money by reducing the candle production process, and leased 1 Tawana Pearl Street. As you all know, Mi Ya is an obedient child who doesn’t like to use her brain very much. These ideas must not have been thought of by her, and Ronnie echoed her daughter by throwing out the words of letting the Remilie candles go to the world. After Brother Bujiao arrived, my financial pressure was indeed much less, but anxiety and confusion began to surround me, and it became more and more intense. The optimistic and calm Alexander disappeared. At first, I thought my anxiety was caused by fighting against foreign ideas, but now I understand that the greater anxiety is that Roni and her daughters, including myself, will never return to the life before the epidemic . Of course, no one wants to live in poverty. I am more worried that Mi Ya and Hana Jia may stop challenging difficult things because they rely on this quick way to make money. We are different from you, we are just ordinary people with no skills, and our lives are as plain as water. If we want to live a life of being watched by others, we have to shape ourselves according to other people’s preferences. Hey, Brother Bujiao, tell Miya, it’s better to tie up your hair to look better! Can I get Hanaja to dance? Brother Bubu, you should take Miya to the beauty parlor to have the mole on her left cheekbone removed, Kefu! Brother Bujiao, please suggest to your father-in-law that Chinese candles are cheap and beautiful, and I can ship them from Wenzhou! Brother Bujiao, Mi Ya’s father looks so proud, why does he never appear on the screen, let him talk about his views on Chinese people… If being an Internet celebrity is very profitable, then young people will not enter the factory, no Will go to explore science, people like me who stick to the declining industry deserve to be laughed at!

I was really excited, chattering and chattering here and there, as if my calmness in the past was all a faux pas. Over the past N years, the pressure on No. 1 Tawana Pearl Street has always been huge. The prices of raw materials, labor, heating, water and electricity have been rising continuously, and Limelie candles have always insisted on handmade, because many procedures and formulas are kept confidential. , can only be done by myself and my family, which led to unsalable Limelie candles due to high prices, and we had to reduce production year by year. That’s why Roni had to lay down her figure and go to the Luoguoluo restaurant to wash dishes to subsidize the family, because all the profits from candle sales were invested in the battle to defend the Limeile brand. My family members accept all this calmly, not entangled in loss and gain, and never lack laughter and care, because it is our inborn belief to make the Limelie brand last forever. But when a Chinese Internet celebrity appears at home, the atmosphere is different, and the price/performance ratio is always mentioned.

I think, Mr. Mish, the most important thing for us is to inherit or stick to good things, not to change them beyond recognition. At this point, I have a lot of admiration for you, in defense of the Tawana Pearl Eagle…

Mr. Mish’s face suddenly turned red: Alexander, don’t tell lies in front of real people, I think…maybe, I was still too arrogant at that time, and I couldn’t forgive others…don’t always think about fighting against life To win, everyone wins and loses. If you always win, people will not be interested in playing with you. Mr. Mish’s voice was as clear as the springs of Tawanapore Hill.

I don’t quite get it, Mr. Mish?

In the eyes of outsiders, I defended my rights, safeguarded my dignity, and showed my integrity. In fact, I knew in my heart that I didn’t have enough wisdom to solve the problem at the time. Since then I have lost the stage, lived a disheartened life, lived on soft food for many years, and my family was in trouble. Poor Kouy never complained about it! After her illness was diagnosed, the doctor suggested an expensive non-free drug, and I agreed without hesitation. At that time, Coy said Sorry to me with tears…she felt guilty for spending so much money…Mr. Mish choked up. Alexander, I can’t wait to shoot myself, such a good woman, but I didn’t take good care of her, and used all my masculinity on willfulness. It’s just a song…insignificant compared to my Koi!

After talking with Mr. Mish, my mind was even more confused.

Soon it will be my wedding anniversary with Ronnie. Mi Ya made a reservation for Luo Guoluo restaurant in advance. As soon as she entered the resplendent and resplendent lobby, Roni trembled with excitement. For many years, she has not entered Logoluo Hotel through the main entrance, and the staff can only enter through a low-key door in a corner. The restaurant head waiter, who usually didn’t look Ronnie in the eye, was stunned for half an hour before finally realizing that the elegant and noble lady in front of him was indeed the former dishwasher of their hotel. Luo Guoluo Restaurant is where Ronnie and I held our wedding. Recalling the grand occasion that year, I was also so excited that I broke my defenses. For the first time, I said to the camera of Bujiao: Hello everyone! But the whole dining atmosphere was spoiled by the condescending bang bang bang of Brother Bujiao: Oh, the food is served too slowly, this is the efficiency of Fantesia, it takes a long time for one dish to be served before the other one is served, even in such a high-end restaurant Dining room! I asked the waiter to bring an extra knife and fork to divide the meat into smaller portions, but I forgot, this is the most high-end restaurant in Fantasia! This is too unpalatable, honey, look at the price of this dish, oh, it’s not worth the price at all, if you come to Fantesia’s restaurant, you must omit this dish! Guess how much we spent in total? It’s really incomparable with the domestic ones. If this level of quality can’t be used in the domestic one-third of the price, ah, I think Chinese food is crazy, I can’t accept the dishes here, almost every dish, even desserts You have to put onions, the taste is so good! I really want to go back to China! Miya parrot echoed imitatively, I also want to go back to China! Although he said these words in Chinese, from the tone, expression and gestures, I have fully guessed what he said. Little Ronnie’s heavy complexion confirmed my judgment. She is talented in languages ​​and has a Chinese colleague whose Chinese level is higher than that of Mi Ya.

The highlight of our wedding anniversary was the lighting of the Remille candles, the moment when all the romance I’d been building up for a year exploded. In our store, only wedding anniversary and birthday candles can be customized. And making candles for my own wedding anniversary was the hardest and left me scratching my head. The production is always carried out in a sneaky way, in order to prevent the appearance from being exposed in advance, so that Roni and the others lose the joy of guessing the blind box. I love the way they jump for joy every time they unwrap the wood-coloured gold-splashed wrapper that wraps the Remeille candles.

The girls screamed, and then the mobile phones showed their magic. I stood aside and quietly shared this happy moment, ignoring the camera shot by Brother Bujiao. The shape of the candle on this wedding anniversary is taken from Roni’s wedding dress that year, and even every lace is lifelike. Under the booing of the children, Roni and I kissed and kissed, and drank several glasses of wine one after another. It’s been a long time since there was such a burst of laughter in the family. But when I went to the toilet, the atmosphere changed completely. Little Ronnie and Mi Ya had an argument, and then both of them cried. It should be Mi Ya’s fault, because his wife Roni is criticizing her. Brother Bubu was at a loss because he couldn’t understand ordinary language. Through Mi Ya’s whimpering excuse, I knew what was going on. The older sister wanted to wear a skirt of the younger sister’s for a photo, but the latter refused. The older sister turned over the old account angrily, which annoyed the younger sister, and the two sisters quarreled. Little Ronnie is a university teacher and has two part-time jobs, but most of her income is used to supplement the family. Before Mi Ya and Bu Bu fell in love, she always used her sister’s things, not to mention clothing and shoes, even lipstick and cosmetics. I immediately became angry and blamed Miya for why she became like this. Mi Ya argued that it was Roni who started the trouble first. After coming out of the Luo Guoluo restaurant, Roni told Bu Bu in English that he used his own taste to evaluate the Luo Guoluo restaurant. disgusted. I clearly pointed out that Roni was very right, and asked my second daughter to tell her boyfriend that I did not want to appear in his video, and asked him to delete my image.

Why? Mi Ya cried and asked. She thinks that I have never looked down on Brother Juejiao, but on the contrary, Brother Juejiao has never looked down upon the Fantesian people either. Mi Ya took out her trump card and said that after the epidemic was over, she would go to China to live with Brother Bujiao, and would not take over the business of the Lime Lie candle shop. The wife Roni changed her stance and asked her daughter to control her emotions, which made Mi Ya even more excited. She said that her parents didn’t value her so she was the heir, but because she was not as good as her elder sister and younger sister. I was so sad that I could hardly speak. The candle shop run by my ancestors has become a heavy burden on my daughter’s heart! The wedding commemorative ceremony ended hastily in such a melee, and no one cared when the beautiful “wedding dress” was burned out.

When Miya turned 16 years old, Roni and I designated him as the heir to the Remilieu Candle Shop. Little Ronnie was so excellent in her studies that she got her Ph.D. in one go, and then went to a neighboring country as a postdoctoral fellow for two years. Hanajia aspired to be a diplomat since she was a child, and she is also very good at studies, and she is still young. Mi Ya is honest and obedient. She likes to play in the candle shop since she was a child. Her biggest dream is to find a good husband and have four children.

Her dad, let them move out!

It wasn’t the whisper that disturbed the night, but that the whisper was actually uttered by Ronnie. I didn’t say anything, I held her hand tightly and rubbed it on my chest. It’s still my Ronnie, the person who understands me best in the world.

We can rent out No. 1 Tawana Pearl Street and find another small storefront to open a candle shop, focusing on online business.

Her dad?

I will never let you do rough work again. In the future, just do what you like. You have worked hard!

Her dad! Ronnie choked up a little.

However, there are 59 working procedures of the candle of birth, 61 working procedures of the candle of new birth, 69 working procedures of the candle of blessing life, and 77 working procedures of the candle of rebirth. The laws of the ancestors are immutable. In order to keep the soul of Remilie candles, we can choose heirs from nephews and nephews. He may not even have a surname of Limelie, but respect everything about Remilie!

her dad…

I can hear that Roni’s “her father” is full of contradictions and hesitation.

Soon, Bubu Ge and Mi Ya rented an elevator apartment and moved out of my house. Within a few days, I saw the eldest daughter and the second daughter hugging each other with tears and laughter through the video of Bujiaoge. This scene has been repeated countless times before my eyes. But Mi Ya still had a cold war with her parents. After moving out, although she answered her mother’s phone normally, she didn’t take the initiative to call us.

As soon as Mr. Mish’s Wang Zhan was revealed, Brother Bujiao was promoted to a million-dollar V, and the comment area exploded. It was an old image that had been decolorized and lost frames. It was a clip of Mr. Mish performing in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing with the Fantesia Art Delegation 40 years ago. Mr. Mish in the fresh meat period was singing “Tawana Pearl Eagle”. Although the shot was only 46 seconds and the sound was a little distorted, when the melody sounded, I almost burst into tears. Oh, Mr. Mish is popular, in China! According to Little Ronnie, there are many people who tipped Mr. Mish, and the amount of tipping exceeded 500,000 Fancoins (approximately equal to 10,000 RMB). God! The Chinese people have never been stingy and generous to those old friends who supported China in difficult times. The ensuing barrage of videos also involved Mr. Mish. Brother Bubu and Miya accompanied Mr. Mish to an optical shop opened by a Chinese to get reading glasses, and they ordered several pairs. Brother Bubu also took Roni and me to this store to have glasses fitted. Not to mention the variety of styles and quality, the speed is astonishingly fast. It only takes four or five hours from optometry to putting on the glasses. If you change to the Fantesia optical shop, the whole cycle will take about 10 days. Brother Bubu and Miya also invited Mish and his son to taste Chinese food, and Mr. Mish’s intoxicated expression was the finishing touch. The image of a down-and-out old singer in Fantasia is just like that!

At 8 o’clock this morning, I posted a notice for rent on the door of No. 1 Tawana Pearl Street. I didn’t deliberately choose a good day and auspicious day, but at this time the whole street is still silent and there are few pedestrians, and I have to finish this matter before Roni arrives, lest she be too sad. It was not as sad as I expected, as if I had already prepared to say goodbye to No. 1 Tawana Pearl Street. While packing up, the doorbell rang. It wasn’t Ronnie, it should be the first guest today. Tears flowed out all at once. It has been 33 years since I took over the whole candle shop business, and I have established an extraordinary relationship with this 106-year-old doorbell. I can distinguish joy and sadness from the unchanging bell… and this one just now Ding dong, my super sense is gone, maybe from the moment I posted the rental notice, the connection between me and it was broken.

It was Mrs. Mish who entered. She smiled, and the mask couldn’t hide the look on her face.

Don’t be sad, Alexander, the bad days pass. Maybe seeing the tears on my face, Mrs. Mish reassured. Does Mia know about this?

I shook my head. She wants to go to China to live in the future and will not take over the candle shop.

Which young people do not yearn for the outside world! Don’t worry, Lu is a nice young man and she will be happy.

Alas, the world is unpredictable. I don’t know much about China, and I don’t know what they will rely on to survive when they go back. Continue to be an Internet celebrity? But how many things can be photographed in the life of an ordinary person?

Oh no Alexander, Lu is a video creator first and an influencer second, I am bullish on this career! No matter how ordinary life is, it is unique, no matter how humble or tall, it is worth being recorded. Lu did something very meaningful. He helped our family with short videos, and it can even be said to save me and Renaka (Mr. Mish).

Mrs. Mish, your compliment is too grand!

Mrs. Mish nodded: not at all. For many years, instead of lying flat, Renaca sank. “Tawana Pearl Eagle” is too sensational, people will be at a loss in the face of such a big success, and he has always pursued perfection, but the more he pursues perfection, the less he can write more satisfactory works. The long-term creative shortage lead him into self-denial. The copyright issue is just a fuse. After being blocked, he kept avoiding the camera, not to mention singing “Tawana Pearl Eagle”, even hearing this song would make him irritable. It was Lu and the kind Chinese who awakened his courage. He did not expect that when he faced the camera as an ordinary person, he would arouse empathy from thousands of miles away. This is a great encouragement!

Mrs. Mish, chatting with you has given me a sense of enlightenment.

Mrs. Mish was afraid of disturbing the business of the store, so she quickly stopped the topic and explained why she came: Alexander, I need a Candle of Rebirth.

Sorry, Mrs. Mish, this candle is sold out again. Due to the complicated production process, it may be out of stock for a long time. Is it your relative or friend who has suffered misfortune?

I need it myself.

Oh no, you’re in better spirits than you were years ago!

Don’t panic, Alexander, I want to have a Rebirth Candle for my birthday next month to celebrate my end of all chemo. It feels so good to be born again!

Poets have bigger brains than ordinary people, and Mrs. Mish’s idea made me dumbfounded. However, I didn’t think it was wrong. When I was 16 years old, I was allowed by my family to participate in the production of Candles of Rebirth. It has been exactly 40 years since then. The countless cycles of 77 procedures have convinced me that life goes round and round, and death is one of the links.

Mrs. Mish smiled mischievously.

I also laughed and said, it should be more appropriate for you to use the candle of the first birth! Just kidding! Candle of Rebirth, I’m afraid I can’t do anything, the epidemic is raging, and the demand is too great.

Find a way for me!

I will make a special birthday candle for you, and you will be satisfied.

All right! Mrs. Mish agreed with a smile, but with regret in her tone. As my neighbor for many years, she knows the complicated process of making the Candle of Rebirth. In the story of the Remylie family, the love, hatred, and hatred about the Candle of Rebirth occupy a large part, and the excitement is no less exciting than any best-selling novel. For family history considerations, it might be a good choice for Miya to be a video creator.

After sending Mrs. Mish away, I couldn’t do any more work, so I took out my mobile phone and looked at brother Bujiao’s video. I miss my second daughter.

The protagonist of this video is still Mr. Mish. He expressed his sincere gratitude to Chinese fans, and also asked them to stop donating money, because his wife’s medical expenses are already sufficient. He also promised to maintain long-term communication with Chinese friends and sing for everyone after his voice is healed. The Tawana Pearl Eagle. Before I finished watching this video, Roni suddenly called. She asked me if I watched the video posted by Bujiao today. I lied and said that I hadn’t, and I didn’t want to watch it at all. She asked me to see what Brother Bujiao meant, and then hung up the phone. I don’t speak Chinese either, so how could I know what Brother Bubu said, but he and Miya were clearly packing their suitcases, as if they were about to go on a long journey.

Back home, Roni told me that she called her daughter just now and learned that Bujiao’s passport had expired and had not been renewed, so he had to leave Fantasia, so he had to take Miya to live in a visa-free neighboring country. days, and then come back again. Tonight’s flight. This is Miya’s first time abroad, and also the first time she has been away from us for such a long time.

In the afternoon, she and Step Brother returned home to say goodbye to us. I angrily blamed her for the cold war with me, but still hugged her tightly. Mi Ya shed tears of grievance: You are the ones who insisted on driving us out!

Is he nice to you? I asked. I don’t care that Brother Bubu is right in front of me, anyway, he doesn’t understand ordinary language.

very good dad.

Have you ever argued?

Well, there was.

How many times?

not much. Three or four times or five or six times.

big deal?

It’s all little things.

Small things should pay more attention. Because big things don’t happen easily, but small things happen every day. Tell me, how do you solve these little things?

Sometimes he goes out for a walk, sometimes I go out for a walk, and when he comes back he says like nothing happened, hey, baby, I just saw something interesting outside…or hey baby, today Let’s cook a dish from each other’s country, shall we…

Hmm, well done! Do you love him so far?

I love him, Dad!

I nod, honey, letting you guys move out is the hardest decision your mother and I have ever made. Since you decide to live in China in the future, there are no relatives there, and we don’t know much about China, so we can’t help you with many things, so you must learn to use your own wisdom to solve problems with him, his family, and life. All kinds of trivial but inescapable troubles, in short, everything needs to be done by you alone. And what we can do is to help you create a life without the participation of your natal family as soon as possible, so that your independent thinking will not be influenced by family affection. When you are alone for a period of time, let the problems in your life and the flaws in your character surface naturally, and ask your heart in the silence without hustle and bustle, whether you can accept everything about this person. And accept him because of love, not because he helped us too much. In any case, I wouldn’t want my daughter to marry someone just out of gratitude. It can only be love.

Dad, I love you! I love you, dad! Mi Ya was crying so hard.

Roni and I sent our two children to the airport. Before we parted, I took the initiative to let Brother Jiaojiao take pictures of the parting scene.

be safe! I nearly shed tears when I kissed my daughter.

Suddenly, something unexpected happened to me. Brother Bubu took the initiative to kiss Ronnie and me. He said frivolously in a previous video: I really can’t stand this, I’m a little overwhelmed, you see, my face is red… So, you understand why Fantesia has such a high infection rate, right? It can be seen that he has not yet adapted to the traditional habit of Fantasia, but we can feel his sincerity.

I hugged my two children tightly again, and said loudly: You must be happy!

Mrs. Mish slept in the most beautiful autumn in Fantasia. Tawana Pearl Snow Mountain is colorful. No sooner had her birthday candles gone out than the candles of rebirth began to light. My three daughters were in tears and Mrs. Mish was a mentor and friend to them growing up.

Absent is everywhere, and we see her in the springs of Tawanapore, in the moonlight, and in the scents wafting from the kitchen. I comforted Mr. Mish. Although I know that any language is very pale at this time.

When Mrs. Mish’s hearse was slowly approaching Sirishangre’s apartment, neighbors and strangers lined up on both sides of the road to pay respect to Mrs. Mish’s hearse. At this time, singing came from the crowd, it was the familiar “Tawana Pearl Eagle”.

The lyrics sang a story about defending the country. More than two hundred years ago, a war broke out on the border of Fantasia, and the knights and horses who resisted the enemy rushed out of the encirclement with wounds. A villager rescued him, shared the last piece of bread with him, and buried his dead horse. When night came, the villagers told the dying knight that as long as the candles were kept alive, you could see the dawn.

It dawned on me that it wasn’t Mr. Mish singing because his voice was completely dead. But if it wasn’t for Mr. Mish, who could sing “Tawana Pearl Eagle” so magnificently? Unable to withstand the torment of this suspense, I slowly moved towards the source of the singing. Through the crowd, I saw a tall man in a black tuxedo standing on the side of the road, singing to Mrs. Mish’s hearse. He sang so well! Mr. Mish took off his hat, put his hand on his left chest, and bowed deeply to the singer. I looked carefully, and the singer turned out to be Mr. Dolphin.

“The cold night is approaching, the war horse sleeps peacefully, only the candle you lit for me dances until dawn.”

Tears collapse.

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