How a Chance Encounter with a Stranger Saved Me from a Bad Mood

   Everyone has bad times. The depression, boredom, and despair in such a poor state are really terrible, indescribable, and even gods cannot save them. Doctors and writers are both careers of thinking about people—I have these two professional habits, so I have become a person who likes thinking about people: When people are in a very bad state, what do they rely on for salvation?
   On this day, I was in a very bad state, my legs were heavy, and my head was dizzy. When I walked into Beijing West Railway Station, I saw that there were still more than two hours before the departure time of the train I was about to board. Afraid of traffic jams on the road, the advance quota was increased. Unexpectedly, there was no traffic jam on the road, and it was jammed in the waiting room. There were a lot of people in the waiting room, and with the huge pile of luggage and the legs stretched out by the passengers, it was basically impossible to get through. This time I came to Beijing to work. After a few nights of insomnia, I was so angry that I wanted to climb the Great Wall. I felt that my 18-year-old wish had not been fulfilled after going to Beijing hundreds of times over the past few decades, which was a major failure in my life. Unexpectedly, the taxi I took rear-ended me halfway, and I failed again. Just like that, I had many abrasions and bruises on my body, and my eyes were red, swollen and sore. With the last courage, I looked around the waiting room, trying to make eye contact with others, to see if I could squeeze out half of the breech position, and the result was again. fail. There were a lot of people, a few people dozed off in a daze, most people buried their heads in swiping the screen, and occasionally raised a face, which was also numb. Between people, there is no temperature, no attitude, everyone bothers others, and everyone thinks there are too many people. Ironically, I am one of them. Thinking of the difficult two hours, my mood plummeted. What can I do to save you? I ask myself, over and over.
   Finally, the gate was opened, and I was surrounded by the rushing crowd, pushed and shoved into the car, and there was a lot of noise in front of me, calling friends and calling for friends, shouting and playing cards… Oh my god, at this moment, whether to rest or not The hope of sleeping was suddenly shattered. I was so shocked that I didn’t even have the strength to lift my eyelids, I didn’t look at people at all, I just lowered my head and sat down. I’m in the first row, the window seat for the two-seater. My neighbor is a middle-aged man who has already taken his seat and is resting with his eyes closed. The train hasn’t started yet, so it’s getting into the state so soon? I was a little surprised, as if he had stolen my idea. Surprised, I suddenly discovered: I seem to be lucky. Thank goodness! The man’s clothes are clean, of good quality and decent style, his hair is not dirty or greasy, he has no smell of smoke or peculiar smell, his arms are crossed in front of his chest, his legs are crossed in front of his seat, and the back of the seat is also folded up , even though he was taking a nap, it was obviously a gesture of civility and politeness for fear of disturbing other passengers. And in the entire carriage, most of the passengers were squeezing around, sitting down in a hurry, spreading their legs in a hurry when they sat down, with their arms stretched across the armrest between the two seats, playing on their mobile phones in a hurry, loudly Atmospheric, as if there is no one else around… Isn’t this the driving environment we are used to? Since I went on a long journey at the age of 17, I have traveled countless times in boats and cars, and experienced countless neighbors. Isn’t it the same for most people? This is the first time I have met this perfect neighbor who is self-disciplined and self-disciplined today. Based on all the above encounters, I can’t help but feel emotional: maybe for him, it is just habit and accomplishment; for me, it is an encounter with the long-standing ancient rituals of the motherland. Maybe for him, he just kept his own law and order; for me, I have already seen a high morale. Maybe to him, it’s just to behave well; to me, it’s to gain respect. The ticket inspector came, and the neighbor seat ended his doze. Before we knew it, we chatted. This conversation was not only very speculative, but also a kind of unscrupulous frankness-some thoughts, opinions, doubts and anguish, I would not even tell my relatives and friends, but at this moment, I was very relaxed because of the chance meeting, so I just said it , drifting away with the wind, without disaster and blessed—this blessing is called a bosom friend, and it is backed up by a stranger.
   The neighbors arrived first, we thanked each other, and said goodbye like old friends. I continued my journey, and the previous bad mood has completely dissipated. Put on your headphones and the music plays low. Looking out of the window, what I see is not only the scenery outside the window, but also the strange beauty that dances in a wider time and space. There are still lifes, figures, vivid and colorful, and the interweaving of light and shadow, which refreshes my body and mind. Such a state of being excited, turned on, and connected is simply wonderful. It turns out that it is people who save people. People, people, all my life, I have always kept the naive and naive fantasy of my childhood, always fantasizing about adventures, but I never expected that ordinary people will have extraordinary brilliance in everything, and this can be regarded as half an adventure.
   Half an adventure, I am also grateful.

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