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Early Morning Sex: The Benefits for Your Heart, Mood, and Skin

  Early morning sex at least three times a week can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack, according to a study conducted by Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland. If sex is scheduled more often in the evening, but regularly, it can also improve Blood circulation, lower blood pressure.
  The researchers explained that six or seven o’clock in the morning is the time when male androgen secretion is more vigorous. If you have sex once a week at this time, it can greatly relieve the symptoms of arthritis and migraine. At the same time, it can also burn 300 calories, effectively reducing the risk of diabetes. If the frequency of sex in the morning can be kept at twice a week, it can enhance the activity of immunoglobulins and protect the body from the threat of bacteria. If it rises to three times, the risk of stroke and heart attack will drop by half.
  At the same time, some American researchers also interviewed more than 300 women with regular sex lives, and found that those who like to “turn the clouds and rain” in the morning light are less likely to experience low mood and depression. Moreover, sex in the morning also has excellent cosmetic effects. “During sex, women secrete extra estrogen, also known as ‘beauty hormone’, which can lead to smoother skin and softer hair.” Early morning sex is also a good option for those with a busy
  schedule . Modern people are under a lot of work pressure. After a busy day, many people lose their temperament when they go home. And after a comfortable sleep, various functions of the body can be restored, and the sensitivity of various sensory organs will also be significantly improved. People are like a racing car filled with fuel, ready to go.
  Some people worry that sex is too exhausting and may affect a day’s work. However, many studies have proved that a hearty sex life is only equivalent to running 100 meters or climbing three floors, and it will not have much impact on people.

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